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"The Train Ride" a self publishing effort of a true story. project video thumbnail
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"The Train Ride" is a story about two college aged friends who jump a train as a bucket list item and wind up 187 miles from home.

"The Train Ride" is a story about two college aged friends who jump a train as a bucket list item and wind up 187 miles from home. Read More
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Jim Hall
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Jim Hall

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About this project

First and foremost, my southern upbringing means that I must first say "Thank You" for even taking the time to come to this site to help me with my dream of having something I have created offered for public opinion. I am humbled to be considered by Kickstarter worthy to have my project listed here for consideration. Even if you can't donate to the effort, at least you know the need for self-publishing and other great projects offered here. You all are my starter Angels.

I want to self publish the book "The Train Ride" so it can be read by many. The publishing industry will not take a book written by an unknown, fifty year old first time author. The Train Ride is a book that will make you laugh and cry, think, reflect and consider the human condition. Many topics are addressed; racism, friendship, starvation, the questioning of authority, and death all rolled into one book. I have gone through the process of having the manuscript read by a test group made up of ten people I am acquainted with (not personal friends or family) giving honest, productive feedback. I am happy to say of the ten readers, I received excellent feedback and critical praise by two authors that have been published numerous times.

I have done a considerable amount of research concerning self-publishing and I have learned that there are a number of great and not so great self publishing houses from Authorhouse to 48 Hour Books, Inc. The very best self-publishing company in the USA and quite possibly the world is something I am still researching. I do want to find a self-publishing company that will offer a package which includes Publishing and Marketing on a level only exceeded by the largest houses. Publishing services include:

• One-on-One Author Support • Custom Full-Color Cover • Custom Interior Design • Personalized Back Cover • ISBN Assignment • Electronic Proof • Online Distribution • Bookstore Availability • Complimentary Author Copy • Digital Formatting and Distribution (eBook) • Hardcover Format • 40 Free Paperback Copies • 20 Free Hardcover Copies • Library of Congress Control Number • Copyright Registration • 10 Free Image Insertions

Marketing services include:

• Book Buyers Preview • Barnes and Noble See Inside the Book • Booksellers Return Program • Book Signing Kit • Marketing Kit • Press Release – Essential Edition • Social Media Setup • Google & Amazon Search Programs

This package makes sure that my book gets a copyright registration, cataloged in the Library of Congress, a permanent ISBN number, availability for a buyer to get a hardback book, soft back book and an e-book. The cost for individual, like myself, to do the few things listed above would be twice what the price of the self publishing packages costs. The additional items included in the package I choose will include bookmarks, posters, and press release materials and depends if I raise enough money.

I will also need to have the book edited by a professional editor, preferably by a New York based editing house, and this is a considerable expense not included by the self-publishing company I have chosen or any other I have investigated.

I plan to have a number of book signings and readings, upon release of the book and depending on variables such as amount of funds raised. If I can raise funds over and above the amount to publish I plan to have the aforementioned signings in cities including Douglasville, Ga. (my hometown), Atlanta, Georgia., Nashville, Tennessee., Mobile, Birmingham and Troy, Alabama ,the city where the story originates. A portion of the money raised over and above will help cover driving expenses, advertising and marketing. Lodging will be at the hand of some lifelong friends from all the cities listed previously who have open their hearts and fully support this project. I will also use personal media like and that reaches potentially millions of possible readers. I plan to release excerpts from the book as a way to attract readers and potential e-book buyers.

Again, my most humble thanks.


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