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EverSpire is a puzzle-based, action-adventure RPG for the PC. Solve an interdimensional mystery, exploring distant times and places!

EverSpire is a puzzle-based, action-adventure RPG for the PC. Solve an interdimensional mystery, exploring distant times and places! Read More
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About this project

EverSpire is an engrossing and challenging puzzle-based, action-adventure RPG for the PC. In EverSpire, you will explore distant times, places, and planets, while unraveling an interdimensional mystery.

  • Play as a young adventurer, traveling through time and space on a search for your missing mother
  • Travel through time and explore other worlds as you solve the mystery of the EverSpire
  • Explore the game’s characters and in-depth lore in fleshed-out, fictional worlds
  • Solve physics-based, mechanical and reasoning puzzles, situated throughout the environment
  • Play as one of four classes, each offering its own unique traversal powers, puzzle mechanics, powers, skills, and gear
  • Experience a unique perspectives on the story with exclusive dialogue, missions and environments when you choose your factional allegiance
  • Negotiate, debate, make plans, and use emotional appeals or logical reasoning with the characters in EverSpire with the exploratory dialogue system. 

Adventure and learning are seamlessly integrated into EverSpire, backed by our team's experience with educational game design and testing. In addition to being a stand-alone game, EverSpire is intended for use as supplemental educational material for students at home and in classrooms, as well as for curious minds of any age. EverSpire is an all-ages educational game that seeks to break the mold set by more traditional educational games. Learning takes place anytime a person has to think in new ways and form his or her own conclusions to discover the solution to a challenge. We believe that video games are perfectly adapted to convey this kind of learning experience. 

  • Players will have to draw upon outside research and knowledge to build context and design in-game strategies, developing useful skills and acquiring knowledge through game play
  • Play, experiment, and be creative with real world knowledge
  • Fun and kinetic gameplay creates a non-adversarial environment for problem and puzzle solving
  • Exploration, creativity, and rule-breaking is rewarded

Modern educational games have only begun to scratch the surface of how games can provide learning through enjoyable play, and with EverSpire we seek to expand those horizons. We believe games are a novel and highly flexible medium for education, one that can be incredibly fun as well as useful.

You will play a young adventurer searching for your lost mother: a prominent quantum physicist doing secret, experimental research at a remote island location. When communication is suddenly lost with her and her team, it is up to you to journey to the research team’s remote island facility, find, and rescue them.

There, you find the EverSpire: a mysterious, biomechanical space craft that can open portals to other times and places. The EverSpire has been disabled and crashed on the island, and is the only clue to your mother’s disappearance. You will be joined on your journey by a strange and curious cast of interdimensional and interstellar travelers, all drawn to the island by the EverSpire.

Through traversal and exploration, puzzle solving, and data collection, you will harness the power of the EverSpire to explore other dimensions for your mother and the missing research team. You will travel through time to search for clues--on Earth as well as other planets-- uncovering missing researchers as you piece together and solve the mystery of the EverSpire crash. 


A strange and curious cast of dimensional travelers has assembled, drawn to this place and time by the EverSpire. They are divided into four factions with competing interests:

The Yuun Tau are a time-traveling alien species from the far-flung future. They are the creators and pilots of the Everspire, and they need the player’s help to repair the EverSpire, complete their original mission, and solve the mystery of the EverSpire’s crash.

The Elondriens are a race of empathetic alien beings. The primary directive of the Elondrien Consortium is to promote peaceful inter-species relations, and they have traveled to the island to facilitate Earth’s first extra-terrestrial contact.

The Vivitech Initiative is a team of representatives and contractors from Earth’s future, in a time when sentient machines have become private citizens. They hope to study and reverse-engineer the EverSpire, which they view as sacred technology.

From far in the future comes the Entredi Syndicate, an intergalactic mega-corporation that encompasses hundreds of planets and colonies. Their faction includes both Entredi corporate agents, determined to harness the EverSpire for commercial gain, as well as a team of cyberpunk colonists intent on stopping them.

Action System

Interactions: The player has a set of four interactions (push, pull, grab and rotate) used to interact and build with objects, and to solve physics-based puzzles. These interactions grow more elaborate as you go on, enabling you to solve puzzles of increasing complexity.

Traversal: Through traversal, the player navigates terrain and environmental threats. Travel powers are also used to solve environmentally-based puzzles, and are upgraded as the game progresses.

Research System

Players will collect and categorize augmented reality (AR) data tags that are visible through the HUD. The data tags yield information in the form of text, links, media and various other interactive modes. These tags inform the player about characters and the game world, and are used to unlock options in the exploratory dialogue system.

Exploratory Dialogue System

This is the system through which players will exert their influence on the characters of EverSpire. Dialogue is how players manipulate or encourage NPCs (non-player characters) to cooperate with them, whether overcoming an imminent danger, unlocking a key area, or providing the necessary information to proceed.

Gear System

We have plans to implement a loot system with gear, tools, miscellaneous items and currency. Stat enhancements and basic crafting are also planned features.

