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$1,755 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Nyah Vanterpool
$1,755 pledged of $10,000 goal


What is Revel'in Black?

Nyah’s journey through his art, history, and heritage. Will you join him on his search? (Check out this early sample from the project)

What is #Nigressence?

All of the creative content developed by Revel'in Black will be cataloged under #Nigressence. The hashtags will also be used as a tool for encouraging other creators and activators to explore and celebrate the heritage puirsuit. Check out a sample poem titled "Nigressence" and silent dance on


What does that look like?  

On January 31, 2017, I will have left Jacksonville, Fla., to make a new home in Antigua. Born and raised in South Dakota with an estranged father, my pursuit for my heritage has always led to uniting with my father Joseph Vanterpool and the family I'm just beginning to know in is home of Antigua and St. Kitts. By learning and telling my story, I have been finding a stronger connection to Our story. Unfortunately, my rags to sustainable happiness story is still wearing rags, and I need your support in this journey. The first step is establishing a social media footprint focused on exploring a diverse range of art forms and styles. I will experiment and explore playful ways of adapting musical forms I encounter, while also learning the history of what I am appropriating. You can follow this work on Facebook at Revel in Black. This channel is about musical experimentation and exploration with movement, sound, and light. My hope is to create provocative aesthetics with the simplest of modern and everyday tools.  

The second step is to submit my DNA to 23 and Me! Once the 23 and Me results come in, that’s when the real fun begins! What happens when I look back to my African heritage from my father’s side? What of my Swahili name? What of my Dutch last name, or my mother’s German maiden name Knodel? What world events were influencing immediate lives of my ancestors? Where will these questions take me, and hopefully, Us?  

Once established in Antigua, I will also be capturing lived history through interviews primarily with my father and our family. I have no idea what actually awaits me on the other side of this journey. I’m starting with scraps, and that’s why I’m launching a Kickstarter campaign to garner support for this happy and global journey. I welcome support from any and all who will publicly endorse my effort to lift a narrative about art, history, and a search for understanding of heritage that we all share. By sharing this story through online and social media, I hope to elevate my story and message, ultimately leveraging it as an international platform to discuss art, spirituality, and black heritage.  

**Florida, particularly, Northeast Florida, shares a special part in the piecing together of my own history in Antigua and St. Kitts - home of my Caribbean heritage. The Carribbeans were visited by Christopher Columbus as well as Rene de Laudonierre (a.k.a. The first mate of Jean Ribault, after whom schools have been named and paintings can be found vaulted on the ceiling of Flagler College). The vibrant jazz and art scene that Jacksonville would be known for in the days of a thriving LaVilla district were historically inspired by the folk tradition brought from the Carribbean included, Antigua included.

Revel’in Black’s mission is to:  

  • Unite Nyah and Joseph Vanterpool with family on the island of Antigua and St. Kitts at a time when they need support. That’s just real life truth. 
  • Using multimedia, unfold my black history through a tale of the art, history, and heritage found in the Caribbean Islands, featuring the environment, everyday characters, and the key players - the Vanterpool clan. 
  •  Explore and elevate my story and Our shared history through art, including: poetry, dance, singing, drawings, drumming and experimentation throughout it all.

What will be Revel’in Black’s content?  

Podcast Interviews  

  • The podcast tells my tale of lifting my father from homelessness, learning about his uncovered past, and discovery an entirely hidden heritage in the Caribbean Islands. It’s been more than 30 years since Joseph has been to the islands, and there is a lot of family to meet and history gaps to fill. The podcast will tell the tale of “Who is Nyah Joshua Vanterpool, and how did he get here (in a lived and spiritual sense)?” 
  • Each episode of the podcast will be followed by a blog article and video, with more insight into the deeply personal process of discovering my heritage.  


