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STAR TREK writer Marc Zicree teams with GALACTICA FX whiz Doug Drexler & Sci-Fi Legends to reinvent classic 50s show as Feature Films
STAR TREK writer Marc Zicree teams with GALACTICA FX whiz Doug Drexler & Sci-Fi Legends to reinvent classic 50s show as Feature Films
2,965 backers pledged $221,267 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jacob Briggs on March 15

      >> . We'll have the first half hour finished in the next few months and send that out to everyone, then the next half hour soon after and so on.

      Hi, this is my longest running kickstarter and so far we haven't really seen much. Are you still in target to send out the first episode? I think changing format several times has been a bit of a curse, but is this finally on the final path?

    2. Joel Segerbäck on March 13

      @Patrick Riffe: I did get a Space Command textile badge via mail in 2016, and I think I got some digital rewards as a download link several years ago. I downloaded the stuff back then, but I think I've lost those files over the years.
      I'm still waiting for the Blu-ray.
      (Given how poorly Kickstarter dates these posts I'll add that I'm posting this in March 2018.)

    3. Patrick Riffe on February 11

      I'm seeing and hearing in the videos that some rewards have been sent out, but I have not received anything. Have some of the rewards been sent out? Has anyone received anything? Am I the only one who hasn't gotten anything other than youtube updates?

    4. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on January 27

      Hi, Luke, Thanks for caring enough to post your thoughts and questions. To be clear, we shot all of the two-hours as promised, then spent a solid year with Dave Edison editing it. This is the two-hours we're now actively working on to finish post VFX, sound design, score, color correction, etc. We'll have the first half hour finished in the next few months and send that out to everyone, then the next half hour soon after and so on. My pitching Space Command as a series has in no way hindered or blunted my goal of finishing the first two hours -- on the contrary, if I manage to sell the show, we'll have much more money to finished the two hours and continue shooting the rest (I've written the first eight hours and am embarked on writing the entire twelve hour first season). In terms of sound effects, etc., this is all temp and not final. Our sound designer now has the time he needs to do the full job and has worked on many of my favorite films. So all I can say is hang in there and there will be much more to see very soon. Thanks again and all best, Marc

    5. Luke Franklin on January 27

      Hmmm.. Well.. As I'm always brutally honest with this project.. I like what I see, mostly. The fight sequences are.. pretty bad. I think it's mostly the sound design that is laughably bad in those scenes.

      Hopefully we see something soon.. Two Kickstarters, a (presumably deleted) Indiegogo, a patreon and a push to back via Paypal.. Not to mention an auction with Profiles in History in which you sold some of your own things to back Space Command. It's difficult to come up with solid numbers but you ended up with around $350,000.. That's probably on the high end since I didn't include Kickstarters cut of the money.. I'm assuming Paypal and your selling of shares maybe covered that at least a bit.

      I've followed along and I think what people are mostly upset with is the fact that this project turned into something that we didn't back. We backed a movie and now what we are getting is some kind of TV series or web series. Honestly you've made so many statements on this I'm not even sure anybody knows what is going on with this.

      Three years ago(!) we got an update that stated, "yesterday Dave Edison, our crack editor, sent us the last few scenes of the film, so now we have the entire first Space Command film in assemblage, beginning to end."

      So you decided to completely scrap that entire cut of the film and turn it into a TV show, pilot, web series.. whatever you have decided to call it? I think the major problem that most people have is that rather than be lazer focused on getting backers what they originally backed for.. You changed things up.. What was once a movie... Has now become, "my goal has been to sell Space Command as a TV show to a network or big Internet platform."

      In one of the previous updates that I have linked above you also said, "Everything I've done to this point has been to create momentum, credibility and evidence." Unfortunately I think you ended up screwing yourself over with that one. The very people who wanted to see this project succeed the MOST, are now completely turned off by Space Command.

      I'm not even angry really.. It just baffles me that here we are in 2018 and all we have to show for it are a couple trailers with recycled footage and some merch.

    6. Rohan on January 3

      @Kyle, part of the problem we have is the scope creep that's taken place.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kyle Franz on December 10

      Hi Marc and Team. Good work. I am excited to see the finished project.

