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£16,683 pledged of £25,000 goal

Update #8 - We've reached #5 in the Hotness list on BGG!!!



Big news, with your help we are now at #5 spot on the Hotness list on BGG. Thanks for spreading the word and the shared promotion from the contest surely helped too. This a very nice achievement for MIND.


Since there have been some discussions and some people asked me to do more explanations like I did in some updates presenting stretch goals I want to talk a little bit more about the decks inside the game. More like this posts to come, explaining other rules and mechanics.

The Citizen deck is used by all players when they have to add new characters and populate the world. Citizens are randomly drawn from the deck and all feature a set of attributes that differ for all humans and are the same for all machines. These attributes are Power, Durability, Intelligence, Loot and Authority. Each citizen obeys either the Rebellion or MIND and will be represented inside spaceships or colonies by a round token. Relevant

The Character deck is used only by the Rebellion as it contains only illegal Items that can be acquired by the leaders either from the black market or by trading them with other citizens. There are 7 types of cards:

  • Armors - prevent damage from being dealt and provide an unique ability;
  • Weapons - deal extra damage and provide an unique ability and the ranged attribute; 
  • Devices - offers the owner each turn a passive bonus and an active bonus;
  • Secrets - when shared with a follower the leader gains a very powerful passive bonus;
  • Arguments - used when interacting with citizens to persuade them to do things;
  • Blueprints - used to search the Character deck in order to buy ANY item inside;
  • Consumables - act like power-ups, used to give a one time advantage;


The Solar deck is used by all players when a character resolves an exploration order. When exploring characters draw an equal amount of cards with their Intelligence value. Each card will reveal something that was found in the Solar System, and most of the findings require the owner of the character to place tokens, ship wrecks, runes, etc anywhere on the Solar map that can be later reached and acquired. So exploring does not immediately grant you things, but offers a chance to dynamically populate the world during the game. Relevant

The Conflict deck is used only by MIND but can involve the Rebellion as well. Each turn MIND draws one or more Conflict cards, depending on the scenario, and by the end of the turn it is up to all players to pay the required costs in order to prevent the Destruction Pawn from advancing and destroying districts in its path. Conflict cards require resources and Command points to be spent and citizens to be sent to aid the conflict. Sending characters removes them from the game, so resolving Conflicts is a costly action and cooperation is very important. Each Conflict affects both the Hope track and the Destruction track. Relevant

The Event deck features cards that have a local impact, and happen in Lyanon. Events can bring either good or bad news and will affect only the Hope level of humans. Inside the bottom of the Event deck there is one "THE END" card that once drawn, no matter the status of the Destruction track, completely destroys Earth and with it, Lyanon. This is a surprise element of the game and a constant fear that players need to deal with. Relevant

The Ability deck is used only by MIND and features military and economical one time use cards that help him gain certain advantages and surprise the Rebellion. Relevant

The Research deck is mostly used by MIND, though, if needed the Rebellion can help MIND unlock researches too. At the cost of Science, players can unlock 4 different types of researches during the game and then start using/building them right away:

  • Spaceships - enable players to build new spaceships to use on the Solar map;
  • Buildings - enable players to build new buildings inside colonies;
  • Machines - enable MIND to build and own new machines;
  • Protocols - enable MIND to enhance his machines and servers;


The Commander deck is used only during Space combat and before the battle starts each player will draw an equal amount of Commander cards to the Intelligence value of each Ship Commander that he controls. The smarter the Ship Commander, the more cards he will get to draw and use during the battle. These cards are very powerful and go hand in hand with most of the special abilities that spaceships get to have in the game. Relevant

This is it for now, I don't want to offer too much on one go, so please tell me if you found this information useful and what new questions it brought up after reading it. Note that while this may seem like a lot of information, during the game you will not use everything at once, and once you understand what each thing does it flows really nice and fast.

Have a nice day!


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