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To order the book after this kickstarter project expires please visit and click on "store".  Thank You!
To order the book after this kickstarter project expires please visit and click on "store". Thank You!
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2 days left to save on Paul Bialas brewery books

Merry Christmas! I only discount my books once per year and this is it. Just a few days left, please follow the link below, grab a beer and Have a great new year!

The next book on the horizon is the Olympia Brewing Company in Seattle, WA. What is really cool is there are two abandoned breweries to photograph. One in use from 1906-1916, the second from 1933-2003. I will share more as things move along but expect it out by October 2018. please like my Facebook page "Paul Bialas Photography" to stay in touch.


-Paul Bialas

Paul Bialas Brewery Book sale for supporters like you!

Thank you!
Thank you!

Offering a quick brewery book sale for my previous customers:

The discounted website is:

(Leinie book cannot be discounted0

My website regular website is:

Prices: Pabst ($35, Normal Price $60), Schlitz ($37.99, Normal Price $47.99), Miller ($27.50, Normal Price $47.99), All three books above and Leinenkugel Signed book along with bonus Band photography book: $140) Free shipping Thank you for your recent purchase of my Leinenkugel, Miller, Schlitz or Pabst book. I am thankful for the kind emails and appreciation for these small projects. I am doing my best to have everything mailed asap. These projects were a pleasure and I'm glad you enjoy Wisconsin's history as much as I do. I've had a couple people ask about ordering a few more books and thought it might be appropriate for the people who already ordered one and would like another to get a discount. So since you bought a book off my website I'd like to extend a special price on an additional Pabst, Schlitz or Miller book (I cannot discount the Leinie books yet), but I will offer nearly a 50% discount for three days only! I set up a separate website so the offer for a second book only goes to you, in which I will discount all three books now through Thursday if you are interested. I will be mailing books everyday, delivery within Wisconsin will take around 2-3 days, outside WI it can take up to 8 days.

Prices: Pabst ($35, Normal Price $60), Schlitz ($30, Normal Price $47.99), Miller ($27.50, Normal Price $47.99), All four books with Leinie's $150) Free shipping Feel free to email me with any q's, This is a private sale for previous customers. Thank you for all the kind letters! and happy holidays to you and your family.. -Paul Bialas

1 day extension, Paul Bialas Brewery books sale

Hi everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I am leaving the sale page up for another 24 hours if you would like a huge discount on one of my books. Thank you for all the support! (Miller is 50% off, Pabst is around 40%, Schlitz 40%, shipping if free, Leinie's can't be discounted yet)

-Paul Bialas

3 Day Brewery book sale by Paul Bialas (Pabst, Schlitz, Miller books nearly 50% off)


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New Leinenkugel's Brewing Book by Paul Bialas on Kickstarter now!

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Thank you for your support with my Schlitz book 3 years ago! The Leinenkugel's history book is nearly finished! I am hoping to pre-sell (Through Kickstarter) some books to help with the up front printing costs. It's a quick timeline, so this will go fast, only 100 books will sell this way, and each will be signed and numbered for those that get involved, you can also have your name in the book!  Delivered by Christmas  ...I've also included some ultra rare brewing items, so take a good look! Please share and pass on! this is the most information packed book I've done yet, but still has the coffee table feel... Check out the cool video and see it! Thanks for all the support! -Paul