      This may be more rhetorical than an actual question. Why would yourself and other creators of movies. Especially VFX heavy ones, ever deal with Kickstarters? The people on these comment sections appear to have very little idea of what is involved in these types of projects. let alone, the reality of financing them. I am suite more than one will be upset with this comment, but the response will just further prove the point.

      I am not in the creator business, but have nothing but empathy for the tings you and your team must have to deal with. I hope you can sell the series soon, so you can get back to making content full time. Rather than dealing with this stuff.

      In any event. Good luck.

    8. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on December 10

      Anyone with questions can email me at or call me at (323)363-1259. But I'd suggest first watching any of the videos I've put out or reading any of the text that accompanies the many backers updates I've put out or the videos or texts on the new campaign. The new campaign is not to make a new story -- it's specifically to finish VFX and post on the two-hour story we've shot, the one starring Doug Jones, Bob Picardo, Mira Furlan and Bill Mumy. With the money we've raised, we'll finish first the first 30 minutes and send that out, then move on to the next thirty minutes, and the next, and the next. We hope to have the first thirty minutes completed in the next few months and get it out to everybody. You can actually watch the new extended trailer and an entire scene at my YouTube Channel, Mr. Sci-Fi. Thanks for hanging in there. All best, Marc

    9. Thomas Giles on December 10

      Is there any word on when we will receive this film? I see another kickstarter has been started, presumably for a sequel, before the first one has been fulfilled.

    10. Joel Segerbäck on December 6

      As it's been two years since you sent out your last survey, and I've changed my address since (with the forwarding for the old address no longer active either), should I contact you with my current address or will there be a new service before you start sending out the DVD's/blurays?

    11. Missing avatar

      Zoston on November 27

      Hi Marc,

      I'm normally a silent backer, but I figured I'd drop a word. I just wanted to say that while I'm disappointed at all the delays, and was somewhat more disappointed to see you start a second kickstarter, I had a look at some of the new videos (but not too much to avoid spoilers) and it is looking really good.

      Nothing's going to remove my disappointment until the first part actually is released. But I'm a bit more optimistic now that when it does the end result will have been worth the wait.

      So, all my best to you and the team. I'll be waiting for you when you reach the end! Though, of course, that end will only be the beginning of even more.


    12. Missing avatar

      Norman Fair on November 27

      Has anyone else who pledged "Special Lieutenant Commander" even received an email from Backerkit, Pledgemanager or whatever was used for this? When I look on the Campaign tab it shows what I selected and at the bottom it says "NO SURVEYS SENT". I searched my email and couldn't find anything.

    13. Cameron Cooke on November 21, 2017

      Hi Marc and team, thanks so much for getting in touch. Im so happy with the progress made and apologise for not keeping up to date with the updates. Clearly I missed an important update hence why I didn’t receive my rewards. Thanks for reaching out to me personally and sorting everything out. I can’t wait for the finished product. All the best.

    14. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on November 21, 2017

      Here's a longer response to you, Cameron,

      I don't know if you've watched or read any of the Backers Updates I've been putting out every few weeks for years now to my Kickstarter Backers, on my Facebook and Twitter pages and on my Mr. Sci-Fi YouTube Channel, but I have been working on Space Command non-stop all this time.

      We have spent the last few years reaching out to the all the backers and sending out the posters, lobby cards, patches, trading cards, signed scripts, signed Twilight Zone Companions, downloadable score, rank certificates, membership cards, t-shirts and more that was promised to them.

      If you have not received anything, please email me back with your correct contact address and phone number and I will put my team on it immediately. I've cc'ed them above.

      We've shot the entire two-hour Space Command film, 35 minutes of the second one, and the opening scene of the third one, and the new 6-minute trailer we're releasing shows scenes from all of that. (Here's the first two minutes of that trailer -- the rest will be coming over the next few days, in tandem with the new campaign…)

      We've been busy finishing VFX and post on the first 35 minutes of the first two-hour story and will be sending that to the backers soon. The money I'm raising now is to help finish post on the first film -- which as I mentioned has been completed in all entirety save for VFX, post sound, music, etc. Believe me, I'm working as hard as I possibly can to finish it.

      As to the previous campaign being taken down, I don't know about that and will look into it. It's not at my request and I'm simply focused now on getting what I need to finish things and get it all to you and the other backers.

      If you have further questions, feel free to email me at or call me at (323)363-1259.

