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The first Minecraft multiuser server you can buy, our $99 Mineserver™ is faster, easier, more secure, cheaper, and managed by Mom.
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      Tom Byrne on

      Hmmm. July. And no update. I shouldn't be surprised, and I would have hoped that they would have learned to at least communicate by now..

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      It's now mid-June! Any word on shipping?

      "Once we have it and have done 2-3 days of hard testing, we'll finally start shipping Mineservers. That looks to happen around the middle of June."

      Where does one post an address update for receipt of reward? I may have relocated by the time this one arrives. ;-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on

      Mid June... Update? Shipping? meh?

    4. John Mac on

      10joey10, that is all interesting and insightful, but doesn't go towards answering my actual question which was what the update mechanism for Cuberight will be, if any, given its current problems with Minecraft 1.9.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dave Shoff on

      Kudos on the work! You guys sound like you're on the final stretch, and it would be a good summer cap to complete this project!

      Please don't be afraid to come tell us bad news if the June date comes and goes. We're invested in your story as well as the product - please tell it to us frequently!

    6. Benjamin Atkinson on

      Great job guys! You're nearly to the end of a valiant effort, which I applaud.

      You're updates have been an inspiration to my 3 boys, who are anxious to fire up their server and lure their friends to a world where only Mama holds the nuclear option. ;)

      Thanks for your hard work, enthusiasm and endurance. Maybe you can make an appearance on a world in the clan.atkinson server and show us how to make our obsidian rail gun work. ;)

      Keep making!


    7. Missing avatar

      Another sucker on

      Now they are promising deliveries in June. Note that they didn't say what year.

    8. AKickstarterUser on

      John, for your current situation I would go with the world edit option. It would be the nights likely hood of success and one of the more simple ones. If you need any extra help on how to do this feel free to email me.

    9. AKickstarterUser on

      John it could maybe be an option, but it might be buggy. Or, you can just use spigot 1.9 or something and go with that. I just don't want to use cuberite because of plugins. There is a limited area of supported plugins. When if you use spigot, you could go to bucket dev and find like millions of plugins. Also. Here's another option. If you can put the world in a server with world edit (plugin) or mcedit (application) and create a schematic of the builds (make sure no 1.9 items/blocks are in the schematic) then you could just paste that into your new world with world edit.

    10. AKickstarterUser on

      So me personally I will not use cube rite. They say it's better, but to me. I'm best buds with spigot. I know the platform. Much better.

    11. John Mac on

      10joey10, my problem is that I already have a world, hosted on Realms at the moment, that has been converted to 1.9. So going back isn't an option. And it isn't just plugins that are a problem with Cuberight at 1.9. In their forums it seems as though things like riding horses cause problems.

    12. AKickstarterUser on

      I also want to mention in general, a lot of plugins haven't updated to 1,9 yet, so me myself I would try to use 1.8.

    13. AKickstarterUser on

      John Mac, there is an easy solution, if you know how to use plugins. Look up a plugin called "Via Version" you can use it to allow player in 1.9 to join a 1.8 server.

    14. John Mac on

      So I am for waiting for Cuberight, but I see over at their web site that they have support in for 1.9, but do not yet support all 1.9 features, to the point that they recommend playing on 1.8 on their front page. How is that going to play into things and will there be a mechanism to update Cuberight when it does finally support 1.9?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeff McMorris on

      I am very glad you hear you guys are close to shipping. Keep up the hard work! To all those people upset that it didn't deliver on time. I have done 20+ kickstarters. You know what the commonality is between the different projects. They ALL take longer than expected. At the outset its a guess when they will complete because the product still has to be built. Entrepreneurs are an optimistic bunch otherwise they would just be employees. Anyway there are always problems when you create something and it always takes longer than you expect. If you invest in kickstarters have PATIENCE. Kickstarter should probably do some overall stats for each product type on promise date vs actual delivery date and show this to each person before they are able to purchase on kickstarter...

      Good luck!

    16. Dickie Adams on

      First, thanks for the update. Here's hoping we will see more rather than less while waiting for the releases you mentioned.

      Second, I'm torn: part of my says I continue my request for a refund because the prior history of this project has demonstrated the June date will come and go, and we will be right back here with more snark. The other part of me is excited for you and the boys - I loved tri-fold science projects when I was a kid, so this post hits all the right spots.

      I also like the concept Hans posted in the comments: maybe ship and update after the release. I'm torn again, wanting to believe we would get those upgrades/fixes, but assuming we wouldn't.


      The greatest value of my $? Learning from your KS experiences in the hope I wouldn't make the same errors.