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Meet our new Cash, Billfold, and Passport Wallets -- updated designs with more storage and organization.
Meet our new Cash, Billfold, and Passport Wallets -- updated designs with more storage and organization.
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Production Continues and RFID Wallet Update

Posted by Curtis Calder (Creator)

Hi Backers, 

Production on the FSHD Orange, Red and International billfolds is underway and we are really pleased with the leather colors. We plan to ship these wallets in the coming weeks.

Our latest shipment of leather!
Our latest shipment of leather!

On a different note, we recently discovered some of our RFID wallets are failing to meet our quality and performance standards. Unfortunately, a step in our defined production process was ignored, resulting in fraying of the RFID material. As a result, the manufacturer is currently remaking all RFID wallets. We have been working with them closely to ensure they follow the process precisely so all replacement wallets are up to our standards and you can enjoy your wallet for years to come [Affected wallets: RFID Cash, RFID Billfold, and RFID Passport wallets shipped December 18, 2017 - April 15, 2018].

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we fix this problem. The remade RFID wallets will be completed in the coming weeks and we will ship replacement products at no expense to our customers. We will send direct messages to confirm shipping addresses to those affected. The wallets currently in production (RFID: FSHD Orange, Red and International Billfold) will not be affected.

Thank you to everyone who took a minute to write a review. As a small brand, we really appreciate your feedback and positive reviews. Please reach out to me via Kickstarter or at with any questions or suggestions.

I look forward to shipping out the rest of the Kickstarter orders in the next weeks, marking the end of a successful campaign.

Many thanks, 

- Curt

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    1. Curtis Calder 3-time creator on

      @Alex Hinerfeld: Please check your inbox as our customer service team is going to be reaching out to confirm some additional information so we can ship you a new wallet.

    2. Alex Hinerfeld on

      How do I know if my wallet will be replaced. I do not recall seeing a direct email about a replacement. My wallet has fraying at the center top of the wallet I have been giving it a haircut when it happens.



    3. Curtis Calder 3-time creator on

      @Antony Borlase: The manufacturer has assured us that we will receive shipment by the end of this month and we will ship the product out shortly after. We appreciate all our backers and their patience. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

    4. Antony Borlase on

      Howdy, As my RFID Passport and wallet had not shipped when the manufacturing flaw was discovered, do you have a current update as to delivery?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jiwon Youm on

      @Curtis Calder ; Thank you Curtis for the response. I'll look forward to your next products in the future.

    6. Curtis Calder 3-time creator on

      @Sam Nguyen: I am glad we found out what caused the fraying and have corrected it. We want to do right by our loyal customers and this is the right thing to do. Stay tuned for an email with further instructions.

    7. Curtis Calder 3-time creator on

      @Jiwon Youm: I would be happy to reach out to you via email before we ship your wallet to confirm the best address.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sam Nguyen on

      Fantastic, at first the initial fraying wasn't that bad but it just kept getting worse and worse. Glad to hear you're doing right by us with replacements.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jiwon Youm on

      Would you have narrower estimates on when the fshd orange, red, billfolds will ship? I will be moving in several weeks.

      Thank you for the wonderful product.