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Artist collaborates with 75 Nashville youth to create a multi-faceted project culminating in a viewer-participation installation.
105 backers pledged $4,130 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Belmont Sculpture 2 Students Blast Off!

Posted by Lindsey Bailey (Creator)

Belmont Sculpture 2 students are working hard on their pieces for Deliciously Happy!  Prepare to be amazed on March 1st!  Led by James Darr, these students are working in pairs creating interactive and performative pieces, engaging viewers to participate and become part of the experience. 

Deliciously Happy was featured in the Nashville Scene's Winter Arts Preview, describing the show to be something "like Pee-Wee Herman hosting a ’60s-style happening".  Check it out here.  And, Belmont's Explore magazine will be writing a full article with images from the opening reception, due out in early May.  Explore is sent out to alumni and Belmont supporters.  What a fantastic opportunity for all of the collaborators involved in this project!

Speaking of collaboration . . . Craftville and Deliciously Happy have joined forces to create artmaking experiences for gallery visitors each week of the month that the show is up.  This will keep the space active:  hooray!  Participants can create a piece to take home with them or add to the Deliciously Happy installation.  Specific dates will be available soon!  So, stay tuned . . .

And, introducing Calvin, Lilly, and their pet scoot-a-long Bogart.  These playful characters are arriving at the doorsteps of backers at the $50 level next week.  Enjoy!

As always, thank you for your interest in Deliciously Happy!  What a whirlwind of FUN!

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Sneak Peek: Fingerweaving Poster!

Posted by Lindsey Bailey (Creator)

I couldn't keep this little gem a surprise any longer . . . A snippet of the poster, 20 Fabulously Fun Uses For Fingerweaving ENJOY!! 

Friends receiving the $10 pledge reward will have the full version of this poster in their hands next week!

Thank you, Little Creatures!

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Here We Go With LEAD!

Posted by Lindsey Bailey (Creator)

Whoa!  What happened to the time . . . Happy 2012!

Deliciously Happy is moving right along!  We started new workshops this week with Carmen Mims and LEAD Academy

The students at LEAD will be working with paper puppets, creating stories in groups of 3.  The students will choose to show their story visually as a shadow box, an animation, or as a shadow puppet performance.  We jumped right in, having the film crew with us on day 1!!  The students talked with guest artist and paper puppet creator, Emma Klingbeil, and participated in an exercise where they created stories using her paper puppets.  Next week, the students will begin building their own paper puppets and we'll talk about gesture and movement.

December and January Deliciously Happy rewards are slowly--but surely--being shipped out all over the country!  It's very exciting to make new friends in such a unique way!  Remember to take pictures of your reward when you receive it, so that we can post them here and on the blog!  And Nashville friends:  your items will be hand-delivered.  Look for me on your street soon!

Hope you all are off to a great year!  More soon!

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Thank you for the shout-out, Texas!

Posted by Lindsey Bailey (Creator)

Deliciously Happy was recently featured in the December newsletter for the School of Fine Arts at The University of Texas at Austin . . . Hooray!

And, December rewards are slowly but surely getting shipped out . . . Watch for yours in the mail soon!  And, make sure to send me a picture when you receive it, so we can feature it on the blog!

Happy holidays, friends!  And to many, many exciting adventures in 2012!

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Sneak Peek: Bunting!

Posted by Lindsey Bailey (Creator)

Deliciously Happy December rewards ship out this weekend! 

If you are scheduled to receive a December reward and you haven't sent me your address, please do so when you have a minute! 

In the meantime, check out this cute little pic I snapped whilst planning out the bunting . . . Full of lots and lots of color:  fun times!

Hope everyone is having a sparkly holiday season!

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