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With RetroStone rediscover your childhood video games! Alone or with friends (up to 5 players), in the train or on your TV!
With RetroStone rediscover your childhood video games! Alone or with friends (up to 5 players), in the train or on your TV!
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Somes pictures and update

Posted by Pierre-Louis Boyer (Creator)

Hey guys,

Just a quick update with some pictures and news!

The PCB assembly started, here are some pictures : 

The panel of 2 PCB that goes in assembly line : 

 The whole assembly line picture

 AOI check : 

 Solder paste machine : 

Solder paste machine
Solder paste machine

 After first side SMT process :

 And some components arrived : 

Batteries : 

 That's a lot of batteries!!

LCD in they bulk pack.

 The L/R button PCB.

 The L/R button PCB wires

So overall we are still on schedule to start shipping the 23rd of July! Hope it runs smoothly :)

Also about Retrorangepi I got news from the developper, he told me he should be able to build a retrorangepi RetroStone image soon! In which he made some nice adjustments, such as preinstalling the GPIO buttons.

That's it for today! 

Have a good day,


PS: Raspiboy rev1.3 is on Kickstarter, here's the link that I forgot in last update :

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    1. Snow7L on

      Pretty cool! I love seeing the behind the scenes stuff like this. Thanks for the update!

    2. Chris on

      niiiice 😍

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Capewell on

      Exciting update! Great news about Retrorangepi too! @Pierre Will the Retrorangepi Retrostone image have support for analog joystick, or is that something you need to add?

    4. Missing avatar

      ryan dunn on

      Nice work so far. Very well executed kickstarter as of now

    5. Missing avatar

      Dan Bott on

      You've done an incredible job with this. I'm looking forward to showing this to others. Will you be autographing any of these? Thanks

    6. Pierre-Louis Boyer 3-time creator on

      @Ryan the factory on the picture is a factory specialized in assembly of PCB. So they only do the assembly of the PCB, then send us the assembled boards to the assembly lines where we'll build the RetroStones!

    7. Ryan Lloyd on

      thanks for another excellent update. Does the final assembly also take place in the factory, assembling all the components into the final Unit etc ?

    8. Àngel Ortuño Julià on

      Your updates gives me life, good job :D

    9. Matthias Rost

      Great news! Thanks for the update.

      Good to hear that Retrorangepi build a RetroStone Image with preinstalled GPIO Buttons!
      I’m looking very forward to this!

    10. Jamie White on

      Love the technical updates, Thanks!

    11. Missing avatar

      Radim Polasek on

      well done, @pierre ☺️