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£16,683 pledged of £25,000 goal
£16,683 pledged of £25,000 goal



Hello, Citizens, this is Vladimir, signing in for an August update. Next stop, September. You want to know what’s on that stop? The Kickstarter campaign. Yep, we are 1 month away from the deciding moment of this game. Make it or break it, we are going full speed ahead, smiling and having fun.

The Faction game box for Venus
The Faction game box for Venus


But this is an update and I want to update you. So, almost 2 years ago I had the campaign for what I considered to be a very, very good and interesting game. So interesting that many people backed, shared the enthusiasm and together we made it close to funding. However, I, as the captain of this ship, made the very wrong decision to launch in December, a time when people want gifts that month and not within a year. Lesson learned, the hard way to be honest, but learned. However the reception was there, the interest was present and I got some very loyal and nice fans during that great month.

So, back in 2014 I thought to myself: “Well, I am going to relaunch in 3 months and come full swinging as the iron was hot and people remember me and the game”. But, there was something in the back of my head that was not going away, and it's my nature that I cannot fool myself. There was something saying to me that I could make this game better, and I mean not just polish the existing content, but actual improve the design philosophy behind it. You see, the game I made back in 2014 was too of a niche and being so the audience was smaller. Also, being way on the heavier side the audience was again limited as who wants a game that deep? Not many. And lastly, there was too much game in one place, making it quite expensive. So, with all these combined, I made the decision: I am going back to the drawing board!. Well, not quite...but pretty close.

Skip forward 2 years and we have MIND - The Fall of Paradise, the game world. Yes, a game world, not just a board game.


Before we talk about things keep in mind that only content you see from 2016 is really valid news.

Faction Module content, themed for Earth
Faction Module content, themed for Earth

MIND - The Fall of Paradise is a game world with a sci fi theme and strategy gameplay. The world of MIND debuts this year with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign in September, 2016, when it tries to bring to the public its first stage, called "The Darkest Hour".

The concept of “Game World” refers to the actual game being made of multiple individual and inter playable game modules instead of a single core game box that can be acquired. Modules differ from the usual “Expansions” because, while they expand the world, they do not add on top of a core game. The modules brought to the table represent the core game and this allows for variety and lots of replay value.

The game is designed this way to create the following advantages:

  • To allow players to customize their purchase and not be forced to acquire more content than their gaming group desires, for instance, collecting a game box with content for 4 players when in reality there are only three friends.

  •  To create a flexible gaming environment where depending on what game modules are brought to a session the game experience is different. Making the modules inter playable is a huge factor in the replay value of the game.

  • To create a platform that is open to adding more content with ease, content that can have great impact on the replay value.

  • To create a world that is not defined by a single type of gameplay, game modules having the ability to change how the known game works, transforming the game from a strategy into a dungeon crawler. Everything is possible, creativity is the limit.

The first stage of the game world, “The Darkest Hour”, brings 4 game modules that each represent a playable human Faction.


"The Darkest Hour" represents the first stage in the world of MIND and is about the war between the inner planets in the Solar System and the downfall of the Terrestrial empire. The war culminates with the rise of MIND, that leads to stage two called "I AM MIND".

"The Darkest Hour" brings 4 game modules that each represent a playable Faction in a different color: Earth (blue), Mars (orange), Venus (purple) and Mercury (green). Factions are identical with two distinct differences: their Leader and their Superpower.

The content inside the Mercury Faction
The content inside the Mercury Faction

If stage one is successfully funded the game will support 1-4 players and solo play. The game will feature 5 Scenarios but the kickstarter campaign may greatly enhance the content.


The game is played over a maximum of 7 turns and is won by the player that has gained the most achievements by the end of the last turn. There are 5 different achievements and they are updated real time, so once an achievement is won it can still be lost if the requirements are not met anymore.

Game Scenario - Fire Outbreak
Game Scenario - Fire Outbreak

This makes players fight to defend achievements and force enemies to engage in conflict when behind. The achievements are:

  • DOMINATOR - Have 10 Influence

  • BUILDER - Have 4 Sectors

  • SEEKER - Have 10 Fate

  • RULER - Have 5 Citizens

  • RESEARCHER - Have 5 Researches

The Faction modules put players in charge of a colony on their home planet. Players can expand their colony, build new sectors, use structures to produce resources or train more citizens. While structures are the backbone of the colony the citizens are the ones doing all the leg work. They move inside the colony to build, repair, sabotage, resolve events, collect bonuses, fight and many more.


Check the above video that explains gameplay elements regarding the Faction colonies.

Players use Credits to buy most of the things and Influence to buff their structures and citizens. Equipment cards are used to increase the base attributes of the Citizens, that are: Strength, Durability, Utility, Resistance and Mobility.


Check the above video that explains how to setup a game by reading a Scenario.

Most of the actions are resolved by rolling dice and there are different factors that affect the amount of dice a player rolls. A big gameplay element represent the Overpower cards that are dice modifiers, and are cards that can directly add or remove dice from any player’s roll.


Check the above video that goes through a turn in Solo mode.

For more information check the videos and keep an eye on the Facebook and Youtube pages as I will post more tutorials as I finish them.


I worked very hard to create this game world that gives me flexibility and variation and if we manage to kickstart then there is so much room to grow. During play tests I still thought that there is still too much game and I made the bold choice to remove MIND from the game and initial campaign.