Game Mechanics

In EverSpire, the player will have to undertake missions and tasks to proceed through the game. Missions are driven by the narrative, and are made up of several implicit and explicit tasks that the player must complete.

Missions consist of:

  • Character dialogue and interaction
  • Investigation of the problem using the Research System
  • Problem-solving through action

Tasks are short, goal-driven interludes that require the player to do things like:

  • Collect AR tags, items or tokens for an NPC (non-player character)
  • Complete certain scripted objectives
  • Solve a particular puzzle
  • Speak with a certain NPC
  • Interact with a given system

Class System

(Dimensional Wizard)                          

Synergists use their time powers for traversal and puzzle solving, rolling time back and forth to uncover unseen solutions and pathways.

(Alien Psychic Scholar)

Travelers are scholars and unmatched field exploration specialists, known as much for their physical prowess as for their psychic power. 

(Cyber-augmented Inventor)

The Engineer traverses the environment in a mech suit called The Rig, and uses technological innovation to solve puzzles.

 (Inter-dimensional Super Spy)

Operators rely upon an array of futuristic, hi-tech gadgetry and tools to traverse the environment and solve puzzles.

In addition to being compelling and fun, the narrative and gameplay in EverSpire are crafted to serve as educational tools, useful for parents, teachers, and anybody who likes to play and learn. EverSpire is an all-ages educational game; one that seeks to break the mold set by previous educational games. Modern educational games have only begun to scratch the surface of how games can provide learning through enjoyable play, and with EverSpire we seek to expand those horizons.  We believe games are a novel and highly flexible medium for education, one that can be incredibly fun as well as useful.

The design of EverSpire takes a constructivist approach to learning. We believe that good video games allow players to act in context, which simultaneously facilitates knowledge-building and enhances our players' motivation to use knowledge. Our educational content is completely enmeshed in the narratives, puzzles, and challenges of EverSpire. The storyline and character dialogue give the actions in the game meaning, and the structure of the game is what provides motivation for the player to understand and utilize the content.

Even when fun, learning and education take effort, and we recognize that players need tangible incentives for spending time with our game. That is why we try to create scenarios in which puzzle solving and critical thinking are enjoyable challenges. We do this by creating a place where learning is non-adversarial, and by designing every interaction to be fun, easy and kinetic.  In EverSpire, fail-state mechanics will carry minimal penalties (no reloading necessary), and upgradable “test and try Esystems allow players to experiment with solving puzzles in a consequence-free environment. Players who challenge the game’s mechanics, explore their surroundings, or gather enough information to form their own conclusions will find themselves rewarded with items, currency, or information that may give them a strategic advantage in dialogue. This is how we eliminate punishment from the trials and errors of the learning process, encouraging experimentation and free-form kinetic play.

Exploratory play is a central theme in the design and feel of EverSpire. The game system and environments are designed to respond to players' actions; as they act within the game, the reactions that they cause to happen provide automatic feedback about how the system works. Players will choose what and how they want to explore, and test their internal understanding of EverSpire’s content by implementing it in different ways throughout the game. This allows players to seamlessly engage in learning, even during the most innocuous, free-form, self-motivated gameplay.

Despite the diverse array of subjects it will explore, EverSpire seeks to be accessible and appropriate for anyone curious enough to play it, regardless of age. The game's narrative will explore real world and so-called "adult" themes with family-appropriate language and stories, and plenty of humor. In addition to covering the development of scientific and technological innovations through the ages, EverSpire will explore a continually expanding variety of social themes, including socio-economic power, public health issues, individual agency and personal responsibility, the implications of greed, resource preservation and management, and adoptive family.

EverSpire’s ultimate educational goal is to make a safe place for players to be creative and have fun with real-world knowledge in hypothetical play spaces. Through its free-form gameplay and fictional storyline, EverSpire ultimately seeks to explore the history and philosophy of science, as well as the progression of human civilization from a tribal entity with basic tool usage, to cusp of being a space faring civilization.

Plan for Kickstarter Funds

Your support will help us to develop the complete EverSpire: Core game. We will use Kickstarter funds to:

  • Purchase a license for a game engine
  • Purchase the tools and equipment needed to develop the game
  • Hire more staff to work on the game
  • Finish the EverSpire: Core video game

The funds raised from this Kickstarter are specifically for the development of EverSpire: Core. EverSpire: Core is a complete, fully-featured, standalone game with four alternate factional storylines. Any DLC content will add additional areas and times to be explored in conjunction with the Core game, and these will be developed with funding from alternate sources. Any future DLC content will explore additional groups of event zones and characters, and will NOT be required to complete the game.

Research & Development, Experience, and Partnerships Behind EverSpire

Everspire will implement fourteen years of One Planet Education Network’s research and development on cross-cultural interdisciplinary education technology initiatives, as well as real world-based games for learning and teaching. EverSpire will be produced by Eternity Road Studios, a commercial video games company made up of experienced team members from OPEN, as well as a number of fresh faces.

