Space Command

by Marc Zicree

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    1. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      Absolutely love the Emshwiller pistol! Beautiful retro-sci-fi look.

    2. Missing avatar

      Janice Jacobson on

      "The ship shutters"? You mean like a liquor store at closing time? Outstanding.
      Raise shields, Mr. Sulu :)

    3. Joshua P. on

      You have a ton of concept art, why aren't you releasing it all? I've bought Star Trek concept art books before, but I always get the sense that it cannot possibly be all of the art; that's pretty much the worst aspect of big projects, since I love concept art, but only see a small fraction of what was done. Over years, more and more of the art glacially leaks out as the people who worked on the projects find their old work, or suddenly decide people might want to see the stuff. This can be averted.

      Besides which, I didn't throw money this way just to see the project happen, that was a big part, but to also see the project come together, except we've been left in the dark. The public request through Facebook for gun designs and designers was a good step.

      Is the script up for reading somewhere? The last bit of the video makes it sound like it is.

    4. Jim Kelsey on

      I think I 'shuttered', when I read, 'way cool' ;)))) Way teenager
      I must be a really old Samuel T Cogley type, but where was the video mentioned? Did I miss a link?
      I will put my glasses on (am allergic to retnox too) and look again.
      Keep up the outstanding excellent production Marc, looking forward to more from Space Command.
      Kudos (A planet orbiting Ross 614a?)
      Have fun