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With RetroStone rediscover your childhood video games! Alone or with friends (up to 5 players), in the train or on your TV!
With RetroStone rediscover your childhood video games! Alone or with friends (up to 5 players), in the train or on your TV!
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Limited edition and packaging pictures

Posted by Pierre-Louis Boyer (Creator)

Hey guys,

I just received pictures of an assembled clear blue RetroStone, and I think it looks really neat :)

(I had to blur the display because I got pictures with copyrighted data on them.)

Deep blue

 Deep blue left - Light blue right

 They feedback that the color difference don't show a lot on pictures but in real life it looks more different.

Packaging pictures

We received the first thermoformed blister, it's transparant and glossy instead of matte and black (or white maybe), but it gives an idea and validate the 3D shape.

They are currently sending to me the clear blue case retrostone + all the packaging samples. So I'll be able to feel them.

Also I skyped them today and they showed me on video how the clear blue retrostone looks in the matte black box and it looks definitly dashing! Think matte black is a good choice. I will post pictures when I recived them.

Let me know if you enjoyed the update, and don't hesitate if you have a comment/questions,

Have a good day,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Charles Hale on

      Dark blue looks best! Looks stunning!

    2. Missing avatar

      Larry Hymes on

      I really like the clear plastic insert. I think it’s a better option than a colored plastic insert. Regarding the blue color, I’m swaying towards deep blue, but they’re both awesome.

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Trueheart on

      At first I thought the dark blue was better. Then I realized the light source is on the right and has a stronger reflection on the casing. Look at the shadows. I will stick with my original pick of the lighter blue.

    4. Missing avatar

      Luis Seda

      Ambos azules se ven bien, no escogi esa opcion pero me conformo con mis dos grises.

    5. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      As someone who contributed at the relevant level, they're close but I prefer the dark blue.


      Wow! They look absolutely stunning!! Can’t wait to start messing with them!

    7. Rodrigo De la Rocha on

      Both of them look awesome !

    8. Missing avatar

      John on

      Looks Awesome, fantastic colours!

    9. Missing avatar

      John Pyers on

      Beautiful!! I can't wait! I wish I could add another unit to my order as a gift for a friend!

    10. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Macoux on

      Amazing. I'm very impatient to test it

    11. Missing avatar

      Rafiki on

      it's horrible I am becoming so excited regarding all the news you are sharing. I wonder if I wouldn't prefer to have no information because in this case I wouldn't be sooooo impatient!!! :-p

    12. Missing avatar

      Final on

      Deep blue, what else?!

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin Van Kwikkelberghe on

      Does the limited edition have only black buttons or also the coloured ones?

    14. Andrew Duncan on

      I was certain that light blue looked better. But with these pictures I can't decide between the two...

    15. Joshua Borlase

      That’s awesome man. I’d go dark blue

    16. Àngel Ortuño Julià on

      I do really appreciate your constant updates, it's really nice to keep us informed.

      I backed many projects here and in IGG, and you are one of the most active. Congrats! :D

    17. Missing avatar

      Sambaweb on

      I Like the Deep Blue more because you can see better through them (looks like it on the picteres) I like the Box and the clear inlay.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Winkler on

      Still light blue. Deep blue looks a bit like purple.

    19. Matjaž Gert on

      Oh my! I'm in love all over again! I'm still a fan of light blue :P

      Keep up the good work. Pierre!

    20. Missing avatar

      Alex Mouratidis on

      Deep blue looks neat

    21. Missing avatar

      Jaeik Lee on

      Awesome! Deep Blue!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ryan Taccarino on

      It's very difficult to see the differences from the pictures. I originally voted light blue, but I think I'm changing my vote to deep blue. I really like whichever showcases the innards more clearly, to be honest. Keep up the amazing work, Pierre! ;)

    23. Brandon Tenorio

      Deep Blue and Matte Black packaging is my choice!!! They look so beautiful!!

    24. Snow7L on

      Man. Seeing these pictures, the dark-blue one looks really cool with its innards. Kinda makes me want to change my vote. XD I'll be happy either way though. They're looking really good!

    25. Scott Rusoff

      Love it that's what I pledged for.

    26. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Winston on

      I'm so fucking psyched for this.

    27. Matthias Rost

      Hi Pierre.
      Thanks a lot for this update!
      You do a great Job!

      My decision is

      Light Blue

      Matthias Rost

    28. Elias Fuchs on

      Very nice update!

      This confirmed for me that I want the Deep Blue colour :)
      Thank you

    29. Gigi Berry on

      I couldn't make my mind yesterday, but I like the deep blue better after seeing this update.