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Front opening panties allow you to easily pee standing up. Paired with outdoor thigh-highs all under a hiking dress. Happy Trails.
Front opening panties allow you to easily pee standing up. Paired with outdoor thigh-highs all under a hiking dress. Happy Trails.
Front opening panties allow you to easily pee standing up. Paired with outdoor thigh-highs all under a hiking dress. Happy Trails.
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      Jessica Goen Rawls on

      This dress is the most comfortable thing I own! I love the four deep pockets and the cap sleeves. It's stretchy in just the right places & lays smooth around the neckline. My toddler discovered the joy of stashing treasures in my front "pouches" within minutes...and the West Texas wind was no problem with the material length. This is everything I expected. Thank you!

    2. Samantha Odom ( Creator on

      Oh No! Noel and Marissa!
      I am so sorry to hear this! Especially, I am sorry that you have waited so long only to be disappointed. I just sent you an email regarding your comments. As you know we are learning a lot here at Lady Hike and your honest feedback is important to us. Thank you for letting me know.

    3. Marissa Weeks on

      SO disappointed! The sleeves come down 8 inches past my hands and the cut-outs are enormous! It's like drawing a giant bullseye on the least flattering part of a woman - her arm flab! The material is super thick and heavy and the skirt is not at all as poofy or as long as was in the photos which to me was the whole point - to be able to go potty with built-in privacy. I ordered the petals and the leggings too but didn't even bother to open them because they looked like swimsuit material. Nylon and sweat are a bad combo. Once I stop crying, I'll email to see if I can get any of my money back. I feel this was a big misrepresentation and a giant waste of money. Plus we waited 3 extra months for these!

    4. Missing avatar

      Noel on

      I got my Lady Hike dress today! I was so excited.
      Until I tried it on. The sleeves are way too long (even with the thumb holes). The dress part is way too big and the sleeves are way too narrow. The fabric is really ugly too. I realize it's not the original one and I picked a new one from the images sent, but the pink part looked like it was polka dotted in the image. When I got it, it's this really awkward and unflattering foamy mesh material. Overall, definitely not worth the price I pledged.

    5. Kimberley Martinez Rychwa on

      Hi Samantha! So happy for you! And so excited for me! I can't wait to get my hiking dress for hiking with my husband and daughter. Congratulations on meeting your goal.

    6. Missing avatar

      Leanne Middleton on

      Hi Samantha I pledged for the 170...cant seem to see how to add 50 to total..I really want a summer dress too please..I am a newby to kickstarter and none of my friends have done it before to advise me

    7. Samantha Odom ( Creator on

      No worries! Your order is safe Barbara! You are one of the first Lady Hike supports from over a year ago! I will send you an email.

    8. Missing avatar

      Barbara Hayes on

      HI Samantha! I made a big mistake, HUGE! I did not see the manage my pledge so I accidentally changed my pledge to just the summer dress. I do want the summer dress but I really want my original order. Is it possible to fix this? I am sick over it, I've been waiting so long for this!

    9. Samantha Odom ( Creator on

      Hi, sorry for the late response...I was hiking...really. So, you can only pledge for one item, however you can always increase your pledge amount to reflect the items you want to add on. Example: Final Days Dress special and Summer Day Dress. Pledge for the Final Days Dress, but instead of $77, make it $127. Then, message us with your desired items! Thank you!

    10. Nadja McNeil Jackson on

      Try "manage pledge?" I updated my pledge amount (upped it $50) and am hoping that will add the dress to my order

    11. Missing avatar

      Elisabeth Luther on

      Hi Samantha! I am so excited to try your hiking dress, this is exactly what I need for hiking with my son. I would love to be able to get the hiking dress and the newly released Summer Day Dress, but somehow, I don't seem to be able to select two pledges on Kickstarter. Is there a way to have both, or alternatively, would you be able to post a new Dress bundle with both dresses? Thank you for your amazing creations and best of luck!