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When I Walk" is my story with multiple sclerosis. It's now ready for the big screen!

"... honestly, the making of this film helped get me through the past seven years. As my physical body changed, it acted as an emotional and creative support system..."

When I Walk is ready to get out and be seen after our premier at Sundance 2013! We had amazing screenings with a great reception from reviewers.  Everything was sold out with standing ovations. The film is magical on the big screen – so I need your help to get it into theaters.  It's my dream to see When I Walk in theaters around the country!

First, a big thank you to everyone who helped me finish the film with the last Kickstarter campaign in the spring of 2012. You provided critical funds to get the film complete. In 2006, I made the big decision to begin this production. I started filming, and after years of hard work, When I Walk premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2013. The premier was amazing and we saw how my story is so inspiring to so many people. With your help, I can get the film into theaters. On the big screen, the film is magical! But in order to do this it takes a lot of work and there are a lot of expenses related to promotion, publicity and outreach. And FYI, all donations are tax-deductible through the non-profit (501c3) AXS Lab., raising awareness and creating advocacy for people with MS and other disabilities.  

About the film:

Here is the Sundance write-up on the film:

It all started on a family vacation. In 2006, the 25-year-old, vital, handsome, talented Jason DaSilva was on a beach with his family when, suddenly, he fell down and couldn’t get back up. Doctors told him he had multiple sclerosis, and it could lead to loss of vision and muscle control, as well as a myriad of other problems. Jason decided to exercise more, but the problem just got worse. So he turned to his mom. She reminded him that he was a fortunate, privileged North American kid who had the opportunity to pursue the things he loved most—art and filmmaking. So Jason picked up the camera, turned it on himself, and began filming the slow, difficult decline of his body and the miracles he encountered along the way.

An emotional and inspirational documentary that is a pleasure to watch, When I Walk is an energizing and self-generating film experience whose creative engine is its young filmmaker’s determination to live and his ability to make sense of being plagued by a devastating disease through the art of cinematic storytelling.

When I Walk provides an emotional narrative of the experience of becoming disabled, and reframes the disability identity. "Nothing about us without us", we begin authoring and weaving stories told from our perspective. When I Walk provides fodder for discussion, inspiration, and new identity to those affected by multiple sclerosis and those with disabilities.  Most important, my hope is that When I Walkwill create a new framework for seeing disability and disease as different states of being – rather than impoverished and lesser states of being.  It speaks to universal experiences of aging, loss, and idtity.

Op- Doc for the New York Times

Alongside the film premiere, I also worked on an Op-Doc piece for the New York Times called The Long Wait. This short doc highlights the difficulties people using wheelchairs have getting around New York City and how far we have to go to create equality and freedom for people with disabilities. 

Mobile App and Online Tool

I also have to mention - Another project I have been working on that is covered briefly in the film is called  AXS Map, ('access map').  AXS Map is a free and easy way to rate and review wheelchair accessible places in any neighborhood. It's available on the web at and on mobile phones.

How Will I Use Your Donation?

Funds raised will be used for:

  • marketing and advertising for screenings in select cities
  • press and promotional material, as well as hiring a publicist
  • printing and duplication costs of the film and trailer

Where am I at right now with When I Walk?

We finished the film and it premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival, to an amazing reception. 

We got so much amazing press from our screens there. Below are some of the quotes from different press we received. 

WHEN I WALK - Reviews (4 and half stars out of 5)

'When I Walk presents a meditation on a life well lived. It doesn’t attempt a simplistic answer. Instead, it gazes at life’s injustices, its mysteries, its quirks of fate– but also at the beauty of fleeting moments, the relationships we forge, and the legacy we leave behind.' (4 and a half out of 5 stars) '...a small cinematic miracle.. remarkable for a whole host of reasons....a strong aesthetic signature.. a testament to the genius of its creators'

'Skilled direction and an indomitable spirit make a filmmaker’s personal journey with multiple sclerosis inspiring without being maudlin.' 'A satisfying and worthwhile journey'
'one of the most honest and sincere films ever to grace the Sundance silver screen.'
'We only live one life"––and When I Walk is definitely worth the short time we have.'
'This was the best doc at Sundance 2013 ...With all the major names and stars at Sundance this year, I love that one of the people I won’t soon forget is Jason DaSilva, a man I didn’t know before taking off for Park City but that I won’t forget now that I’ve left.'
'Sounds like a bummer, right? Shockingly, wonderfully, When I Walk is not a bummer. Jason approaches his condition with fierce optimism and a superhuman sense of humor.'
'a lovely, inspiring film, deeply personal and honest..'
'a surprisingly inspirational ride'

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The risk is that if the film is not able to properly show with the adequate funds, it will not do justice to the story. I've worked hard over the years to get the film to this point, and when I give it the due diligence and financial means to give it a strong launch. And what better place to do this than Sundance. I say we work together strike while the iron is hot!


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