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With RetroStone rediscover your childhood video games! Alone or with friends (up to 5 players), in the train or on your TV!
With RetroStone rediscover your childhood video games! Alone or with friends (up to 5 players), in the train or on your TV!
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Modding RetroStone tutorials

Posted by Pierre-Louis Boyer (Creator)

Hey guys,

Friday evening I tried to make video tutorial on how to add the optional buttons and the joystick. As it was the first time I was doing so it results in horrible video rushes where I keep hesitating, doing things wrong, doing them again, being out of focus, being out of battery and so on...

Anyway the rushes are total rubish so I can't use them to make a video tutorial. However I could use screenshots from them to make a step by step tutorial that I just uploaded on the website :

I have tested buttons already and they work OK. Joystick has not been tested yet. I wrote a driver that should be working and I'll be testing it later.

Some pictures of the modded RetroStone and some pictures from the tutorial : 

Have a good day


PS : it's the last 3 days on Kickstarter for the revised version of Raspiboy, don't miss the clear case edition :)

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    1. Tom on

      Received my retrostone today. Awesome little unit. At first I thought my screen was bad (because it looked glitched), but once I got the image flashed on the cart and it was able to boot into the OS it works fine. Question: Will empty shells and components be made available. Eventually I'd like to try a different route (use the GPIO or HDMI for a digital panel) vs the analog low res panel currently in there. But I don't want to modify my existing, working unit.

    2. Missing avatar

      Steinzeit Leo on

      I have receive my retrostone, but it can't work...How can I return for a replacement? I live in China BTW.

    3. Gary Mclaughlin on

      Will US backers get any notification or tracking number information when item is shipped?
      I have seen ZERO information.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam Trueheart on

      I'm backer 338 and still no package. This not responding stuff is worrisome too.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jezzy on

      Received mine today. Screen does not work - top quarter shows flashing blue/black lines and the rest of the screen is white. I've flashed the image file as instructed onto the included micro SD card but the Retrostone will not boot. Highly disappointed at this stage. Any ideas anyone? Pierre?

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrea Ferrera on

      I arrived today but the screen does not work, how can I do it?

    7. Gregory Bean

      I received mine today via local post. US Backer #1269

    8. Missing avatar

      Adam Trueheart on

      Has anyone received their units yet? I see a question was asked 2 weeks ago about shipping, but that went unanswered. It has now been 18 days since they should have shipped the first batch. I am just wondering if anyone has received theirs yet.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dan Bott on

      Hello Pierre, I wanted to check in and see if the units have shipped yet? Based on your update a couple of weeks ago it sounded like these were all to have shipped by last week. Kindly confirm. Many thanks!

    10. Pierre-Louis Boyer 3-time creator on

      @Abdullah Al-Habib changing the LCD will be really very difficult.
      Changing the battery is easy, I think you can fit a bigger one in there. My battery factory did not had a bigger model that could fit in there but there's room for bigger one.

      @Richard No I definitly made a hole too big, that's because I did not drilled it at the right spot at the beginning, so i have to open it wider.
      For this joystick model 11-12mm is the minimum as it's required for the lower part of the cap to be able to move all the way from one side to the other. (It's also the same diameter as the outer cap diameter.)

      But then with 12mm hole the casing is too thick for the outer cap to move freely. What I would suggest is using sand paper to thin the plastic case thickness from the outside, so you have kind of a step similar with the Dpad or ABXY buttons

      @Snow7L thanks! :)

    11. Snow7L on

      Huh, look at that. So that's how the RetroStone looks when modified, eh? Quite interesting indeed. I may eventually order another device and give this a try.

      Also, if I haven't said it already, congrats on reaching your goal for the Raspiboy V1.3! That'll be 3 successful projects you've had on Kickstarter, right? That's quite impressive!

    12. Missing avatar

      Richard Capewell on

      @Pierre Is it necessary to drill and file the joystick hole so big? Is this because the joystick cap isn't tall enough to clear the top of the case? Could the joystick be glued with a spacer under so that it would be high enough if true? In your tutorial you use the word "lime/limed/liming" where I think you should be using the word "file/filed/filing"

    13. Abdullah Al-Habib on

      Dear can we upgarde the LCD to high resolution LCD same size, and what about the battery can we fit bigger?

    14. Pierre-Louis Boyer 3-time creator on

      @Jean-Michel I must agree it's a bit ugly. That's one reasons why those were left as option for people really wanting 6 buttons or the joystick, as it has been asked during the campaign.

      Also joystick placement does look weird but it's actually not that bad to use it. And it's actually the only place I could fit it in there.

      Again it's just an option for those who really want to do it. I think RetroStone is good as it is :)

      @Kevin they are bit different indeed. RetroStone has the advantages as Angel said, however Raspiboy also has few advantages : it's bigger and more confortable to hold, which means that it's bigger, so it's more difficult to carry it around, but you can fit a bigger 6Ah battery in there, whereas retrostone max battery size is 3ah. Also Raspiboy use a raspberry pi zero which runs more operating system (recalbox, official retropie ...). And I think Raspiboy is fun to build.
      Having said that I don't think it's necessary to have both as they still do pretty much the same job!

    15. Missing avatar

      Angel Rua Amo on

      Thank you for sharing, Pierre-Louis! It's an amazing tutorial.
      @Kevin Hanson, there is a comparison between Raspiboy and RetroStone in the main campaign page. RetroStone it's not only more powerful and versatile, it's also given fully assembled.

    16. Kevin Hanson on

      This may be a dumb question, but can someone give me a quick TL;DR on how Retrostone is different from Raspiboy? The button layouts look similar, while the devices look different. Trying to figure out if it's worth it to have both. Thanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      Jean-Michel Schmieg on

      not that id ever mod that myself, but... i still had to say it
      what the hell is with that joystick placement?
      theres NO WAY you can hold the retrostone and actually use it.
      its not only somewhat ugly, but functionality is about 0 with all that modding