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Help fund this fantastic children's book with award-winning Beatles illustrator Alan Aldridge
80 backers pledged $25,279 to help bring this project to life.

A Message From The Author!

Posted by FeeFiFoFun (Creator)

Hi, I'm Catherine and I'm the author of Flora's Lost Hop. 

I am truly heart-struck and send out huge thanks to all of you who have contributed.

Flora has been hopping with glee through each goal from our first day forward.
She and I began this Kickstarter project 3 weeks ago, and we're in the final stretch.

"Yes, Flora...we can make it. We'll sure try." Flora's jumping up and down again.

In this last update, I thought I'd write to you not just to say thanks, but to share some
thoughts. I often wonder why an author chooses to write what they do and why.
What is it that inspires a good story?

Flora's Lost Hop began as a news story about eavesdropping. Secrets just seem too irresistible not to overhear, but when a President of a powerful country does it, it makes the news. While everyone has their opinions on that, the concept of stealing someone's secrets intrigued me. 

And so, thinking of a character who could teach children [and a few grownups] that eavesdropping's just not very cool - Flora was born.

That's really how the story started. As soon as Flora found me on the page, she really had a lot to tell me. And it wasn't long after that, that I met Alan Aldridge.

Alan's drawings of Flora and her friends are magical.

I hope we meet our goal so we can both share this project with you.

Please share this link with your friends and let them know you're a contributor to Flora's Lost Hop.

Thank you for pushing us closer to the finish line. We're almost there!

Love & Peace,

Catherine Brickman


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    1. FeeFiFoFun Creator on

      THANK YOU to super-supporter MWSMedia for encouraging us and passing the word along! We're looking forward to your new book Matt!

    2. mwsmedia on

      Why is this the last update? You guys have three days left... now's the time to push, to be bold, to let us hear from every person involved with the project, to get your 51 backers excited and push them, to talk about what YOU GUYS are doing to get the word out... it's not the time to retreat.

      Besides, aren't you going to send out updates when (see, I'm thinking positive) the project is funded, and during the process of producing the work? Your patrons will want to stay in the loop.

      Best of luck! I'm off to promote the project to my Facebook fans again.