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AndriusBy Andrius
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AndriusBy Andrius
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pledged of 10.000 £pledged of 10.000 £ goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, November 20 2017 9:22 PM UTC +00:00

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Our world can be a dangerous place, especially times like these that we live in now, where terrorism is feared by all. Criminals in the streets . In big metropolitan cities like London, where millions of people from all over the world come to make their home. Where not all speak the language of the country they live in. And sometimes people just cant be bothered to be involved ,for different reasons, in helping catch criminals or make their neighbourhoods safer. Than it becomes very hard for police to do their job.

  In a world where kids learn to use latest technology earlier in their life than they start talking.  This Application  would make it easy for any one of us to be SuperHero of our neighbourhood just by using our Smartphones which become a very big part of our lives. This will be a next level, a step up, just like running to the police station was before the invention of telephone. It is a SuperHero application time now! 

 Here are few examples : 

 A lonely teenage girl sits at home watching TV. Suddenly she hears a cry for help, just outside her window. She looks through the corner of her window blind and sees a man threatening a woman with a knife with iontention to rob her. A teenage girl does not loose herself in this situation, although she does not speak English, she grabs her smartphone and presses few buttons to access the SuperHero application, press emergency button in it which immediately contacts police (police uses adapted Superhero software) . By activating the emergency, app goes to next window where it allows pictures/videos to be taken immediately and sent over to Police, or even live video conversation engaged with Police if possible or necessary. Officer on duty see her call as a column in which exact location is shown (GPS of the smartphone allows location access) pictures and/or videos attached, and a mobile number/other details of the SuperHero in contact. Picture says a million words and makes such a big difference in a way that officer can react to situation, providing the best solution, sending the relevant help needed.   Ambulance  if anyone is hurt, armed officers if weapons seen in pictures, bomb disposal unit if need occurs or fire rescue if their help is needed too. Picture stay in app as evidence for further investigation. 

 Another great example would be a NON emergency use of a SuperHero Smartphone application:

  A person comes home late at night every night and see the same group of suspicious behaving people, possibly using drugs, or involved in other potential crime. Person wants his neighbourhood to be as safe as it can possible be, so he acts as a SuperHero would. Person walks from them a safe distance and takes a picture or a few, remembers as much detail about them as he can. Comes home or to a safe place and opens the SuperHero application. Hits a NON EMERGENCY button on the screen and fallows the steps. Which asks for location which he can pinpoint on a map provided if its not his current location and/or GPS from the phone can not be used. Attach pictures and description to it. Police receive the information and decides what they can do about it, send the unit to check it out straight away, or/and keep the records for future reference if a crime was to be committed in the area and the suspect description could mach the ones in the picture. That would make it much easier finding the suspects knowing where they hang around and how they look like.

 The examples that  SuperHero  application would make a great difference are endless. In spotting all the the terror related stuff we think might not be worth the call to Police, just send a picture with GPS data attached and let them decide. In the car accidents where emergency services would asses what to expect and who to send much earlier so lives can be saved.  Imagine what if any terror attack, like the one in London on the London Bridge, would have been streamed immediately by the possible SuperHeroes, that might have witnessed it happen in the safety of their balcony from the beginning to the end. It would have gave invaluable information to Emergency services as to how to respond best to whats happening. As well Could be used as training footage for special forces. People film crime now, but usually it ends up only in social media websites, not in the hands of law and not in the right time.

  It would use Symbols instead of words, it would have universal language!  It could be used anywhere in the world at any time and by anyone who has a smartphone. E.G. By a tourist from China who had the SuperHero app downloaded and used it in China visiting England if need occurs or visa versa. 

 What I want to achieve here is a amount of money that would help me to raise the awareness of such a superb idea to the Government of UK first and possibly the rest of the world. Starting with a demo application and everything needed to have a proper approach. I believe launching such a application would need way more than that, but for that I would expect government support and funding. I strongly believe that this application would make our neighbourhoods much safer place for every one of us!


Risks and challenges

There is no risks involved in this. I believe in better future, future without criminals in our neighbourhoods. I have this idea as a very vivid picture in my head of how exactly it should look like and work. therefore as soon as I would have funds to create a demo application I would help to create it with ease. To create short videos of situations and where it could be applied. Make calculations of exact funds needed to make this work.

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