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Artist collaborates with 75 Nashville youth to create a multi-faceted project culminating in a viewer-participation installation.
105 backers pledged $4,130 to help bring this project to life.

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What's happenin'?

Posted by Lindsey Bailey (Creator)

So much going on!  Excitement all around . . . 

Before Deliciously Happy was de-installed, visitors stopped by to take a peek!

Over 100 students came to Belmont University and visited the show.  They watched the video, asked questions, and directly interacted with the work, each of them interested in the process and liked the collaborative aspect of the show.  It was wonderful to have young people visiting the show who had not worked on the pieces being shown.  They brought a unique perspective to the work.  Thank you to the participating schools that helped make these field trips possible!

Some of the work featured in Deliciously Happy is now showing at the Nashville International Airport.  Traveling somewhere over the summer and swinging by the airport?  Take a look!  The show is called, Collaboration Works! . . . It's in case C, across from Starbucks.

How awesome is the Deliciously Happy bunting at my friend Chance's house in Chicago?  She attached it to another garland.  I think it looks rather fetching hanging above her couch and lounging kitty.  Yay!  Keep sending images:  I love seeing how you see the work!

The book and wall-hangings are almost complete . . . I can't wait for everyone to see the finished pieces.  Look for images here and on the blog soon!

I'm moving to Singapore.  I leave at the end of the summer.  I will be teaching K - 4th grade art there for 3 years.  This is a very exciting opportunity that I completely believe came out of my experience with Deliciously Happy.  So, I thank each of you greatly for your support . . . Come and visit!

Happy summer!  XOXO!

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Thank you-thank you!

Posted by Lindsey Bailey (Creator)
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Rewards, Rewards, Rewards!

Posted by Lindsey Bailey (Creator)

Deliciously Happy bunting from DC, Texas, Wisconsin, and Tennessee!  Keep the images coming . . . YAY!

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One Week Left Of This Amazing Experience!

Posted by Lindsey Bailey (Creator)

Wow!  Time flies when you are having fun!

The Deliciously Happy gallery show is almost over (which means new adventures are right around the corner) . . . So, if you haven't stopped by the show yet, there are 5 more days for viewing.  And, I'm happy to give you a personal tour!

This month has been absolutely amazing. 

To help keep the space active and artful after the opening reception, I invited Nashville's Craftville to facilitate craft nights each week of March.  There was a lot of making going on and my goodness we had a blast . . . Our last craft night included a special visit from the president of Belmont University and a couple of spontaneous drummers (nothing says Deliciously Happy more than this)!

And, a few weeks ago--on March 22nd--I was graciously asked to sit on a panel and talk about my Kickstarter experience with Nashville's creative community.  It was a conversation exploring alternative funding organized by the Arts & Business Council and held at Brick Factory Nashville.  What an amazing room full of fascinating, creative people!

Additionally, more rewards have landed in mailboxes this week!  And, I'm super happy about the images I have been receiving--I'll post more about this a bit later.  The watercolors and wall hangings are on their way and should arrive on doorsteps just in time for Easter weekend.  Be sure to check out the stage at the show:  decorated with the first names (first. names. only.) of all of the Deliciously Happy backers!  And, I can't wait to show you how the book is wrapping up . . . Excitement in the works!

Happy spring!

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Deliciously Happy, Gallery Video.

Posted by Lindsey Bailey (Creator)

For anyone not able to see the gallery show for Deliciously Happy, this is the video that Kickstarter primarily funded . . . Enjoy!

A huge thank you to Allie Sultan for putting this together . . .