      All best,

    15. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on November 20, 2017

      Our volunteer team has fulfilled thousands of rewards and won't stop until everyone is properly taken care of.
      Cameron, the search engine glitch is on KS only. We're still searchable.

    16. Cameron Cooke on November 20, 2017

      Also why is this campaign no longer showing up. It’s like it’s been erased to hide the negative feedback due to lack of rewards being sent out. Clearly if people that thinking about backing the new campaign saw this one they would probably think twice. This seems a little dodgy to me.

    17. Cameron Cooke on November 20, 2017

      I’m a bit confused as I’ve not received a single reward and now there is another campaign which you’re asking for my money. When will you complete the original film/pilot as promised and when we will get rewards and DVDs? It’s 2017 and I backed this in 2013!

    18. Charlie
      on November 11, 2017

      Still waiting on my physical rewards and I've contacted you several times and you always tell me that you're letting the team know but they've NEVER followed through and contacted me, much less mailed me anything.

    19. Missing avatar

      michiel on November 7, 2017

      @Marc Zicree. I'm not doubting you will finish the movie/series; you have shown us some really nice footage to proove this already. With the changes being made (I believe this is out of interest and commitment to space command), there was a bit of confusion with the pledged made.
      Anyway, I wish you luck in your further filming adventure Marc

    20. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on November 7, 2017

      Volker, michiel, Richard, everyone who pledged at least $27 is getting the full movie. Our campaign for finishing funds is called Redemption. That's the title of the first movie, Redemption. We've sent thousands of rewards packages, and will make sure everyone receives all their rewards, and a bit more. We're committed to finishing a great adventure, we've made real progress, here's an example:

    21. Missing avatar

      Richard Wagoner
      on November 6, 2017

      I'd like to back this project, but have not recieved any of the Captain rewards either.

      What is disturbing is that the original campaign
      Is not visible in my Backed Projects list (viewed
      On an iPad ), and the only way I coulld get to this
      Page was from my Backers email conformation.

      Whats going on?...?


    22. Missing avatar

      michiel on November 6, 2017

      I have thesame question as Volker. I pledged for the blueray with international shipping; and i'm also wondering what we are getting as it's not a movie anymore.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mal on November 6, 2017

      This project was originally funded on July 15, 2012. It is now November 6, 2017, and instead of delivering on the original promise, all we have received as backers is an endless epic of excuses.

      Now the creator of this project is attempting to raise new funding through another Kickstarter, called "Space Command Redemption":

      Please do not waste your money on this project.

      What would be really redeeming is if the original project actually delivered what was promised, but perhaps it always was, just fiction, not science fiction.

    24. Missing avatar

      Volker on November 6, 2017

      I backed $55 ($37 +HD, +International Shipping) - Does that mean I'll get the BlueRay from the new Project (or something similar) anyway? How does this old reward relate to the new project? Is it cancelled? Do I get a refund? Will it be fulfilled someday (my preference)? Thank you.

    25. Missing avatar

      James Perifanos on October 7, 2017

      Greetings All,

      I am at captain reward level and have yet to receive the physical rewards. Just checking into see if I missed anything regarding the rewards shipping.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kelvin Paull on October 5, 2017

      I am a captain back and still waiting for the physical rewards. I sent an email to Marc's gmail end of May. In August and September I sent an email to and I haven't heard a response. I'm fine with saving shipping and getting rewards and movie on the same order I just want to know I'm not left out.

    27. Darwin Gosal on August 31, 2017

      I'm just wondering, when do you expect to deliver the 2-hours pilot episode?

    28. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on August 27, 2017

      I've alerted our team; let me know if they don't contact you. To date, the vast majority of the perks have been sent out -- t-shirts, posters, patches, lobby cards, trading cards, much more. Additionally, we're busy on post on Space Command, with our VFX team at work full time and many more team members laboring hard. Here's a video I just posted you may like --

      Always feel free to email me at or call me at (323)363-1259 with any concerns or questions. Cheers.

    29. Tom Champion on August 27, 2017

      Hi Marc,

      I still haven't received any physical rewards yet.

      I received an email from Jennifer on the 24th June that there was an issue and she would look at the problem but since then I have had no reply even though I have sent a couple of emails.

      Can you let me know what is going on.



