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The first Minecraft multiuser server you can buy, our $99 Mineserver™ is faster, easier, more secure, cheaper, and managed by Mom.
The first Minecraft multiuser server you can buy, our $99 Mineserver™ is faster, easier, more secure, cheaper, and managed by Mom.
388 backers pledged $35,452 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Roger Sinasohn
      on November 10

      So it has been 1 year since the last update on Kickstarter where Crookely announced that "we'll finally start shipping the week after Thanksgiving." I wonder if he meant Thanksgiving 2017?

      (On the upside, this revealed a bug in my code to calculate date difference at

    2. Gordon Moar on November 7

      Apparently we're to be graced with an update on the 'Mineserver Jihad' (his words, not mine) at some point in the next week or so.

      Forgive me if I don't hold my breath for that one.

    3. AKickstarterUser on October 24

      I missed the day. But the two year mark passed.

    4. Roger Sinasohn
      on October 18

      This project, more so than any other, I thought had a good chance of reaching a resolution. Others, I gave up on much sooner; I think that I thought that, because of his very public reputation, Crookely would be more likely to -- eventually -- follow through on this. Or perhaps that's what I hoped, for his sake.

      But it seems that he didn't see this as important enough (or that he's too important) to bother with, once the shine wore off.

      With the destruction of his home, I guess it's finally time for me to face the reality and move this from the "Active" folder to the "Abandoned", in such fine* company as Znaps, gStick, Sum Wars, and Animusic 3.

      "And when he falls, he falls like Lucifer,
      Never to hope again."

    5. Gordon Moar on October 18

      Force majeure, you say? How convenient �

      Oh well, it's been fun*

      *not fun

    6. Missing avatar

      Another sucker on October 16

      Since Mineserver is now a commercial enterprise (supposedly), I doubt Mark's insurance would cover that loss. Besides, he would probably just spend it on another military jet>

    7. Missing avatar

      Will Harden
      on October 15

      I agree with John, I felt this ended long ago but felt that we deserved actual closure and to not just be left in the wind...

    8. John H
      on October 14

      Well, when he claims on the insurance he can send out refunds.
      ... I'm not holding my breath. This one went in the "Creator defaulted" folder long ago.

    9. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on October 13

      So… It appears Mark’s house burnt down Sunday in the California wild fires. I assume the Mineserver hardware was still inside the house. Having your home burn down is a tragic event and I pray his family is safe. This may be the end to the Mineserver saga.

    10. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on October 5

      Can’t wait for my two year old technology with dead batteries.

    11. Gordon Moar on September 29

      Happy to report that Mr Cringley still finds time to pontificate about startups etc. over on Quora.…

      The brass neck...

    12. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on September 25

      Wonder if this will even work with the current version of Minecraft?

    13. Kelley Hendrix
      on September 22

      Only 2 years? Feels like this has been going on for an eternity already!

    14. AKickstarterUser on September 17

      Ok coming up to October. Almost 2 years since project launch.

    15. Roger Sinasohn
      on August 31

      @Will Harden -- Crookely claims he's still working on it and will send out the Mineservers Real Soon Now(tm). His claim is that he ran out of money so he hired a bunch of fancy lawyers and started a real corporation. You can read all about it here, if you're so inclined:

    16. Missing avatar

      Will Harden
      on August 30

      @Roger Thanks for the follow up, I was aware of that but had noticed that day that the "creator" was even more AWOL. I've backed maybe 15 projects so far (watching a few more) from $20 to $2K and this project has been by far the worst! Every now again I check back in here, and it always leaves me confused as to why they wouldn't just shutdown (or send out hardware we "bought" as-is and shutdown).

    17. Roger Sinasohn
      on August 29

      @Will Harden, in all fairness, there was an update a little over 9 months ago (you can check it here: but, yeah.

      He did post about it on his blog back in may saying that they were going to send out the mineservers to backers, but you know how well that turned out. He also lawyered up which, it seems to me, is almost an admission of guilt.

    18. Missing avatar

      Will Harden
      on August 28

      No "Creator" login for just about a year, I'm pretty sure this was abandoned at this point... I'd like to call it a scam, but they obviously never took it as seriously as they pretended to!

