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Guide Aine, the Phoenix Knight, on her impossible quest through the colorful kingdom of Lineria as she sets out to defeat an invincible dragon.
Guide Aine, the Phoenix Knight, on her impossible quest through the colorful kingdom of Lineria as she sets out to defeat an invincible dragon.
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Big News!

Posted by Squidly (Creator)


Something's been bubbling under the surface. Something big. Something huge. Something... news-ey.

Yep, that's right, we got some big news!

But first, let's pretend like we don't, and talk about normal things. First off, as we usually do, here's a new enemy to tickle your fancy.

Spero is the other version of Aero, which you've seen before. Take a moment to appreciate these wonderful images of the two. It really looks like they're here for Desert Fashion Week and striking their most fabulous pose.

You may have caught quite a few progress images on Twitter, but also some newspapers by the name of The Linerian Gazette. These papers have been published all over Lineria, with the newest series being introduced jut a few weeks ago (so though the volume says 2, it's actually much later than that!)

Hmm... It seems the denizens of Lineria are feeling very portable lately, what could this mean? Maybe you'll find out sooner rather than later.

In unrelated news, we've been going through the game and making some big visual improvements. First up is the HUD, which now displays little circles instead of hearts and just looks a million times nicer.

But that's not all. We're ALSO overhauling the dialogue screen. If you remember, the dialogue was pretty plain looking before, with a simple black box and white text. But now we've overhauled the whole thing with a new text box.

This changes color depending on who you're talking to, matching their color scheme. it's fully automatic, cause computers are cool and we might as well make them calculate the two dominant colors automatically, right?

We're also adding portraits to several characters, beginning with major characters and townsfolk. The dream is to have all characters in the game have their own portrait!

Hmm. Wait a minute, something's off here. I can't quite put my finger on it...

Oh, that's right, we have a big announcement! We're pleased to announce that Renaine is going International! We will officially be translating to Japanese, like in that image, but also Chinese (Simplified and Traditionl,) German, French, and Spanish! Our goal is to get as many folks as possible playing this game, and translation goes a long way to breaking down those barriers to entry. More on that in a bit.

And... Well, we're not done yet. We are pleased to announce we officially have access to a Nintendo Switch dev kit, and thanks to the power of OpenFL and Haxe, we have been able to easily get a Switch build working! Seriously, the setup for this thing, from plugging in the kit to compiling a build took around 5 hours total which is quite frankly a lot easier than I thought it'd be. How did it go so smoothly? What kinda dark magic makes it just work? Well, it's all thanks to Lars Doucet, MSGHero, Gama11, Joshua Granick, James Gray, Ryan Gordon, Ethan Lee and other wizards who have poured their heart and soul into the OpenFL project as well as HaxeFlixel and the OpenFL-Switch extension that made this all possible!

Of course It's not done yet, and we can't show a screen of it running on the Switch or anything just yet due to NDA, but I can assure you it works. With only a few visual glitches that we need to iron out, Aine is hop bop and rolling her way at a spicy 60 fps right out of the box!

Okay, so that's a lot of progress, but how are we getting it done? Well, there's two more big announcements to make. The first is a bit of a change in how things are run. Until now this has been a project with just our scrappy little team of fellows, and while that's all good and dandy, my dream is to make Renaine something greater. It was a long process, and a far from easy decision, as I don't take that scrappy identity lightly. But after a lot of consideration, we are pleased to announce that we are getting published! By who? Well take a look!

Dangen Entertainment approached us shortly after PAX East, among other publishers, and what stuck out about them in particular is that though they weren't the biggest publisher that approached us, they were by far the most passionate. You know me, I am a very dedicated person and I would literally never sign on to work with anyone that I felt either violated our indie spirit or would result in a lesser quality game. My three goals with Renaine have always been to: 1. Deliver an experience people will remember 2. That is complete 3. To as many people as possible. Dangen and us agreed on all three points, and that's a hard catch to find. Though there's a lot more that we'll announce eventually regarding our partnership, the most immediate and clear benefit is all those languages we just mentioned - we're bringing Renaine to the whole world, reaching people who would've never had the chance to experience this game. I have personally worked ultra close with the translation team in making sure the humor, emotion, and style of Renaine carries on in any way it's presented - which is definitely not an easy order by any means. Things like characters' verbal ticks (like "blub blub" and "oi") are extremely important, and it's stuff that without due care can easily be lost. Proper translation that appreciates the character of the game is going to be even more important as we approach things that are fundamentally hard to translate like puzzles and particularly charged dialogue. It helps that Dangen is also Japanese, which has allowed us to gain a new appreciation for a completely different culture that has allowed Renaine to be expressed in a much wider variety of ways.

And speaking of that, well, there's just one more huge announcement.

That's right. We are proud and, let's be real, extremely hyped, to announce we're going to be at Tokyo Game Show 2018. That's in one week! And we'll be showing for the first time ever Renaine fully working on Switch to boot, with fully translated Japanese text! It's gonna be wild. It's an understatement to say it's been my life dream to go to Japan, and I'd have never imagined I'd be at Tokyo Game Show, let alone exhibiting at it. But we took the leap, and after submitting to the special indie section we were accepted! I'm so looking forward to the moment I can see Renaine sitting right there, in full Japanese, with people who'd otherwise never even heard of us in a completely different cultural sphere appreciating our little game about a knight with an affinity for birds. It's gonna be wild, and a definite "I am here moment." We'll be sure to give some photos! Also, it should be noted no Kickstarter funds will be spent on this trip. I wouldn't do it if that was required, we can only do this because both the trip and the booth are being covered!

Anyways, that's all for today. Lots more to be showing as soon as I'm back from Japan. We've done a LOT lately, both with Switch, the translation, but also with making moves in the game. A ton of levels, enemies, and other neat things were done, and we're moving on to Bosses and Towns extremely soon, which also means it'll be time to start testing for $30+ tiers but more on that later! I will be posting throughout my trip on Twitter showing some bonus details that were too small to include in this update, but also extremely cool. As always, the whole community is on Discord, which has been especially active lately! It's the fastest and easiest way to not only talk to the devs, but also the greater Renaine community! Also, if you haven't done so, sign up for the mailing list especially if you're not a backer, because we'll be sending you emails announcing KS updates (since KS doesn't have a function for following a project's updates apparently :\) If you're also press, streamer, a fan, or an octopus, we'll start sending stuff related to that eventually as well, it'll be really neat!

Alrighty, that's it for real now, I'll see ya all in the land of the rising sun!

- Squidly and the Devs

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      Congratulations on all this good news!

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      Malorie Nilson on

      This is all so exciting! Everything looks so great! :3

    3. Dan The Man on

      Wow, so much great news all around! Congrats to you and the team! I look forward to getting Renaine on both PC and Switch!

    4. PixelTaku on

      Damn dudes, congrats on everything! Can’t wait to see the game on Switch!