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GALUNKER!  Epic! Heroic! Ridiculous. (A children's picture book about a gloriously silly pit bull.)
GALUNKER!  Epic! Heroic! Ridiculous. (A children's picture book about a gloriously silly pit bull.)
GALUNKER! Epic! Heroic! Ridiculous. (A children's picture book about a gloriously silly pit bull.)
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An Important Update


Dear Wonderful Team Galunker,

Just to keep you abreast of where we are.
Rewards have started to go out, and we'll be sending the remaining tote bags, T-shirts and throw pillows throughout December. 

We're sorry to say that it does look as if the book will be a bit late,

and we sincerely apologize. I suspect we're looking at a spring release, but we're working overtime to finish things earlier.

This is a Kickstarter tradition, sort of -- these delays -- but we do want to explain.   

The delay was caused by two main reasons: 
First of all, Dula found herself in the middle of a war. This was sad and unexpected; it lasted nearly two months, and made it very difficult to work properly.   

The other cause for the delay is actually a positive one: As you know, while Galunker is first of all a literary piece, it is very much a book with an agenda. We received all sorts of responses from Team Galunker during and after the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, and we’ve been incorporating your ideas and addressing your criticism.

 It is of course crucial that we get this right: while Galunker is a book starring a pit bull, and aiming to stop the witch hunt against these wonderful dogs, another major goal with this book is to provide parents with a guide to how to keep their children safe around dogs. (ANY dog – breed is irrelevant.)
A lot of you know a great deal about this; and we’ve been in consultation as well with some of the world’s leading experts.
So we’ve made some important changes. We're happy to announce that the text has been revised and finessed, and we can safely say that we now stand behind it one hundred percent. 

Thank you for your patience: we'll keep you regularly informed of progress.

 A reminder:
you guys are fabulous, and you're helping to bring a hugely important project (so we believe) into the world. 

 - Doug (and Dula, too)


We can always be contacted through the 'Contact Us' section on the Galunker website: Through our Kickstarter page/ Our Facebook page (  or by writing to
We'll be happy to continue and answer any question you might have.

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    1. Haley Dragoo-Kraskovic on

      Yay! Thanks for the update. Of course I read this AFTER I sent an email asking for an update. Be Safe Dula!

    2. Valentina Foster on

      Thank you for the update. I was wondering what happened to the book.

    3. Jiasi Hu on

      Hi Team Galunker,
      I don't know what exactly dear Dula is facing, but I really hope she goes through it smoothly. There must be so much pressure on her and a lot of criticism, threatening and bullying to her.
      But please always remember you are loved, appreciated and supported by people around the world.
      Jess in Aus

    4. Valerie Aguilar on

      Galunker is worth the wait ;). Appreciate the heads up....know it'll be even better now!

    5. Paola Reyes on

      Thank you for the update! There is no rush as I'm sure you all want to get this right. Good luck!

    6. Shelley Nigel on

      I am so excited this project is coming to fruition and I LOVE that you are including information for kids and parents on how to stay safe around dogs. It's totally worth the wait! Shelley in Vancouver