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PhoneSoap: Simultaneously Charge and Sanitize Your Phone's video poster

Smartphones are dirty. 1/6 have fecal matter on them. PhoneSoap enhances your nightly charge by simultaneously sanitizing your phone. Read more

Provo, UT Hardware
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This project was successfully funded on May 2, 2012.

Smartphones are dirty. 1/6 have fecal matter on them. PhoneSoap enhances your nightly charge by simultaneously sanitizing your phone.

Provo, UT Hardware
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Our Genesis:

Have you ever wondered how dirty your phone is? It is worse than you think. A little over a year ago my cousin, Wes, and I were watching TV when we saw a report stating that our phones have 18 times more harmful bacteria than the handle on a male public toilet. We were shocked! We started to research online to debunk this report, and we only found more proof (some of which was shown in our video above). We saw reports saying that besides the flu, researchers have found staph, E. Coli, and MRSA living on our cell phones! In fact, people are using their phones even before they leave the stall, which led researchers to find that 1 in 6 phones have fecal matter on them. This rang especially true with me – lets just say I had to change some habits. We found out the reason that our cell phones are so susceptible to bacteria is because of the warmth they radiate (especially our smart phones).

We did some tests of our own to find out how our phones compared to things we thought would be filthy. Our results were surprising:

This completely grossed us out, so we searched for a way to clean our phones. We were not satisfied with what we found. We didn't want to add our phones to our long list of things to clean and we didn’t dare use soaking-wet liquid hand wipes. Then, one day, Wes was in his cancer research lab at school when he realized he was surrounded by the answer! In his lab they used UV-C light for sanitization. We realized this would be the fastest, most powerful way to kill any virus, germs and bacteria living on electronic devices. Our phones are filthy, and in order to maintain a healthy society in today’s tech-centric lifestyle, we need a fast, efficient, and safe way to clean them; and that is how PhoneSoap was born!

Our Vision:

We believe that if people had a safe, simple way to sanitize their phone, the world would be a healthier place and millions of dollars would be saved in healthcare costs each year.  We want to make cleaning your phone so easy that you don’t even have to remember to do it. We want to start a clean phone revolution!

Our Product:


PhoneSoap is a small box that simultaneously charges and sanitizes your cell phone using UV-C light. UV-C light is electromagnetic radiation that’s used in hospitals and clean rooms around the world. This short wavelength of light penetrates the cell wall of the bacteria and disrupts its DNA, effectively killing it. It is 99.9% effective in killing bacteria and virus'. Best of all it is completely safe.The UV-C light is only on for 3-5 minutes at a time and there is no heat or liquid involved so there is no risk of damaging your phone. There is a UV-C light on the top and on the bottom of the box so that the UV rays surround your phone for complete sanitization. Take a look at our before and after pictures to see how powerful PhoneSoap is:

Smartphone users have a habit of charging their phones every night and using their phone as an alarm. Under the basic assumption that you don’t want to add your phone to an ever growing list of things to clean, PhoneSoap positions itself to enhance a preexisting habit. Instead of plugging your phone into the wall to charge, plug it into PhoneSoap. When your alarm goes off in the morning, your phone won’t only be charged, but it will also be clean. You don’t even need to remember to clean your phone; you just need to keep doing what you are already doing. This is possible because within the box you will have access to both a micro USB cord and Apple’s 30-pin USB cord for charging.

Step-by-step Detail:

1) Upon receiving your box, you will plug it into the wall. There is no on or off switch on the box. Everything is automatic. 

2) Open the box, and place your phone on our special UV transparent plastic platform (of course anything that fits inside will be cleaned - keys, pacifier, etc.). 

3) When you put an electronic on the tray you can plug it into the micro USB or Apple 30-pin USB cord that will be provided in the box. You do not have to plug in your electronics to charge if you do not wish to.

4) Close the box and the UV lights will start automatically. There will be a small LED light on the outside of the box that will shine, indicating that your UV lights are on and cleaning. 

5) The UV lights will run for 3-5 minutes upon which they will automatically shut off. 

6) You can open the box when the LED light turns off and your phone will be completely sanitized, or you can open the box in the morning and pull out your fully charged and fully cleaned phone. If you ever open the box while the UV lights are on, you have nothing to fear. The UV lights will automatically shut off and start again when the box is closed.

Newest Production Prototype:

Previous Prototype:


PhoneSoap's outer dimensions are about 1.9 inches in height by 4.95 inches wide and 6.95 inches long. This means your phone needs to be less than 4.1 inches wide, less than 6.1 inches tall and less than 1.2 inches thick to be able to comfortably use with our included USB cord.

Where are we and what do we need?

We have brought together an incredible team, and we have designed a beautiful product that we love to use. But we need your help to get this product manufactured.

We have a working prototype that is a pleasure to use. We have bootstrapped our business to the point of manufacture using our own funds and winnings from several business competitions. The backing we receive will be used to help us iron out our final specs and produce enough units to keep our costs low enough to be able to sell at our $40 price point.

The metal top and bottom plates on the product you have seen in our video and pictures has not been bead blasted to give it our final smooth look. That will be happening over the next week, so please stay tuned for more pictures to come.

Also, keep your eyes pealed for our viral video campaigns that will be used to launch PhoneSoap to the public. I mean seriously, what type of videos would you make to get the point across that your phone probably has fecal matter on it? We’ve got great ideas.

Our Team:

Wesley LaPorte – Inventor/Germ-Guru. As the inventor of PhoneSoap, he knows the science behind how it safely kills bacteria.

Dan Barnes – Internet Marketing Guru: Gained his internet marketing passion working at Zappos. His passion for film and his directing background will drive our viral videos.

Jordan Monroe – Our Hustler. He could sell an icebox to an Eskimo.

Brennan Crellin – Industrial Designer/Engineer. Jonny Ive’s new competition.


  • If you are ordering from Canada, please add $8 to your backing.

    If you are ordering from outside of Northern America, please add $20 to your backing.


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  • There are three types of UV light wavelength categories: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C wavelengths. The UV-C wavelength is the germicidal wavelength. UV-C utilizes a short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation (shorter than UV-B and UV-A which are NOT germicidal) that is harmful to microorganisms. This light is effective in destroying the nucleic acids in these organisms so that their DNA is disrupted by the UV radiation. This removes their reproductive capabilities and kills them.

    Further, UV-C that causes this germicidal effect is rare on Earth as our atmosphere blocks it. This light is harmful for our eyes, hence why it must be done in a controlled environment in our box. Using our device with the UV-C light inside creates a deadly effect on micro-organisms such as pathogens, viruses, bacteria and others.

    A brief look at history states that this method of cleaning has been an accepted practice since the mid-20th century. In fact, the 1903 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to Niels Finsen for his use of UV against tuberculosis. It has been used primarily in medical sanitation and sterile work facilities it has the perfect application to sanitize mobile devices, which are especially good at harboring and growing bacteria.

    To clarify, your phones warmth allows bacteria to stay alive and to continue to reproduce. UV-C light penetrates the cell and disrupts the DNA both killing the bacteria and its ability to reproduce. Lastly, UV-C light does not get hot, so while it is extremely effective, it will not hurt your phone.

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