    19. AKickstarterUser on August 26

      Coming up to September.

    20. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on August 21

      Cringely has been starting his Blogs with “I’m not dead yet!”. Maybe we should all let him know his backers are Not Dead Yet!

    21. AKickstarterUser on August 6

      I can't believe how close we are getting to another Christmas without one.

    22. AKickstarterUser on August 6

      Roger how long ago was Fallon's update. At least a month. Notice they said any day now. (Another wrong time estimate.) this is breaking Kickstarter code.

    23. Linnette G. on August 6

      I don't understand how Kickstarter keeps letting people get away with this. We've not received anything and my kids have moved up two grade levels and lost most interest in minecraft by now. Shame on you. And shame for teaching your kids that scamming people is OK. Karma is a really horrible thing, and I hope they never have to experience something like this

    24. AKickstarterUser on July 27

      Almost reaching August

    25. Nicholas Hendley
      on July 11

      Thanks for keeping us updated, Roger!

      I tend to forget about this project (not unlike, ahem, some people pretty important to the project's completion) and then check back on it because I've given up so much hope at its completion at this point. Maybe its a psychological subconscious coping mechanism. Not sure.

      Not the first undelivered KS I've backed. I would just like updates, like we all keep saying.

    26. Roger Sinasohn
      on July 6

      So, in case anyone still cares, Crookely now says he's blind (Cataracts) and his latest column was typed by his son Fallon. Too bad Fallon couldn't type something up over here (what with this supposedly being the kids' project anyway.)

      Fear not, dear backers -- Crookely is getting surgery and will be back in business and pumping out Mineservers any day now.

      (Also, I hear he has some ocean front property in Kansas for sale.)

    27. Paul Lesoway on June 23

      What a joke

    28. Missing avatar

      Will Harden
      on June 19

      @Scott At least you're not alone...

    29. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on June 19

      I meet the definition of insane. Keep looking at the Mineserver project expecting different results.

    30. AKickstarterUser on June 10

      Can you just give us an actual eta that's not getting delayed again.
      We've waited a year and a half already.

    31. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Stein on May 30

      Given that some have searched for "MineServer" and failed to find any Delaware registration, it looks like the latest update -- given at the blog, NOT here for backers -- is as much vaporware as the rest of this project. My comment there:

      Backing this project didn't bankrupt anyone. Nor was it bought for a backer -- it was for their kids. Like mine, who've remembered and ASKED why this wasn't under the tree -- TWO YEARS IN A ROW!
      This wasn't a "gamble", it was sold as a READY-TO-SHIP project, by someone with a long history in the field, on the basis of reputation. Failure to ship ANYTHING is bad; failure to communicate with backers rubs salt in the wound.
      Cringely is a writer, not a businessman. He has deadlines to meet, not payroll. He pleases editors, not customers. He crafts words, not products.
      Don't hold your breath on delivery -- of anything.

    32. John H
      on May 24

      I assume Chase is being ironic.
      There is a mention - in the update that isn't an update - that the first order of business is to ship existing orders. It also mentions that the SD card will be bigger. Update 9 showed a box of 8Gb SD cards so 16Gb cards are costing extra money. Has the code got that much bigger?

    33. Roger Sinasohn
      on May 23

      @Nicholas Hendley -- Nope, no ETA whatsoever. Just a lot of negativity towards us, the backers, and projection of saintliness on himself.

    34. Nicholas Hendley
      on May 23

      So, I must have missed it in his update, but did he give ANY ETA on when to expect these? All I got out of it is that they're now moving forward with Mineserver 2 which is as good as Mineserver Pro.

    35. Roger Sinasohn
      on May 23

      @Chase Turner -- Seriously? What are you smoking?

      What "latest update" are you talking about? I'm pretty sure there haven't been any updates *here* on Kickstarter. Or are you talking about the blog post Crookely wrote on his personal blog to generate traffic there and mitigate damage? Because it sure seems to me that he's given up on Kickstarter and his backers. If he cared at all about KS, he would have posted here, where the issue is.