    30. WP - Member, Mutant League on August 15, 2017

      Hope you had a great Comic-Con with Space Command: Bold Adventures!

    31. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on June 7, 2017

      Thanks, Charlie!

    32. Charlie
      on June 7, 2017

      Being a showrunner instead of just a creative contributor is a difference of exponential magnitudes!! Hang in there, Commander!!

    33. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on June 7, 2017

      Thanks so much for the kind words. They really help.

    34. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on June 7, 2017

      Thanks so much for the kind words. They really help.

    35. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on June 7, 2017

      Thanks so much for the kind words. They really help.

    36. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on June 7, 2017

      Thanks so much for the kind words. They really help.

    37. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on June 7, 2017

      Thanks so much for the kind words. They really help.

    38. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on June 7, 2017

      Thanks so much for the kind words. They really help.

    39. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on June 7, 2017

      Thanks so much for the kind words. They really help.

    40. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on June 7, 2017

      Thanks so much for the kind words. They really help.

    41. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on June 7, 2017

      Thanks so much for the kind words. They really help.

    42. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on June 7, 2017

      Thanks so much for the kind words. They really help.

    43. Andrew Heidgerken on June 6, 2017


      I understand why so many people seem disappointed in the delays of this project. And I get why no matter what you do the lack of a delivered project means that in many peoples minds, it is a failed kickstarter. Just one more to write off as a money thrown away.

      But I have a very different opinion. Every single kickstarter I've backed I went into with the mind set that I was helping someone try and realize their dream. Whether they are trying to get into the business of making hotsauce, hand crafted thingamabobs... or making a movie.

      Dreams come in all sizes, but regardless of what form they take, they often take a leap of faith. They take someone committing their time and energy to something they haven't done before, but feel compelled to try. And although some people are fortunate enough to have the financial capability to take that risk on their own most people do not. That's where kickstarter comes in. Kickdstarter is a chance for people to help fund dreams. The rewards are a thank you from the dreamer to those who helped make it happen. It is not a pre ordering system. Or at least it isn't in my mind.

      In the case of Space Command, you're trying to make an indi movie. Sure, you could probably have done it for near pocket change in your garage with a couple buddies. But your dream was bigger than that. From your previous professional experience you knew what was possible, and set out to do something that could be proudly held up to any of the commercial products on the market. Good for you.

      Doing so is a long, expensive and challenging journey. I dare say 99% of your backers would have lost their way and failed by now if we were to attempt the same and given ten time the money. But you have not failed, you are still plodding along toward your goal. Sure the details may have shifted, life is like that, things change and people adapt.

      But more than merely persevering, you have brought us along on your journey. I've found several of your update entertaining, informative, and inspiring. Sure I'm disappointed that I haven't gotten a chance to watch Space Command yet, but I still look forward with great anticipation to the final delivery of the movie. And my only fear in watching the updates is that too much might be spoiled.

    44. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on May 25, 2017

      Correction -- it's actually

    45. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on May 25, 2017

      Thanks for reaching out with your concerns, Hugh. Really glad to hear from you and to have a chance to respond and clarify things. Got your message late last night, but wanted to wait until today to have time to answer clearly and make sure I responded fully.

      First off, I in no way take offense to your comments. It has been a long wait. But you mention you haven't been following this project. If you had, you'd know that I've been posting about Space Command pretty much on a daily basis on my Marc Zicree Facebook page, Space Command Fan Group Facebook page, Space Command Movie Facebook page, and my Twitter feed. I've been sending out regular updates to my Kickstarter backers and investors and also posting regular videos about Space Command on my Mr. Sci-Fi YouTube page. In fact, I shot a fifty-minute video yesterday talking to everyone and bringing everything up to the current moment, which I'll be posting on Mr. Sci-Fi and sending out as a Backers Update in the next day or two.

      To allay your fear, Space Command is moving ahead well and fully. I'll try to address your concerns in the order you stated them.

      In terms of my hoping to get the VFX for free or low cost, the initial reason for that hope was that during the Kickstarter campaign Doug Drexler was my partner and had a considerable ownership share in the IP. Doug of course was the Oscar and Emmy winning VFX genius behind many of the Star Trek series and the recent Battlestar Galactica. In fact, on Blood and Chrome he generated over 200 VFX shots himself, of astonishing quality.

