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After a year of weekly documentaries in Minnesota, The Perennial Plate is driving across America to document  real food stories.
After a year of weekly documentaries in Minnesota, The Perennial Plate is driving across America to document real food stories.
452 backers pledged $22,176 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Patty Mitchell on

      Any new updates for us?

    2. Ashley Howe on

      Have a great trip! Can't wait to se the new episodes. We'd love to have you guys out when you're in Southern California!

    3. Missing avatar

      Marc Laureano on

      Hooray for Daniel and Mirra! Safe travels and best wishes to both of you. We look forward to your videos and blogs. Kia kaha from New Zealand!

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Fessler on

      Congrats Daniel! See you in New York.

    5. Hollie Schmiedeskamp on

      Excited to follow your adventures, thanks for letting us be a part of it!!

      p.s. my husband and I would love to hook you guys up with a place to stay in Denver if you're in the need.

    6. Missing avatar

      Angela Mannila on

      Congratulations! This will be wonderful, I just know it! : )

    7. Missing avatar

      Gael Nguyen on

      You did it! Can't wait to see the episodes!

    8. Missing avatar

      Austin Lindstrom on

      Pop the cork on that Champipple and crack a can of Coke, you're going on a road trip!

    9. Liz McLellan on

      You are SO CLOSE! Just tweeted! Sorry I can't do more! It will happen.

    10. Mary Patton on


      Good luck! We share the same values, desire for life and goals about food and culture. Wish I was on this trip with you!


    11. Missing avatar

      Sarah Wassberg on

      Just wanted to say this is the first time I've ever donated actual money to just about anything. As a broke-ass graduate student AND museum professional, I decided that $30 was worth the DVD and the support of a free TV show. I'll just make a meal at home this week instead of eating out.

      As a native North Dakotan living in the Hudson Valley of NY, I appreciate the "tastes" of home you offer as well as the commitment to real food. Keep up the good work!

    12. Missing avatar

      Elise Reed on

      Can I please get TWO postcards from the road? I would also enjoy them more if they include some swear words. Thanks!

    13. laura hartman on

      My pittance will come in on payday.

    14. Sylvia Burgos Toftness on

      So excited about your work and plans. Will link to your site whenever possible. My followers at will love your work.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tom Coughlan on

      Following Ben in Portlands lead even as a broke college student I threw in my $10. Guess I'll be drinking Keystone this weekend instead of Dogfish Head. Best of luck!

    16. Missing avatar

      Grace Woo on

      Love the idea! I wonder if you heard about a radio program called 'Good Food' on our station KCRW that may help to raise the profile & funding for your project. If you are interested, I can see if I can help tap into that.

    17. Missing avatar

      rjbohman on

      I really enjoyed the year. Thanks! I am helping the cause and looking forward to watching your next project, If you venture to upstate NY/ Vermont, one person who I think you may enjoy is Jenna @ I am sending her an email with a link back to you to see if I am right in that you may find some meeting each other beneficial. Best wishes, Favors...

    18. Missing avatar

      Wayne Surber on

      I wish I could spare more. Hopefully my friends will weigh in some muscle as well. Take care and talk soon. I sent a link to your 'suggest a story' to some friends and will forward it to a few more.

    19. Michelle Valigursky on

      Hi Daniel,
      I'm home from a year eating and learning about food in Europe (from your Mom, too!), and I'm anxious to catch up on all of The Perennial Plate that I've missed. Outstanding job! Wishing you much success on the road. When you're down in Atlanta, let me know. We've got plenty of room for you and your crew and would love to connect and help out. I, too, love the idea of you doing an organic or sustainable food dinner for a group of us if you have time so we can help boost your travel cost coffers. I'll send a separate email, too. Happy culinary exploration!

    20. Missing avatar

      sophia on

      Hey! I don't see a way to email you so I will leave this as a comment.
      I love what you are doing, My partner and I have a farm in Maryland just 45 min from DC please visit us when you are here, I will donate if I can, but I am in the middle of a major push to buy planting supplies to start a lavender farm and increase our food production as well. If we can help you in other ways or offer a place to stay, also I want to know if I can tag along for a day with you all when you do come to DC. I am trying to organize harvest dinners here on the farm as a way to raise funds while my other crops mature, let me know if you would like to host a dinner here to make extra $ along your way.