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AMP is finally ready!!!!

Posted by Mineserver LLC (Creator)

We've been waiting for Mike in Bristol to finish AMP support for Cuberite and now that appears to be done. For those who haven't been following closely, AMP is the server administration app we're shipping with every Mineserver. AMP allows server administration over the web or from virtually any smart phone. It has a simplified interface that will suffice for 99 percent of server admins (also called "mothers") but if you want to drill down to control even the smallest aspect of your Mineserver that's easy to do, too. 

AMP has been available for a few months but not in a version that supports Cuberite -- our choice for a go-to high-performance Minecraft server. The issue has been that Minecraft and AMP and every Minecraft server except Cuberite are written in Java, so supporting multiple servers was easy. But Cuberite, which is written in C++, required some significant additions to AMP -- additions which have now been done. We're sorry it took so long to finish but feel it will prove to have been worth the wait.

Every Mineserver ships with support for the Vanilla Minecraft server from Mojang, along with Spigot and Cuberite. We chose these three because Vanilla is, of course, the default server, though frankly not the best because it makes no use at all of additional processor cores. Spigot is a substantial improvement over Vanilla and has a rich library of plugins and mods and it leverages additional cores to some extent, though the main server process continues to run on core 0. Cuberite, written in C++, makes maximal use of all processor resources and, as such, not only runs faster than the others (less lag), it supports substantially more simultaneous users. If you really want to support 20 users on a Mineserver or 50 users on a Mineserver Pro then Cuberite is the only way to go.

This is not to say that we don't make every effort to use all the hardware even for Vanilla installations. We use Arch Linux, for example, and for servers it is simply the highest performance Linux we could find. Every Mineserver has at least four processor cores and there are a few things we can do to leverage those, even with Vanilla. We can give Vanilla its own core, Run Arch in its own core, run our Mumble voice chat server in a third core, and even put most of our super-secret networking code in a fourth core.

What does today's news mean for shipping Mineservers? We'll be doing a few days of AMP testing then another rev of our new network stack followed by further testing of that. Given the looming Thanksgiving holiday and the arrival of Mimi from North Carolina with a pumpkin pie this suggests that we'll finally start shipping the week after Thanksgiving. 

Toward this end of shipping the week after next we'll shortly send out a new survey to verify delivery addresses and -- most importantly -- T-shirt sizes.

Thanks for your patience and support.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on

      Glad AMP is finally ready!!!! Two years ago....

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on

      Do we know that his home burned down? We saw a picture with fire around a house. Do we know it was his, do we know it burned down? No we really don’t know anything because the writer never communicates.

    3. John M. Wargo on

      Well, we know Mark's home burned down, so I imagine any hardware they purchased to fulfill our orders has been destroyed. Couple that with Mark's blindness, this project is dead, dead, dead. Too bad nobody from Mark's family cares enough about all of us to tell us and close this thing down.

    4. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on

      Carol, you’re listed as a SuperBacker. I’m curious, have you ever received a refund from a failed Kickstarter project? I too would like something from this project but I wonder if refunds are ever issued from Kickstarter project.

    5. Carol Reeves

      When are we going to get another update?? When is this going to ship? Is it a failed Kickstarter and if it is how do we get our money back??

    6. John Mac on

      If you're going to post a link, maybe post something less than a year old.

      There was a recent update, but only posted to his blog because some backers have taken to pestering him there.

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric D. Burdo on

      This is an older article, but outlines in more detail some of the issues.

    8. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on

      Time for a Thursday update :)

    9. John Mac on

      Six months without a word now.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jim Dossey on

      Forget the software, AMP, the T-Shirt, the 3D printed case, and everything else. At this point, I'd be happy just getting the hardware so I can use it for something else.

    11. Brian John Thomas on

      Kill it or ship it. Not impressive.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ray Taylor on

      Time for another update guys. Thanks for all the hard work.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark Farris on

      At this point your silence is simply rude.

      If it ain't gonna happen, level with us so I can tell my kids, "I got taken for a ride by a guy whose column I'd read for 20 years. Some people simply aren't who they seem to be."

    14. Missing avatar

      Hans Henderson on

      "if the project is dead and we won't get our 'reward' - at least let us know that - Please."


    15. Brian John Thomas on

      My kids have pretty much grown out of Minecraft while waiting for this project.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dennis Thieme on

      I realize we're "gamblers - backers - synonymous" but if the project is dead and we won't get our 'reward' - at least let us know that - Please. Thank you.