  • The blog will expand where the podcast does not. It will include relevant and personal anecdotes from the interview as well as personal historical anecdotes that unveil a more complete perspective. The blog will also include relevant tie-ins to historical events/figures as well as contemporary cultural, political, and spiritual debates. 
  • Videography & YouTube Channel 

Videos will peel back the layers of the podcast and the blog, focusing on the story behind the scenes: my internal processing of the experience. The videos give a deeper dive into the emotional and spiritual journey and can take the forms of: 

  • Freestyle contemporary dance (more traditional dance channel)
  • Creative and narrative freestyle (theatrical music and dance channel)
  • Afro-Experimentation (experimental music and dance channel)
  • Interviews & Commentaries (webcast/podcast channel) 

Who will buy it?  

  • Podcasts have a natural listening audience with public radio listeners. I will work with local stations to plan and pitch podcasts that fill a gap in their market. 
  •  Podcasts are increasing in popularity, particularly among 18-40 year olds, which is also a growing market in the region.
    -Public Universities and HBCUs
    -Cause-aligned nonprofits
    -National and international service volunteers Service oriented American citizens
    -Current podcast listeners 

How will Revel’in Black help people?  

  • Increase awareness, critical thinking, and critical empathy towards black culture, art, and history 
  • Provide a contemporary and international perspective related to race- and religion-politics 
  • Provide a template to individuals who are interested in tracing their history

How will Revel’in Black make money?  

Method 1: Corporate Ads & Sponsored Content  

  • Revel’in Black will identify and work with mission and vision aligned corporate partners who will publicly endorse and financially support this project. All mediums for brand placement is negotiable (clothing, social media placement, video placement, etc…). 

Method 2: Crowd-sourced Support 

  • The Kickstarter campaign will be used to accrue an initial base of funding required to purchase equipment, launch a website, and create a sustainable line of merchandise.

Method 3: Merchandise 

  • Revel’in Black will develop a line of T-shirts, posters, and special offerings that include poems, images, and drawings from top-viewed and shared posts. 

Method 4: Public Speaking and Performing 

  • Revel’in Black will hustle the streets with dance, poetry, singing, and asking for donations! Nyah J. Vanterpool has a long history in public speaking, event emceeing/hosting, and meeting facilitation experience. See Nyah’s LinkedIn for more information on his public speaking and work experience. Contact if you’d like Nyah to speak at or support your event in a creative project. Payment required, and price negotiable.

How will the funding be used?  

  • The majority of the Kickstarter  funding will go towards the time and costs necessary for maintaining the podcast and social media channels. The poems and videos will ultimately be a part of the an interactive and online book of poetry. 
  • No salary above basic living expenses (defined as rent, utilities, and food) will be drawn from the Kickstarter Fund. Initial funding will primarily be used for:
    -Go pro
    -Field camera
    Subscription service fees
    Contract a t-shirt & product designer and printer to create stream of self-sustaining revenue
    Contractor to design brand
    Travel expense between Antigua & St. Kitts in order to exchange with family 
  • Some portion of the funding may be used for a bike or other form of transportation to get from site to site in Antigua 
  • Any funding above and beyond the initial scope of the project will be used to:
    Pay base salary to creator
    Hire support staff  
    Subsidize public speaking opportunities
    New equipment as required 


Links to Social Media

  • LinkedIn:
  • Facebook:
  • YouTube:
  • Twitter: @ReveLnBlack
  • Instagram:

Risks and challenges

The primary risk is limited funding. In order to pursue this artistic endeavor, the number one thing I need is time to create. That includes scouting and travelling to locations; setting up production; multiple shots; writing; editing; and corresponding with partners.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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    Narrative Dance Experimentation

    Revel'in Black would like to collaborate with you! Using your phone, you'll record 5-15 minute walk of your choice. After sending the file to Nyah, he will create an experimental narrative dance, where he takes sounds from your life's walk and turns it into a dance.

    Nyah will schedule a time to have a text, video, or phone conversation with you regarding your package. :)

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    A Poem for the Special Someone

    Have you ever considered giving a personalized poem to that special someone? All it takes is a conversation and answering a few questions! Each poem will come with a beautiful hand-written poem or drawing inspired by the poem.

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    You get it all! A conversation, a poem, a dance, and even a song if you want it! You will get to choose:

    -The location for my video shoot (within financial reason)
    -The purpose/meaning of the poem and dance
    -The song to dance to

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