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With RetroStone rediscover your childhood video games! Alone or with friends (up to 5 players), in the train or on your TV!
With RetroStone rediscover your childhood video games! Alone or with friends (up to 5 players), in the train or on your TV!
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Assembly and test pictures

Posted by Pierre-Louis Boyer (Creator)

Hey guys,

So today we have some pictures from the assembly line and test procedures. Also I have been discussing the timeline with the factory and there will be a slight delay : we should have started to ship today and PCB test took us more time than anticipated.

After discussing the matter with the partner factory it needs few more days for different reasons : 

- test of PCB and assembly is taking more time than anticipated

- The pulp molded part will be received only friday.

So it will be as follow : 

- First ~450 clear blue RetroStones will be ready and shipped the 28th

- Then the grey will follow and should ship from the 30th, then all units should be shipped in about 1 week.

Then shipping will take about 15-24 days depending on your country/custom service/luck. Very sorry about this additional delay..

So now about production pictures! Here is the PCB test jigg first. It is used to test the PCB one by one.

Then on the assembly line : 

 Back buttons step : 

 Connecting the LCD : 

 Closing the case :

 Final steps : 

 Run/Burn test : testing all the units for about 30 minutes to make sure there is no problem on the board (shortcut, power problems...)

 Also the pulp mold is finished on last friday, the parts should arrive end of week.

 Have a good day,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Johan Cappaert on

      Let's face it. Our Retrostones are being assembled in a Chinese sweatshop! I was unaware of this until I saw these pictures. I know, I should have inquired before I backed the project. Too late for that now.
      Those girls are working 11+ hours a day, 6 or 7 days/week. For a very low salary. Probably child labour is involved too. They are not allowed to take a break. Often, workers in such sweatshops stay overnight at their work place, sleeping on the ground. Horrible hygienic conditions.
      Pierre-Louis, can you contact the manufacturer to ensure no further exploitation is taking place? No stress for the production date -I'll gladly accept a delay in shipping date if that makes sure the workers are treated better.

    2. Elias Fuchs on

      I agree that something to ensured Fairtrade work conditioning would be good, and would also pay lite for it.
      Thank you for the great work and updates

    3. Missing avatar

      John Doherty on

      I'm curious about the working condition of those florescent bulbs. Are they being fed the proper amount of amperage, are they turned off at night to ensure they can rest, how about fingerprints... do people take the time to ensure no finger oil gets on them? I'd gladly pay more so they can have edison bulbs which provide a much more casual ambiance.

    4. Missing avatar

      Johan Cappaert on

      Hmm... I have some questions about the work condition of those girls. How old are they? Can you assure no children are working in that facility? How long (hours) must they work each day? Are they treated well? Have they sufficient time to take a break, to eat and to go outside to see some daylight? Looking at the pictures, I'm getting second thoughts about this project... I would gladly pay more money to have a 'fair work conditions' label on the Retrostones. Maybe something for next time? Thanks for all the updates, you are very open about the production process, let it be an eye opener for us all.

    5. Missing avatar

      Adam Trueheart on

      Seriously, it looks great! Thanks for giving us so many regular updates.

    6. Missing avatar

      Steven Bruce

      Looks like they are testing Donkey Kong Country to me! Great stuff!! :)

      Can't wait for cool blue RetroStone

    7. Missing avatar

      Roman Schain on

      Thank you so much for making this happen AND for updating us so nicely!

    8. Missing avatar

      Sambaweb on

      The blue case looks really really n1 and really blue and not purple. ^^

    9. Elias Fuchs on

      Its getting close! =)

    10. Missing avatar

      Vincent Colas on

      @serge grangenois, tout dépend de ton modèle, moi j'ai compris une semaine au plus tard après le 30 soit le 6 aout.

      Sachant qu'il y aura peut être un léger retard + 10/15 jours d'expédition mais quoi qu'il en soit avant fin août, elle devrait être nôtre^^

    11. Missing avatar

      Miguel Todaro on

      This project is getting better and better by the minute!!!!!!!!!!
      I'm so excited that I even had dreams about this device!!!! Cant wait!

    12. Kyran Mountain on

      Hawt Damn I am getting excited. Thanks for keeping us informed Pierre

    13. Missing avatar

      Serge Grangenois on

      Les Retrostone seront envoyé dans leur totalité les 28 et 30 ?