      So my hope was that Doug would lend his huge skills to the project and that we might also bring a VFX school aboard, where the incentive for students as interns would be that they would get the opportunity to learn from the best and also have amazing work for their portfolios -- plus in time, as we built an in-house VFX unit to make Space Command on-goingly, they would be hired and rise up the ranks.

      This may have been naievete on my part, but the conversations I had with VFX schools both here and in Europe presented that as a very real possibility.

      Sadly, when Doug left after the Kickstarter campaign over creative differences, it was clear I would have to seek out other alternatives -- and most certainly, more costly ones. Working with Geoff Mark and Tobias Richter and Ron Thornton on Space Command has been an honor, but certainly not free. That's why I've had to keep raising money as we went along, to make sure that the quality would be the equal of any network show. We all know the edict about time, money, quality, choose two. Well I chose to take longer and maintain quality... but it's still cost a lot of money.

      And it's been a learning process for me, too. Remember, I created work on many shows that I'm very proud of, but I never built an operation from the ground up, as I have with this one. The fact that we're still moving forward and are much closer to the finish line now than we have ever been speaks to my ability to learn and grow, and also to the good hearts of thousands of people who have helped me.

      Also, as to the time frame, as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ended I wrote the script, cast the project -- including the Worldwide Talent Search that saw 1,200 audition videos for two of the lead rolls -- rented a warehouse and converted that to a soundstage to shoot Space Command. There was a lengthy design and construction phase, then we shot all two hours -- as I'd promised -- and actually managed to shoot a half-hour of the second story. All of the Kickstarter money was used to shoot that first two hours, none of it went into my pocket, I drew no salary. And as soon as we finished shooting, I closed down the studio and put the sets into storage, so there wouldn't be a drain on funds now being used to complete post-production.

      As to making the perks and shipping them, I never expected that to be free, but I am floored at how expensive mailing costs are, especially internationally. But we set about sending out all the digital perks almost immediately as they were created and have now sent out the vast majority of the physical perks too -- the t-shirts, posters, patches, trading cards, lobby cards, signed scripts and signed Twilight Zone Companions, both here and overseas. You should have gotten yours by now.

      Also, I should say that another reason I hoped I might get free or low-cost help was because I strongly believed in creating something with a hopeful and positive message, and I was willing to work for free and in fact put in a good deal of my own money into it -- this has never been about getting rich for me, but rather creating something meaningful. I knew the networks were far more inclined to make violent and sexually explicit and darkly pessimistic and nihilistic projects (all under the label of being "edgy") and did not want to put the fate of this project in their hands. I felt and hoped that others of like mind and spirit would aid me in bringing Space Command into the world -- I believe strongly that we are responsible for what we create and the vision we share with the world. I think it's vital that we all ask ourselves, "Is my life making the world a better or worse place? What am I putting out into the world?" Many have helped me, and I don't feel any less heartened than when I started; far more, in fact.

      And again, let me be clear -- I have not budged one moment or one iota from my commitment to make Space Command, to complete it, to have it be as wonderful as I can possibly make it, and to get everything to every single person who ordered any item.

      In terms of the networks, I didn't want them involved in making the initial two-hour story. I didn't want them to say whether or not it got made or seen. But now that we have shot the two hours, filmed thirty minutes of the second two-hour story, written the first eight hours and outlined hours nine through twelve -- the first season -- PLUS written the first novel (thanks to Maya Bohnhoff) and begun work on the two-hour prequel/radio play starring Mike Harney, it IS time to reach out the networks.

      The reason for this is simple -- it costs on average $23 million to promote a new series, so the audience even knows about it. There are over 500 (!) series on the air and on platforms now. I believe in Space Command's message of a hopeful vision of the future -- otherwise, what future are we creating? I want to make sure it reaches the worldwide audience that needs to see it and be inspired by it, as I was inspired by Star Trek and Twilight Zone -- both created by men of great compassion and vision, men who I believe changed the world greatly for the better.

      As for traveling around the world to pitch the show, believe me, I'd much prefer to stay at home and have the networks come to me. But that's not how it works. You have to go where they are, meet them in person. I don't say this out of any opinion I've formed on my own, but rather on the wisdom of those who are advising me -- Frank Spotnitz, Glen Mazzara, Ron Moore, Damon Lindelof, Rockne O'Bannon, Michael Nankin, etc.