      Instead, he posted there so that potential investors (and his acolytes) would see it.

      Kickstarter was useful to him as it provided the funding to get his corporation off the ground without requiring any real responsibility on his part.

      "good project stewardship"? Really? I ran a project that was significantly less complicated and was 100% completed in less than six months -- and I posted 21 updates. This project has gone on for a year and a half, is definitely not even close to complete, and has posted 25 updates. How is that possibly "good project stewardship?"

    36. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on May 22, 2017

      Chase, what are you talking about? Truthful status updates? Really? You must be Marks uncle or some other relative. How do you know the issues have been solved? He does not address all the software problems that allegedly caused the delays. He gave no timeline or what the backers will receive. All we know is that he is working on Mineserver 2.0 as a follow-on product. Mineserver Corporation is still not showing up as registered in Delaware. And why is the Kickstarter update not on this Kickstarter project site? Update #26 not #25
      Update #25 Nov 10 2016 AMP is finally ready!!!!

    37. Chase Turner on May 22, 2017

      Just a note to say I never lost faith and confidence in this project. Indeed, truthful status updates on project status maintained my confidence and assured me of the hard work and cash realities of what it takes to get a startup going. indeed, with the latest update, I sense i will be the beneficiary of a payout more than what i invested in!

      i am deeply grateful to the project's candid updates and good engineering to solve edge case issues -- so as to not declare success and ship to a deadline and thereby commit to an unpleasant long tail of release support.

      Here is a vote in favor of forthcoming success to the young lads and good project stewardship by Bob!

    38. Missing avatar

      Matthew Jones on May 22, 2017

      Update on the Cringley blog - a new version coming from investment company.

    39. Missing avatar

      Controlled Chaos on May 18, 2017

      I think they took the money and ran

    40. Missing avatar

      Will Harden
      on May 16, 2017

      What can we do at this point? I just can't fathom why they won't just end this project (and the torment).

    41. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Stein on May 13, 2017

      Hey Cringely! Seriously, my kids would like to know where their MineServer is...they got new laptops over the holidays...what should I tell them? Would like the official word, out of the horse's mouth...

    42. Roger Sinasohn
      on May 10, 2017

      @Gordon Moar -- a number of folks have been posting comments on Crookely's website just to remind him. Doesn't seem to do any good.

    43. Gordon Moar on May 10, 2017

      Forgot all about this until I saw a Cringely post on Quora. Left a little comment/reminder there just in case he's forgotten about it too.

    44. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Stein on May 10, 2017

      Hey Cringely! My kids would like to know where their MineServer is...what should I tell them?

    45. Missing avatar

      Olaf Reger on May 7, 2017

      Hi there, any news on the delivery date. Still have not received anything. If you have given up, at least have the courtesy to let the backers know. Failure is part of business. Admitting to defeat is a valuable lesson learned.
      A dad from Downunder.

    46. Roger Sinasohn
      on May 3, 2017

      @Scott -- Your comment prompted me to look at the FAQ which led me to look at the survey I provided them... And, of course, some of my responses have changed. Do you think if I sent them a PM, they'd change them for me? 8^)

    47. Missing avatar

      Scott Woodward on May 3, 2017

      Update #2

      Oct 2 2015

      We reached our $15,000 funding goal!

      It only took a little over two days but we reached our funding goal of $15,000, which means that more than 200 backers will have their Mineservers™ and Mineserver Pros™ long before Christmas. We're learning a lot from this process, which still has two-and-a-half weeks to go. Backers are asking for a higher level of transparency about the product (see our FAQ coming Friday morning) and they are asking for expanded capabilities for the server, some of which we'll cover in a new stretch goal to be published on Friday. But mostly backers tell us they want Mineserver™ t-shirts, so those will be coming on Friday, too. Friday looks like it will be a very busy day. We Cringelys want to thank all our backers for the confidence they are showing in us. We won't let you down. Our next update will come from Fallon!


    48. Missing avatar

      Will Harden
      on May 2, 2017

      Why haven't they just cancelled this? Why torture us and drag this on?

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