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Captain Corgi must travel through space and time in order to rescue his fellow Chrono Riders that are held hostage by ZoogleZon Rogues
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Intense Thanks and Gratitude; Community Creation, Meet the Chrono Riders

Posted by Korion Studios (Creator)

Thank You All.

'Chrono Rider' will be released for PC software, PS4, Vita, and Xbox One.

Thank you all for giving us the opportunity to make this project a reality. Without your help and support this project would not have grown to what it is now. Korion Studios is extremely lucky to have met you and this is a life-changing experience for us.

Extra Funding will Go Towards Visual/Audio/Programming Commissions.

With the extra funding we can commission master audio and visual artists to help us bring our world to life. 

Put Your Ideas in Our World!

Because this is such a personal and sentimental project, we want to give our backers the opportunity to submit their designs and ideas to be implemented in our game. However those who have pledged towards the $100 and $150 backer reward will have the utmost priority to have their enemy and NPC concepts developed first. 

Backer Concept Art:

Concept Art by Michael Salyer, kickstarter backer and contributor.
Concept Art by Michael Salyer, kickstarter backer and contributor.
'Helgor' concept collaboration with Michael Salyer and Korion Studios
'Helgor' concept collaboration with Michael Salyer and Korion Studios

Chrono Rider Homeworld Insight

There will be four prominent Chrono Riders you may save along with Chrono Riders you will discover on side quests and exploration missions.

'Chrono Rider' begins in media res,
'Chrono Rider' begins in media res,

 Voice Acting for Chrono Rider Stalphos:

 Michael Salyer and his voice acting team have provided the voice for Stalphos, a grizzled crime-fighting Chrono Rider. All audio and visuals are works in progress.

Thank You.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ryan Niemiller on

      Wow. Above and beyond. Very cool. Thanks, guys!

    2. Korion Studios Creator on

      Hi Ryan,

      One game will come with four versions of Chrono Rider, one for your OS and then one for each console: PS4, Xbox One, and Vita.

      Higher pledge rewards will get you 8, 12, and so on versions of the game. You will be freely able to customize your order if you want multiple versions for one system. We will notify our backers before release to make sure they are aware of these options.

      Thank you

    3. Missing avatar

      Ryan Niemiller on

      Very excited to hear the news of an Xbox One release. Will we get the choice of what platform we want our game on then? Would be content if I got this on PC - would be thrilled if I got it for my XBox One. :)