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With RetroStone rediscover your childhood video games! Alone or with friends (up to 5 players), in the train or on your TV!
With RetroStone rediscover your childhood video games! Alone or with friends (up to 5 players), in the train or on your TV!
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Some news and pictures

Posted by Pierre-Louis Boyer (Creator)

Hey guys,

Just a quick update today to let you know that production is still on schedule! 

I received the boxes samples and the clear blue case sample. So here are some pictures of them!

 The plastic blister should be replaced by a cardboard formed, not 100% confirmed yet as I'm waiting for supplier feedbacks.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jakob Roller on

      Is the space limited or is it possible to use 128gb sd card with it?

    2. Missing avatar

      Adam Trueheart on

      Here is the update we last saw about delivery. For those assuming they will have one in the next 2 weeks, I would say next 6 weeks.

      "Which makes a shipping end of July rather than end of June. I am sorry about this delay, we accumulated a bit of small delays, which formed a bigger delay as I underestimated a bit the manufacturing"

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Trueheart on

      From everything I have read, we are looking at end of July. Unless that previous update has been retracted.

    4. Matthias Rost

      Is this the light or deep blue version?

      Which version will you deliver to us?

    5. Rodrigo De la Rocha on

      Looks awesome ! Great job !

    6. Murat Sari on

      I think end of june the units will start to ship.

      Thx 4 the updates

    7. Missing avatar

      Armin Kröss on

      Great job!

    8. Joseph Simmons on

      I am so glad I backed the Limited Edition version! Looks great, showed the pics in the last update to my wife, and she's very impressed, too. May end up buying additional units when available later in the year, once my family has had a chance to go over my Retrostone.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mani on

      Is end of june still a realistic date for receiving my device? Or will it be later?

      Please dont missunderstand my question; you are doing a great job and keeps us informed. I just ask to get informed...

    10. julien vray on

      Propre!! Par contre je pensais que les boutons pour la versions spécial Kickstarter édition seraient eux aussi comme sur la version normale, en couleurs... je suis un peu déçu du coup. L'objet reste très bien quand même!

    11. Missing avatar

      Sambaweb on

      Didnt like the black box but if this is the choice of the swarm im fine with that. Looking forward to get it in hand :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Renaas Omer on

      Is that end of June or end of July schedule (as was discussed in an earlier update)?

    13. Overmann on

      Wow that look sweet.

    14. Richard Anthony Morris on

      Mate, this looks awesome, I'm really excited and will probably end up buying a second one at Christmas!

    15. Felipe Fernández on

      Great job!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Angel Rua Amo on

      It's getting near! Thank you very much!

    17. Donnay Julien on

      Magnifique =D

    18. Liron Hay on

      looks awesome!!
      cant wait for its arrival!
      really amazing work!

    19. Elias Fuchs on

      Me too! :D

      Nice update!

    20. Andrew Duncan on

      Beautiful. Very glad I went for that one!