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The conclusion to the Shattered Sigil trilogy - a tale of blood magic, spies, and wilderness adventure.
The conclusion to the Shattered Sigil trilogy - a tale of blood magic, spies, and wilderness adventure.
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    1. Gary Hann on

      Congratulations on the funding of your project!

      What, no skiing reward level? In that case, I have opted for the climbing lesson.
      In lieu of the paperback, ebook, and map, I was hoping to get my lesson on the
      6th pitch of the Good Book. The following link explains it.

      I have the number 5 and 6 Camalots that are required. I'm excited for you to show me
      the " El Matador Style" of climbing.

    2. Courtney Schafer Creator on

      Aaron - ha, yeah, the axel is a killer! Though bizarrely enough, I had way more trouble learning the double salchow. A shame you don't live near CO - do you ever go to cons? Anyway, about timelines for the writers' specials: since I'm a fast reader & experienced critiquer (for the past 6 years I've been a member of a Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' critique group) I am okay with people sending pages right after the KS ends, though with the understanding that I won't be getting through them as fast while I am also engaged in editing/producing The Labyrinth of Flame. On the flip side, people don't have to send pages anytime soon - there's no deadline on the offer, it can be used whenever you like. I'll work through any pages I receive on a first-come, first-served basis, and as soon as I receive them I'll let the sender know a time estimate for my feedback.

    3. Aaron M. on

      As someone who learned enough for at least pre-preliminary testing (darn that axel jump!) I'd be tempted to take you up on that skating lesson, if I didn't live so far away...I'm definitely curious about that Writers Level #2 reward though, is there any particular timeline you'd be looking at having manuscript pages sent to you though (like after you finish fulfilling other rewards for the project)?

    4. Nancy K on

      SWEET! Thank you so much!

    5. Courtney Schafer Creator on

      Kendall - thanks for the good wishes, and I'm so glad you like the cover! It's definitely the same font, haha. The cover designer, Martha Wade, had designed the cover of Tainted City so she knew exactly what font & such to use to make the books match (one of the reasons I chose her, since that's a priority for me!). Ha, and as for the skating, guess I don't talk about it as much as the mountaineering, but it's a big part of my life as well. I haven't competed since my son was born, but I've continued to train at a "maintenance level." Now he's old enough for school, I'm hoping to have the time to get back into competition - once I have this book out the door, anyway!

    6. Courtney Schafer Creator on

      Nancy - I checked with Dave and thanks to his generosity I can indeed offer prints of the art for all 3 books! I've changed the add-on language to reflect this. $15 will get you 11x17 prints of all 3 books' art.

    7. Missing avatar


      BTW the cover looks great, and I'm happy to see the same font for the book title (or close enough that the image looks like a match to me)! :-) It's silly how little things like that make me smile, but they do. Very professional, congrats! (And of course I love Palumbo's art, yum!)

    8. Missing avatar


      ROCK ON! (So to speak. ;-) Congrats on the Kickstarter launch - already almost halfway there! I really, really hope we hit at least $6000 to get the stretch goal. :-D

      BTW I love your reward tier options; I don't believe I knew you were a figure skater, wow!

    9. Courtney Schafer Creator on

      Thanks so much, Nancy! I will talk to Dave Palumbo (the artist) about the possibility of prints for books 1 and 2.

    10. Nancy K on

      Woohoo! I'm very excited for this book to be a real thing! Are art prints available for book 1 and/or book 2? I'd love to have all three. Thanks!