Yes, in the game world that has his name in the title, MIND will not be present in the initial stage that we will be funding. However, the MIND module can be unlocked if the campaign goes well but I really had to minimize my risks and start somewhere safe (both from a production standpoint and initial game impact), and having asymmetry out of the box was making things more difficult than they had to be. From a lore point of the view this change is very strong as we now play only as the human Factions and we get to see how MIND got to power. In stage one of the game world we assist the Solar war between humans and the decline of Earth against the alliance. The lore is very thick, not sure how much will be presented though, cause I have other priorities right now.

So, to recap, let’s start smaller, fund the initial modules, and then we move forward and we unlock the more wacky ones, like the module that adds the MIND player, or the Space Pirate faction, or the Solar map etc.


For the kickstarter I am going to give my backers lost of control on what stretch goals we unlock. I want to know what you want to be improved and this is what we will do. Of course, the budget is going to be fixed, so if you decide you want to spend our budget on more miniatures inside the game then be it.

When backing MIND you will receive a welcoming personal message like the one below:

Hello _ _ _ _ _ ,

Your contribution has been noted, citizen, and is very appreciated. Together we will build a better world. Together we will push the limits of mankind. But your contribution is not over, far from it. I am upgrading your status to AGENT, and your ID is 0001. There will be a moment in our campaign when all agents will be sent on the field and your expertise will be required. Here is a Top Secret file that features upcoming stretch goals tagged as CONTENT*.

When the right time comes I will need all my agents to inform me what is the next CONTENT stretch goal mankind needs. I have granted you access to the Archive, so try and gather more intel on the list. Choose wisely Agent-0001, the citizens of Gorgoroth believe in you.

* CONTENT stretch goals add more content to the game’s Modules for free.

Enter the Archive or join the community forum and decide together.

The above mail makes a backer an Agent, but there would be backers made into Soldiers, Operators and Engineers, all randomly. Each type will get access to a list of 10 items of their category and they will send me their vote on what they want to unlock first.

  • Agents vote on CONTENT stretch goals
  • Soldiers vote on EXCLUSIVE stretch goals
  • Operators vote on ADDON stretch goals
  • Engineers vote on UPGRADE stretch goals

However, MIND (me), will call the type of stretch goal that will be voted upon, to make sure we don’t swing on only one type of goals, but have a balance instead. So, if I say that the next mission is for ADDONS, then all backer Operators will vote and send me their number 1 request, and that will become the next stretch goal we are fighting for.

During the campaign we will be able to vote on new Game Modules that are really big stretch goals and for these ALL CITIZENS (backers) will vote.

Anyway, I made this fun system to have full interaction with my backers as I really want to make you guys feel like you have control over the future of the game. I present you my vision but together we push it forward.


I am going to try to go for more updates before the kickstarter starts, and keep an eye on the Facebook page of the game as I am very active there.

I have many surprises stored for you and I am very confident about the campaign. Somehow I feel because I am giving my best there is nothing to worry about.

See you soon guys!

Images from playtesting sessions
Images from playtesting sessions
The game creates lots of memorable moments
The game creates lots of memorable moments


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    1. WhatWeMake 4-time creator on September 4, 2016

      Hi, Jordi, long time no see :)

      Panda will produce the game and from their point of view 1 copy of the game = 4 Factions. So this means this is just a normal production like any other with addons and stretch goals that gets split at the backer's end.

      The stretch goals are mostly upgrades to the content of the box and this means that the price does not go up on a reward level, just the content fills with more content for all factions. So if we unlock a Medical Sector you do not need to increase your pledge, but all Faction Modules now come with a Medical Sector included (of course, in their respective colors).

    2. Jordi
      on September 4, 2016

      I'm a little worried about the cost of the project and price that you will be able to offer each box, because selling them in such flexible way may suppose to produce them in short numbers, what may be expensive. Especially for the add-ons you have already unveiled (content packs for each faction, sectors and game modes), that maybe only few will be produced in comparison to the main game modules. I suppose that if you have production costs properly studied you will be able to manage it properly so the project doesn’t get stuck in the future because of production costs, and I hope that prices want rise so much to scary some completionist people.

    3. WhatWeMake 4-time creator on August 27, 2016

      Interesting, but it's too briefly mentioned to mean something. Other entries have some sorts of descriptions yet on MIND there is a one line. Wondering where they heard about the game though.

      Btw, that video is unlisted, where did you get it from, Leo?

    4. WhatWeMake 4-time creator on August 18, 2016

      @Michael: there is no risk, back the project and maybe together we reach all of those cool features. If by the end of the campaign you feel like not backing any more then no worries. Keep in mind that during this campaign backers have the vote and decide (as a group) what stretch goals we unlock next, so you will have an option to share your voice there. I want to give control to the ones making this possible what we include in the game.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Mitchell on August 18, 2016

      Look forward to this; but the solar map and the Pirates and the minis are what drew me to this cool project. Please include them if you can??? Or at least make them some of the early stretch goals!!! Regards
      Mike Mitchell

    6. Tim van der Weyden
      on August 15, 2016

      Can't wait for the relaunch and I really do hope we will unlock the MIND module. =D
      You have set an extra goal for us now. ;) I am very excited and I do hope your personal life is less turbulent now. Good luck with all preparations, I am waiting for your return!