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Help fund this fantastic children's book with award-winning Beatles illustrator Alan Aldridge
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20 Hours...It's Not Over 'til the Pink Bunny Sings!!!!

Posted by FeeFiFoFun (Creator) our last 20 hours, HOW can YOU help? If you feel extra jingling in your pockets, you might increase your contributions. That's a bit cheeky to ask, but we're trying everything. I'll send a carrot to every person who increases their pledge.

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Sneak Peak Inside the Pages....

Fabulous Phineas tries to teach Flora....(ahem) about eavesdropping...

                                           (Squirrel's secrets hang like tippets into his tea)
It’s none of your business If old Mr. Squirrel
Likes cinnamon toast with his tea
And if the cinnamon’s stolen, it’s his plight to ponder
Though a plunderous deed it may be
                                          (Flora tiptoeing through the forest, "listening in")
Did he invite you, or tell you in person
His story that you snatched away?
Speak up, my dear Flora, I couldn’t quite hear
Did you ask him or say, “Pardon me?”
                                         (Alan -- something outrageous, as only you can conjure)
You’ve no business meddling, these secrets you’re pedaling
Like this one you’ve taken from Squirrel
Words have great meaning and value and honour
Like diamonds and rubies and pearls

Then Flora aflustered, stirred and then blustered,
“But words aren’t things, they are free!”
Phineas reddened, but composure he mustered
Said calmly, “Now listen to me!”

Great thanks to our supporters,
Catherine, Alan, Flora and the Fabulous Surfing Phineas

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