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Down To The Wire-A Message From Catherine

Posted by FeeFiFoFun (Creator)

Down to the wire...and thanks everyone for keeping the wires live...

Flora can't wait to share her story with she's hopped up
onto the desk and is sending you the first pages, with my working notes
for the book:


Floppy-eared Flora floundered and flounced [Flora looking topsy turvy in garden]
For a rabbit was she, who’d lost all her bounce.
“Fluffle and piffle and fuddle me silly,
In a pickle I am, frick ‘n frack willy nilly.” [surrounded by gargantuan turnips]

Floppy-eared Flora just swayed to and fro

Without hippety hop and a happy heigh-ho,
Her zing and no spring and her ears were too long [ears - tied on top of head?]
Vexed and perplexed, she knew something was wrong.

So off to the seashore she shuffled away, [walk to the sea-bunny prints in sand]
“I hope for my hop,” she said to the spray.
And suddenly rumbly, the ocean replied,
“Don’t worry, dear Flora, for I’ll send you a guide.” [big kahuna wave "talking"] 

“A guide? Or a map, or a compass…what for? [swirl of maps/compasses/guides]
My plea, Mr. Ocean, you seem to ignore.”
The ocean turned black and said again clearly,
“A guide I will send. And you’ll thank me cheerily.”

“Guidance, good riddance, it’s my hop that I’ve lost!”
Frightfully furious, Flora felt really quite crossed. [look silly/serious, ears tied up] 
Then off in the distance she heard a strange noise
Jolliferous hollering, like boys with their toys. [surfin' the pipeline...]

---- MORE TO COME.... ---


Great big thanks,

catherine, alan & flora

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