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Update #14

Bird Photo Booth update -your input and photos needed.


Dear Bird Photo Booth supporters,

Thank you to all of you for making Bird Photo Booth a successful real product! It’s because of you Bird Photo Booth is now changing the way we discover, capture, and share the nature and wildlife in our backyards.

To update you, we are now planning the second phase of development and hope to get Bird Photo Booth into retail stores. In order to help us raise more funds and continue our efforts, we would appreciate if helped us by sharing your photos, feedback, and tips, or any thing else that will help us grow and spread the word about Bird Photo Booth.

Please take a moment and send us your photos, advice, and feedback to We may include it on our website with your permission. We want to see how Bird Photo Booth has inspired you to discover and appreciate wildlife in new meaningful ways. Your input will help us to develop new products and accessories to enhance the use of Bird Photo Booth.

Please also consider helping us by:

1. Referring a friend to our website
2. Sharing your Bird Photo Booth photos videos on our Facebook blog:
3. Send tips about Bird Photo Booth to your favorite blogs, and journalists.

Keep on tweeting.


Bryson Lovett + Bird Photo Booth Team

Update #13

New free iOS "webofcam" app. to download


Dear Bird Photo Booth supporters,

Hope your enjoying your weekend. For those of you using an iPhone with Bird Photo Booth, we highly recommend you download a new FREE application from the app store named "webofcam" one word.  We have tested the "webofcam" app. with great results. It is easy to use this application with Bird Photo Booth. In addition this free app will also work with Android phones. See details below :

Here is a demo video of how to use it:

Important tip for iOS users:

For all those using an iPhone or iPod Touch please make sure under Settings> General> Auto-Lock  is switched to NEVER.  This very important to prevent your iPhone from going to sleep while using remote applications. 

Look forward to seeing the pictures you take with Bird Photo Booth. Happy Mother's Day.


Bryson Lovett + Bird Photo Booth Team

Update #12

Quick update on iPhone app.


Dear Bird Photo Booth supporters,

iOS application issue:

If you are using an iPhone or iPod Touch with Bird Photo Booth, we wanted to advise you not to download the "Wi-Fi camera “app. at this time. We suggested downloading it in our instruction booklet, because it worked well before, however it is now crashing upon launch. While it is not our software, we are contacting the developer to figure out a solution…

We do however encourage you to try Apple's FaceTime app., so you can remotely watch and talk to the birds for now…You can also try the “AirBeam” app. or "Duplicam” app.

Another proven method is to pair your iPhone or iPod Touch to a Bluetooth keyboard or headset. Once connected, you just press the Volume up (+) button on your keyboard or headset to control your iPhone’s shutter. This is very easy to do, and will deliver high quality photos as advertised. It also requires no downloading of any applications to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

We apologize for the inconvenience and want to keep you informed, as we do not want you to spend extra money on an application that does not work as advertised.

For those of you who have not purchased a camera yet, we suggest the GoPro camera. It comes with a free remote app. that allows you to control from both iOS and Android devices.   

We will have an update soon with "how to" video tutorials...

Thanks again.


Bryson Lovett +Bird Photo Booth Team

Update #11

Bird Photo Booth's are shipping


Dear Bird Photo Booth supporters,

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support for our Bird Photo Booth project. We are anxious for you all to receive your very own Bird Photo Booth’s!

All orders in the USA have shipped.

Our original plan was to ship our entire inventory to Amazon where they would fulfill the orders. However, we discovered it would take an additional 10 days to ship our inventory to Amazon, where they would have to process a new product. Instead we decided to immediately ship out all the Bird Photo Booth orders within the USA independently. While this was more expensive, it was worth it because your Bird Photo Booth’s should already be arriving!

International orders in transit to Amazon:

To minimize expensive international shipping costs for our backers, we’ve shipped the rest of our inventory to Amazon, and they will ship the international orders. Amazon offers highly discounted rates for international shipping. At this moment our inventory is in transit to the Amazon fulfillment center and should be arriving very soon. Expected ETA for International orders should be end of May.


We designed our packaging to be minimal and use as little plastic as possible, however we found that during transit some of the inner cardboard, holding the Bird Photo Booth can tear. This can cause the Bird Photo Booth to come slightly loose inside the box. This shouldn’t cause any damage to your Bird Photo Booth. If you find any damage has occurred, we will be more than happy to replace it. Our number one priority is to deliver you a quality product, that connects you to nature in fun new innovative ways. We have already corrected the packaging design for future orders …

Video tutorials and tips:

We know that reading instructions is never fun. We will be putting  some "how to" video tutorials together to help you set up Bird Photo Booth and start taking those incredible candid close up photos.

For those who can’t wait:

Here are a quick few tips:

1. Setup Bird Photo Booth ideally on a tripod near a tree or shelter no more than 20ft away from your remote viewing location. (You can also mount to a tree or set it on the ground if you prefer.)

2. Position the sliding bird food dish closest proximity to the lens. This is important because it ensures you get those super close up shots in focus.

3. Fill the bird food dish with high quality sunflower seeds and nuts and temporarily sprinkle some seed around the location to attract birds faster.

4. You can choose to screw on the stainless steel perch rod, which will attract more birds and also makes it easy to hang other feeders onto it.

5. Always leave the lens cap on, when you are not using a device inside Bird Photo Booth.


We are thankful for your support and truly value your insights and feedback, so please engage with us, send us bird photos, spread the word about Bird Photo Booth!  We hope to grow our business while inspiring more to become in touch with technology and the wild.

The birds are excited we hope you are too! email:

Thank you.


Bryson Lovett + Bird Photo Booth Team

Update #10

First flock of Bird Photo Booth's have landed!!


Calling all birds and birders. The first flock of Bird Photo Booth's have arrived for their late spring migration!  

We will now be sending our inventory to Amazon, where they will send out each order. Your Bird Photo Booth should be landing at your door step soon. NOTE: We will bill our international backers via Paypal, after we ship out all the orders. 

Thank you to each and every one of you, and to Kickstarter for making this possible.

We hope that with Bird Photo Booth your creativity and love for the wild, will soar to new heights.


Bryson Lovett + Bird Photo Booth Team

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