EverSpire will be a fun, challenging time-space and interdimensional travel action-adventure RPG game, but it will also be grounded in OPEN’s earlier games for learning and teaching research work. Over the past few years, OPEN has tested different ideas and components of story design for EverSpire using a grant from the US Department of Education. We were able to present and develop prototype storylines with the help of thousands of players in student and teacher test groups across the world. OPEN has also worked to develop and test game content with professionals in anthropology, archaeology, ecology, park management and visitor interpretation, and education. We approach the challenge of creating EverSpire with the benefits of years of research and experience.

EverSpire will also be guided in part by OPEN’s strategic partnerships with the National Park Service, as well as the National Historic Sites and Marine Sanctuaries. The iconic settings of the National Parks and marine sanctuaries will also be a backdrop for injecting the latest scientific research on the environment. They are useful in creating a context where we may examine through gameplay how humans can better conserve and protect vital natural resources and treasured symbols of global human heritage. The themes explored in EverSpire examine the process of individuals taking responsibility as members of an interplanetary community, charting a more humane and healthy path for future generations, both on this planet, as well as those we may one day explore.

Through the parks and other UNESCO World Heritage Sites represented in EverSpire, as well as the game’s overarching plot and factional stories, players will follow the course of human civilization worldwide, as well as the history and philosophy of science. Through allegories set both in the past and future, EverSpire also explores the spectrum of human behavior and culture, as well as humanity’s varied relationships with their natural and built environments.

Through the subplots in EverSpire and our forthcoming park expansion packs, players will explore how the law of unintended consequences has come into play many times throughout humanity’s long history of community migration and settlement. Interested community members of EverSpire don’t just read about or watch history; they become a part of it as it unfolds.

Through the game environments, EverSpire players will take on apprenticeship roles across a diversity of disciplines, including environmental field researchers, energy conservation consultants, archaeologists, and engineers. As part of our four main factions, EverSpire players will navigate storylines and make decisions that affect their virtual world and the trajectory of the narrative. As they travel through time and space to different locations, they become protagonists in the story of human and extra-terrestrial world histories--past, present, and future.

Parks, world heritage and historic sites, marine sanctuaries, and the research being conducted in labs around the world are analogues for how we might manage our planet, and future civilization.  However, EverSpire will also explore aspects of science, technology and human heritage and culture in a number of hypothetical, fictional environments in future alien and human worlds. 

EverSpire will also draw from the latest scientific and technological research and developments, lab work, and interactive modes of storytelling.  Through the EverSpire Core and Expansion Packs we will cover such areas as nanotechnology, synthetic biology, genetic engineering, gene sequencing tech, AI and robotics, neurosciences, aerospace and space sciences engineering, sustainable energy systems, GIS and earth mapping tech and apps, paleo-biology, paleo-climatology, pollution mitigation technologies and strategies, materials sciences, 3D printing tech, archaeology, and new techniques in DNA genomics and genographics, among others.

We enthusiastically approach the challenge of creating the world of EverSpire, supported by our strong, existing community of game experimentalists and world-class partners. We invite you to be a part of the EverSpire Project, and help us make this game a reality. Let’s prove that gaming is learning.

A note from our Game Director on starting platform, peripherals support and Stretch Goal plans:

Hello all,

I'm John Fugate, Lead Designer / Game Director for EverSpire. 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check us out.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little bit about our plans on the technology side of the house.

We're starting development on EverSpire for the PC platform and that's where it will live for the time being. However, we do have an iOS, Linux and OUYA support planned for Stretch Goals. Keep your eye on this site and for updates when we know more.    

Additionally, we're actively tracking new input technologies to help us realize a game that will be as immersive, fun and accessible as possible. To that end, we're planning to eventually support both the Oculus Rift VR head set and the Leap motion controller.

 So that's gestural input coupled with immersive, cutting edge VR. At first it'll look like Johnny Mnemonic, but I promise, eventually we'll get it to a Minority Report level and with less life-destroying conspiracy! 

Keep an eye on our stretch goals as we add them.

Speaking of stretch goals! We have some amazing stuff planned for the grand space beyond our initial funding goal. Everything from crafting systems to multiplayer, detailed and enhanced character customization, even a special voxel-based build mode; allowing you to build your own levels, environments, tools and automatons -- and share them with the community!

Keep in mind, just because we don't meet a stretch goal doesn't mean we won't eventually add a particular feature or port to a particular platform. It just means it can't be a priority for us until we meet those funding benchmarks through alternative means.

It's all on the table folks. Let us know what you'd like to see in terms of incentive tiers and stretch goal items in our KickStarter forums, where you can  keep track of developments with the project, communicate with our teams and stay informed of special community events, the first of which will be announced in the next few days. 

We look forward to hearing from all of you on the various social platforms and our forums, keep in touch and we'll keep you in the loop. 

 From me and all our team: 

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for donating!


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