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Beer kept COLD, FRESH, and CARBONATED for 24 hrs. Crafted from 18/8 stainless steel, vacuum insulated Growler and Keg dispensing!

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Stretch Goals:

Stretch Goal #1

Introducing our first Stretch Goal! Once we reach $50,000, any backer will have the option to add $15.00 to their pledge to upgrade their Growler, to one of four powder coated colors. If you have one of our Party Pack Pledges, you will have the option to add $5.00 to your pledge to upgrade the color.

Stretch Goal #2

Introducing our second Stretch goal! Once we reach $100,000, any backer will have the option to add $12.00 to their pledge to add custom engraving. The custom engraving will be up to a  4x4 inch area on the growler. 

Stretch Goal #3

The support our backers have given us has been amazing, thank you all! For our third stretch goal we’re doing something different: It isn’t a goal, it’s a reward. If we can reach $250,000 in funding we will include a small ‘thank you’ with each growler and Keg Tap Cap. To help us get there, we’re offering an optional ‘Drink Tanks Founder’ handle that will ONLY be available through this Kickstarter campaign and we’re expanding the color choices for powder coating!

Hi Kickstarters,

Welcome to the future of Beer Growlers! We are really excited to introduce our new Growler and Keg Cap Tap. This is truly disruptive technology for the beer industry. Watch the video above. Like what you see? Help us spread the word. We deeply appreciate all of your support!

A love of barley + hop

Two years of blood, sweat, and energy have been rolled into research and development to create the most amazing Growler known to mankind. The Drink Tank Growler is designed to keep your beer cold for up to 24 hours (Or any other liquid for that matter). This is done with a vacuum insulated seal. No condensation forms on the outside of the Growler. The technology of our Growler coupled with the insulation protects all contents from outside elements. Finally, no metal flavors!

Easily the most exciting accessory in the micro-brew industry is the Keg Cap Tap. This enables you to turn your Growler into a mini Keg. We had two things in mind during design. 1). Create a method to preserve the life of the beer after filling the growler by having the option to inject CO2. 2). A method to dispense the beer without opening the Growler.

How it works

There are two lids which are interchangeable.

The Standard Lid

The Standard Lid is simple to use. To release the lid, user pulls up on both wire bales at the same time, the lid will release from the top of the Growler. One side of the lid will stay connected to the wire bale. This acts as a hinge/retainer for the lid. To remove the lid completely from the wire bale, rotate the lid so it is hovering over the mouth of the growler. Make sure it is perpendicular to the mouth of the Growler. User will then rotate one end of the lid toward the mouth of the Growler in a downward motion.

The Keg Cap Tap Lid

Connecting and disconnecting the hose is simple. We call it, Push-to-Connect. User inserts the hose onto the top of the nob. To release the hose, press on the o-ring at the base of the nob and the hose will release. For your convenience we have placed a set of instructions inside the growler.

The Keg Cap Tap system includes

To charge the growler with CO2

When observing the Keg Cap Tap lid you will notice three devices. One device is for the tap hose to connect. Another device is a safety valve that releases at 30 psi so you cannot overfill the Growler. Lastly, there is a valve device to inject carbonation into the Growler, this helps to keep beer fresh and creates the necessary pressure to dispense the beer. The CO2 cartridge dispenser uses the universally threaded CO2 cartridges available in most sporting good store. 

The Next Generation of Growlers...

Several Brew Masters have expressed concerns about other Growlers being difficult to fill and the inability to see inside The Drink Tank Growler neck height was changed so the fill line will be ¾ inch below the opening of the Growler making it easier on the brewers to fill your Growler. Here are the final dimensions.


Drink Tanks specializes in providing the most cutting edge drinking vessels. We focused on providing the best possible experience for our customers. This means never compromising on quality and our products are manufactured responsibly, our delivery is prompt, and our doors are open to everyone!

We need your Support

This project cannot succeed without YOU! Please help us reach our funding goal by our deadline! Tell EVERYONE! Like/share our project on Facebook, Twitter, google+. Email a link to your family, tell your friends, or even write it in the sand, in your cereal bowls, or scream it out when you go to the next Brewery. . . Every Dollar helps. We deeply appreciate all of the support! We know you will love our Growler as much as we do! Cheers!

Where your money goes

 All of your pledges during this campaign will go toward our first official order of Growlers. A majority of the funds will be used for production, while the rest will help pay for shipping and a successful launch of Drink Tanks very own Growler. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us an email.

We Have some Awesome Rewards for you!

Silicone Pint Glasses....

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Drink Tanks has been working on the Growler for almost two years. Over this time we have experienced several challenges from materials, manufacturing process, developing proprietary technology, and design. One of our greatest challenges has been the selection process of our manufacturing facility. We strive to work with like minded suppliers. This process alone took over 4 months. We have also conducted onsite inspections of the manufacturing partners selected. Drink Tanks has held back on sharing this amazing new product until we could ensure the very best Growler could be offered.

As for our risks, that is why we are here. The greatest risk at this moment is funding.


  • The total Volume is 64oz

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  • When our project deadline is reached providing we have meet our pledge goal.

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  • Absolutely! For each additional Growler you want, add an additional pledge amount to your current pledge. If you got in at the $35.00 pledge amount, add another $35.00 for each additional Growler you want. If you want a Keg Cap Tap system on any of those Growlers, add $30.00 for each Growler you want a Keg Cap Tap.

    Example: your original pledge was $35.00 and you would like to order a second Growler. You increase your pledge to $70.00 ($35.00 X 2). You decide you want the Keg Cap Tap on both. Just add another $60.00 ($30.00 X 2) for a total of $130.00.

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  • For a light wash just rinse your growler with warm soapy water and let it dry faced neck down. For a more throughout cleaning, use warm soapy water and a bottle brush. If you still feel a need for additional cleaning we recommend a mixture of water, baking soda, and vinegar. Shake and soak the growler overnight.

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  • We will have a page on our website listing all of those that are supporting our project. A small token of appreciation.

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  • Drink Tanks offers a lifetime warranty with purchase. Our warranty extends only to the original purchaser. Our warranty covers all parts of the Drink Tanks Growler. The warranty applies to defects or failure during standard use. The following does not apply: Theft, dishwasher use, heavy abuse and failure during standard use. Keep in mind all warranty claims require the original item to be returned to Drink Tanks.

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  • Yep! Sorry guys, this great idea is already taken. We mentioned in the video that there are two patents pending, we actually now have three.

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  • Yes you will receive both lids as they are interchangeable.

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  • Yes the surgeon Generals warning will be printed on the growler.

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