      Hope I've answered all your questions. If you'd like to talk further, feel free to call me at (323)363-1259.

      Thanks for wishing me good luck -- I really believe you mean it, and the well wishes of people are a big part of what keeps me going on this enormous and very difficult but worthwhile project.

      But as to it never seeing the light of day, well, tomorrow I meet with our VFX team to watch completed VFX and color correction on the first 35 minutes of the pilot -- over 400 VFX shots -- and have been coordinating with our composer and post-production sound team. As soon as that is completed in the next few weeks, I'll send that out to all of our backers and investors -- it should be spectacular.

      Then I'll raise the rest of the money to finish post-production on the rest of the two hours (via selling shares, crowdfunding and/or selling the show sooner rather than later).

      After which I'll shoot and finish the rest of the second two-hour story (we're completing editing about 35 minutes of that now, too). Then we'll shoot the third one (which I'm rewriting now), the fourth one and so on, into futurity.

      Someone once asked me the secret to my success. "I don't give myself an out," I replied. Since beginning the journey with Space Command, it's taken far longer and been far more expensive than I envisioned. But when I see the footage, I know it's all been worth it. I love what we together have created. I hope when you see it, you'll love it too.

      All good thoughts your way,

    46. Hugh LeBui on May 25, 2017

      I haven't been following this project and boy am I regretting backing this project. You originally wrote on January 20 of 2017 that

      "I originally raised is that my original hope had been to get the VFX done for free, as I did with World Enough and Time."

      The reason you're able to get that Star Trek episode VFX done for free was because no one is supposed to be getting paid on an IP that you don't own. It doesn't matter if you're a writer of a Star Trek episode. You don't own Star Trek. You don't even own the DS9 script that you wrote. CBS and Paramount own them. Therefore of course you're going to have a hard time getting free VFX on an original show like Space Command. 1,900 VFX shots for free? Were you counting on shipping the perks to your backers to cost nothing as well? I'm not here to be rude or to lecture you but it seems this was all poorly planned from the start. You also said you wanted no involvement from network or studios and that it is completely independent but yet here you are traveling to pitch to networks and studios around the world.

      I wish you nothing but good luck to get this dream of yours completed so that your backers get what they paid for but at this point I'm not holding my breath. To me $107 is nothing but what I feel bad for is the two backers that have given $10,000 to this project. I expect no reply but I'll be very surprised if you did.

    47. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on April 11, 2017

      Thanks for all the kind words, Cameron.

    48. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on April 11, 2017

      Thanks for all the kind words, Cameron.

    49. Cameron Robertson on April 10, 2017

      Marc - patient and excited to see when this lands. Glad to see every update and the focus on quality.

      I know many folks will focus on the posters/T-Shirts/DVDs, but it seems they're likely a costly distraction. Given the option I would gladly re-allocate my pledge purely towards access to a digital stream once it's ready vs. DVD to help avoid costly pressings and shipments (I don't believe I own a DVD player anymore, ha!).

      Agree with Mark and Matt from September, it's been fascinating to see all of the progress.

    50. Marc Zicree 2-time creator on April 8, 2017

      Thanks for the question, Kevin. I understand how from the perspective of those who've been waiting a crazy long time, it might seem like "mission creep," but all along my primary goal has been to complete the first two hours. We've finished shooting the two hours, but there are 1,900 VFX shots. The challenge all along has been affording them.

      I thought at first I could get those shots for free, as I did with the George Takei Star Trek New Voyages episode "World Enough and Time," which was nominated for the Hugo and the Nebula. In that case, Emmy-winners Lee Stringer and Ron Thornton were heading up the DAVE School and Doug Drexler was pitching in, too.

      But by the time we shot Space Command, Lee and Ron were no longer at the DAVE School (Lee was working on Star Wars) and Doug was on Defiance (there are other reasons with Doug too, creative differences). I spent several years trying to find free or low-cost options, reached out to VFX schools and artists around the world, But invariably, if the price wasn't hundreds of thousands of dollars, the work was either of a lower-quality or not delivered in a finished state at all.