    17. Dickie Adams on

      Well, is it time to take this to a bigger news source?

    18. AKickstarterUser on

      It's been 82 days since a new update. Nice. Not.

    19. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on

      Must have meant this Thursday. Do you think he is trying to wait us out to see if we forget about it?

    20. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on

      Can't wait for this Thursday's update. Expecting big things!

    21. John Mac on

      I certainly hope you have an article planned about how NOT to run a Kickstarter campaign, because this whole "give a hopeful update then leave everybody hanging for weeks and weeks" routine should figure prominently.

    22. Missing avatar

      Controlled Chaos on

      I've waited over 2 Christmas's now... and my kids are now bored with Minecraft :(

    23. Brendan McCarthy on

      It's been more than 60 days since you declared this "finally ready" and we're all still waiting. Lame!

    24. Missing avatar

      Another sucker on

      His eye problems aren't keeping him from posting more frequent updates on his main blog. But those updates lately are about "how great he is", as opposed to this project where he would have to admit another failure.

    25. John M. Wargo on

      C'mon Mark - How about an update at least once a month? WTF? Things are happening, right? Why do you get to know what's going on, but we're not kept in the loop? You PROMISED these would ship by Christmas 2015, and I get that there are issues, but you missed ANOTHER Christmas deadline and it feels like you don't care about letting us know why. What's the status? I know you're having eye problems, but your wife or your kids could easily submit an update and bring us in the loop.

    26. Sander Wolf on

      Seriously dude, just give us our money back. I've let my kid down two years in a row.

    27. Missing avatar

      Will Harden

      This is getting crazy. Another month without an update, and a year past the initial promised delivery...

    28. Missing avatar

      Gary B. Miller on

      Christmas 2016??? Please? It was supposed to be our big surprise last year...

    29. Brendan McCarthy on

      It's been a month since you declared it ready? All I want to know is will backers receive theirs before Christmas? Seriously. When I backed this project it was expected to ship in time for XMas 2015, and we all know painfully how well THAT turned out.

    30. Scott Lutz on

      Can we get an update please?

    31. Missing avatar

      Another sucker on

      I admire your optimism (or is just nativity?) after all the promises that this project has already made about how "everything is now done and we are ready to ship." What do you plan on telling your kids when they once again fail to come through, yet again.

      Even in this posting, they haven't managed to keep their story straight. The posting is dated Nov 10 and they speak of shipping "the week after next" which would be Thanksgiving week. Then they speak of shipping the week after Thanksgiving. They mention a few days of AMP testing followed by a rev of the network stack. Based on their past history, either will take way more time than they plan.

    32. Benjamin Atkinson on

      Ignore those cranks, guys. They've still got the vapors from the election.

      I'm really glad you got the last hurdles sorted out. My kiddos are very excited!

      Well done!


    33. Missing avatar

      Gordon Helser on

      I think my great niece is still into Minecraft enough to still like this. Looking forward to it. Thanks for not giving up.

    34. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      Just make it happen as you say on the dates you give. Just do that please.

    35. Wijnand Bos on

      again no usefull info, no dates and still no reaction on 2 month old messages...please just send the server out and let us test and update it! I really liked the idea but the execution and communication could be far better

      not to speak of the disrespectfull tone of the message, I fully agree with Roger

    36. Mac McCarthy on

      How about documentation? Will there be any? Is somebody working on it?

    37. Missing avatar

      Hans Henderson on

      Negativity and even outright antagonism are entirely justified here, but in my case I'll just "better late than never" and hope we'll get everything, working WELL in time for Christmas.

      And this project really is a poster child for "the best is enemy of the good".

    38. Roger Sinasohn

      Also, your rampant sexism -- specifying "Mothers" as if women couldn't really understand complex concepts like computers while men ("Fathers") apparently can? -- is incredibly annoying and distasteful.

      Some of the best admins and programmers I've known and worked with were women and I'll remind you we wouldn't have Minecraft and Mineservers and ubiquitous computers as we know them today were it not for a woman. Ask the Google about Grace Hopper some time.

      And for that matter, try Jeri Ellsworth and Ada Lovelace and so on.

    39. Roger Sinasohn

      "For those who haven't been following closely" -- Seriously? What the HELL has there been to follow closely? Are trying to be the next John Cage with a new 4'33"?

      Too bad my kids have moved on from Minecraft for the most part.