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    The Punk Special: Times are tough! What with the economic crisis, ridiculous gas prices, and the soaring cost of beer and cigarettes, how's a girl supposed to look cute, attend that sliding-scale yoga class, and still get drunk? Pledge $5 and get your very own Punk Start My Heart tote bag. How else you gonna sneak them snacks into the movie theatre?

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    The Bicycle Special: You'd rather die than own a car. Your buff, sexy legs take you where ever you need to go, so you save a lot of money on bus fare. A $10 pledge will get you the PSMH tote bag as well as the PSMH mixtape featuring bands that we are currently releasing or who have played our showcases. It's so good you might even lie to your crush and say you made it.

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    The Record Collector Special: Girl, you have the best record collection in town. Remember when you lent me Move in to the Villa Villa Kula? I've been meaning to get that back to you, but don't fret! You can still expand that collection! With a $25 pledge you get the FLB/No/Ho/Mo split 7" and the re-released Fagatron 7"!! Did i mention that sexy PSMH tote to carry them around in? Remember: don't lend 'em out to your dead beat friends who never return your stuff!

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    The Unicorn Special: You are a wonderful unicorn who rarely goes out because you're busy with multiple projects that revolve around saving the world. A $50 pledge gets you everything above plus the new Forever LP titled "We're Not In Heaven Now". There couldn't be a better soundtrack for world saving.

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    The Dang Mary, You Got A Real Job Special: While you work hard to better your economic position, you haven't forgotten your queer punk roots. You're like a sexy cougar/sugar daddy sipping a glass of wine from trader joe's on the porch you added on last year. You just want to support a good cause, and what a cause at that! For $100 you get all of the things mentioned above, a digital scrapbook of the FLB, No/Ho/Mo and Forever tour, and a personalized thank you letter from the organizers asking you for your hand in domestic partnership!

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