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Meet our new Cash, Billfold, and Passport Wallets -- updated designs with more storage and organization.
Meet our new Cash, Billfold, and Passport Wallets -- updated designs with more storage and organization.
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Happy New Year and some FAQ

Posted by Curtis Calder (Creator)
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 Happy 2018!

It has already been a busy year for Anson Calder. I wanted to send a quick update to address two Frequently Asked Questions.

1) Has my package shipped yet? I haven't received it.

If you have not received your product or a tracking number, you likely have an International Billfold or Red or FSHD Orange wallet in your order. If you do not, please message me so I can look into shipping. Remember, the Stretch-Goal products (Intl Billfold, FSHD Orange and Red) were at the end and after the Kickstarter project completed, all with an expected shipping date of February. We will keep you updated as production progresses! 

On that note - some of our international backers didn't receive their tracking numbers, due to a glitch in the system. We have since fixed the glitch so you should receive tracking numbers one we process shipping on our side. We apologize for this inconvenience if you were affected and wondering where your package was. 

Also, some of the labels for orders which included stretch-goals went out, so it appeared they were shipped or at least being processed. Once production on our stretch goals is completed, we will use the same tracking info and will send updates to let everyone know product has shipped. Let us know at that point if you don't have your tracking info and we can resend. 

Please message me or email if you have any questions.

2) I ordered an RFID wallet, how can I be sure my wallet is RFID blocking?

The RFID Version looks identical to the non-RFID version because the leather is actually split and the RFID material is then glued in between layers of the leather. This helps maintain our minimalist design, keeping the necessary functionality and in a way that is almost unnoticeable. 

The way to tell it is RFID is by testing with an RFID reading device. The best way for you to test, since you likely don't have a reader, is to put the card you have that is RFID and try to scan it or pay for something with it. Remember that with the Card and Cash wallets the center pocket is the fully lined pocket. Because of the cutouts, the outer pockets can't fully enclose the card with the RFID blocking fabric. With the passport and billfold wallets the entire exterior is RFID lined. If you want to get technical, our RFID fabric is effective at blocking for the industry standard 13.56 Megahertz frequency RFID chips.


I hope you are enjoying your wallets. Remember that the leather continues to get better with use. Load your wallet with what you plan to carry and allow the leather to mold and develop a beautiful patina with use.

And after you've used your wallet a bit, please take the time to review it on our website. It really helps us out!

Review Cash Wallet, Billfold Wallet or Passport Wallet

Thank you for your continued support - 


Other questions you may have:

1) Can I get more wallets at the Kickstarter price?

Send me an email with your individual request and we will work something out for you. I value our early Kickstarter backers and although I cannot continue to offer our products at such a steep discount, I put you backers in the "friends and family" bucket.

2) Why did I get a customs bill?

If you live outside of the United States, your country may impose taxes, duties or customs on products imported from other countries. I lived in Switzerland and know these can be very frustrating at times. We do what we can to get the products cleared through customs at the appropriate tax rate so you don't have additional fees. The general rate is 8% for most countries but we have seen up to 35%, depending on the country. We declare the amount you paid for your order (standard is the super-early-bird price of $65USD) and use the standardized HTS code for leather wallets 4202.31 (4202.31.6000 specifically). 

We have shipped to 22 countries for just this campaign (and over 50 total for other orders). Unfortunately we cannot research and predict the customs fees for every country. It is a federal offense to lie on customs forms (ie declare it a "Gift" or under-declare an item) and we stand by honest and fair business practices. It also jeopardizes the insurance on the package if the value is under-declared.


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