      Finally I realized I would just have to raise significantly more money to get the job done, and done well. For me, the alternative of sending something unfinished or that looked amateurish was simply not acceptable. So I set about raising more money, a challenging and time-consuming process. (And to be clear, every penny raised in the Kickstarter campaign was used to shoot the first two hours of Space Command). I got many quotes from VFX professionals both here and in Europe as to how much it would cost to finish the VFX, and invariable it was hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      And so I set about to raise the money -- it was my responsibility to finish what I had started, and to honor the promise I made to all of you. There were only three ways to do this -- sell investment shares, launch another crowdfunding campaign or sell the show. I've undertaken all three, but they take considerable time and effort -- it's just me and a small team, not the hundreds or thousands of people you'd have on Star Wars or Star Trek.

      Even while doing this, I was never idle in moving ahead on VFX, but it was a slow journey of trial and error, funded by the thousands of dolIars could generate (often out of my own pocket). One of these was hiring Ron Thornton, whose work had been so stellar on Star Trek and Babylon 5, among the many projects we'd done together. But sadly, Ron fell ill and died. This was not "mission creep," it was simply something tragic that happened, and it slowed the process.

      I continued working to find solutions and get to the finish line. I kept raising money, and selling investment shares. Great folks have been buying shares, and we have our VFX team working full time now. I'm pitching the show, but you have to build relationship and credibility with the networks and executives, and that takes months and years, you don't just lift the phone and say, "I've got a great show for you to buy."

      And we're also about to launch the new crowdfunding campaign, the video is finished and we're going to pull the trigger in the next month or two. But again, I'm the driving force and the face and voice of Space Command, and there's only so much time and energy in a day. A crowdfunding campaign is a full-time (and more) occupation, so I have to lay track to be able to do it effectively.

      At the same time, we're in the process now of shipping out all the t-shirts, posters, patches, trading cards and lobby cards we promised everyone -- they're now made and in the shipping envelopes. We just had to verify addresses, because hundreds of folks didn't respond to our multiple emails asking for verification. We didn't want hundreds or thousands of packages to be returned because the addresses were wrong -- that would have cost thousands of dollar and slowed things even more.

      At the same time, the first 33 minutes will be completed in the next few weeks -- as I said, our VFX team is working around the clock -- and we'll get that too you as soon as it's in hand. Then we'll continue on to finish the two hours and all of you will have something wonderful to behold.

      And oh yes, to answer you, Johann (sorry I just saw your comment now), you said "who cares about special effects if you don't ship? And I don't understand the breakup with the person who started all of this with you. We have aliens everywhere, why insist on it..."

      Phew! Okay, let me answer those one by one. You'd certainly care about special effects (or VFX more accurately; I've learned that special effects refers specifically to effects done on-set and not in post) if it looked like shit when you got it, you wouldn't feel well served, nor would I.

      As to Doug leaving the project, it certainly wasn't my choice and there were lots of reasons for it that I really don't feel would be appropriate to air publicly -- let's just leave it at creative differences. But it wasn't solely about not having aliens in it, or keeping the show in the solar system. The script we shot doesn't have any aliens in it, and it's set in our solar system. It's only later in the show that we venture beyond our own system.

      I will say one detail -- after the campaign, Doug clarified he wanted the show to be set in the 1950s, as though we got the space program then that was promised in science fiction of the time. While I thought this was an interesting notion and certainly viable, it wasn't what I had intended or pitched or promised, and my concern was that it would risk feeling campy and being irrelevant, while certainly interesting.

      I wanted Space Command to be a hopeful vision of the future -- our future, one we could present in our show and our viewers could still build, that would comment on now, the present, not be a nostalgic callback to the past.

      This wasn't the sole reason we parted ways, there are others, and it still saddens me. Also, memories will differ on details, that only human. Doug is a brilliant man with a great heart and has been a great friend.

      But ultimately, it wasn't his responsibility to finish Space Command -- it was mine. And over all this time, I've held to that promise and worked every day to bring it to fruition. I don't regret it for a minute. But with every challenge it's presented, and there are many, I've stepped up to it.

      Thanks for hanging in there with me. And if you want more regular info, friend me on Facebook or subscribe to my Mr. Sci-Fi channel. I post regularly about all this. Or just call me. (323)363-1259.

      And of course if you want to volunteer to help, let me know. It all speeds the plow... or spaceship.

      All best,

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