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New boss battle music for SNES games—not remixes, not remakes—totally new!

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A 7 track album that gets your adrenaline pumping so that you can take down that extra-tough boss you weren't quite prepared for! My 2-year-old daughter Luca will be helping, too. I named her after Lucca from Chrono Trigger, so she helps to inspire (and make an extra cover for the physical album for me).

Update (11/14): All stretch goals met! Five songs will be added to the album that backers can vote on!

Update (11/10): $30+ backers now get a professionally made CD with proper labels/covers instead of the cheap version I originally was going to make myself! (You'll still get the cover my daughter makes as well.)

Update 2: New cover art by my friend Mike Ignatov! E-mail him or check out his blog and tell him he is the man.

Update: Backers! Start thinking about the next songs you want me to add to the album!

(Check the "Stretch Goals" section for details.)

SNESology: Want more original SNES music while you wait?

Check out SNESology, an awesome blog that showcases new SNES tunes from some really talented people like sleepytimejesse, Alex Roe, Monobrow, and others!

Why make this?

I love the original soundtracks, so naturally I want more! I chose boss battles as the theme because it's my favorite type of game music. It feels great to get pumped up for battle and I want to help other people feel the same by listening to new music that sounds like hidden tracks from their favorite SNES games.

How are you going to make this?

I'm a musician/songwriter with a love for all styles of music and I've been working hard for about 15 years to become the best I can be as far as song writing goes.

To actually make the boss themes, I use instruments sampled from the original games and stick to rules, like only using 8 channels, so I can mimic the hardware limitations for an authentic-as-can-be track. I also run the songs through a quality assurance check by my musician friends who are also big game music enthusiasts (and very good at what they do) in order to make sure the songs sound good enough. For example, my friend Josef Blom (JRokujuushi/J64) has been a huge help with his advice for the songs I've made so far.

I want proof.

Alright. Here are a couple tracks I got so far, mimicking their respective game styles.

Final Fantasy 6 - Boss fight during an escape (YouTubeMP3)

Chrono Trigger - A special, tough boss (YouTubeMP3)

(Chrono Trigger soundfont by Mathew Valente, Final Fantasy 6 soundfont by Josef Blom)

What games are you gonna do?

Track 1. Chrono Trigger (done)
Track 2. Final Fantasy 6 (done)
Track 3. EarthBound
Track 4. Secret of Evermore
Track 5. Secret of Mana ($50 backer's choice)
Track 6. Super Mario RPG ($50 backer's choice)
Track 7. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ($50 backer's choice)
Track 8: You vote!
Track 9: You vote!
Track 10: You vote!

Backers who can choose

Three $50 backers can choose any SNES game from the list below to be the songs I do for tracks 5 through 7. I made this list because I'm familiar with their soundtracks and confident in doing music for them. After someone chooses a game, I will cross it off the list and it can't be chosen again, except for the $250 backers who add a track. Here's the list:

  • Secret of Mana (Chosen by $50 backer)
  • Super Mario RPG (Chosen by $50 backer)
  • Illusion of Gaia
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Chosen by $50 backer)
  • Final Fantasy 4
  • Final Fantasy 5
  • Super Metroid
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Super Mario World
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
  • Megaman X
  • Star Fox
  • Street Fighter II
  • The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
  • Breath of Fire

Why only SNES games?

I want to keep a theme going and stick to it. My favorite soundtracks are from SNES games, so it's what I'm most familiar with.

How long will it take?

Taking into account how many hours a day I usually have to work and the fact that my wife is having a baby soon, I estimate it will take me about 7 months to complete the digital album (June 2014) and then a couple more months to finish the CDs and mail them (August 2014). Also, I'll add on extra time for any songs added through special rewards and stretch goals. $10+ backers have nothing to worry about though, because they get the tracks right away as I finish them.

Where does the money go?

Edited because it sounded too harsh before: I wanted to do this project without funding, but my wife was worried that spending the time on it would take away from other things I could be doing to support the family, so I decided I needed to prove that it wouldn't be a waste of time and it could help pay bills. Some of the money will of course go towards sending out CDs, some goes towards the artist I'm hiring to redo the cover art, and the rest will go to paying bills.

Stretch Goals

$1100 - I'll add a song for the game that backers vote for from my list!
$1300 - I'll add another song—same deal!
$1500 - And another song!
$1800 - And another!
$2200 - Another? You bet!

Stretch goal song votes by higher-pledge backers will count more than lower-pledge ones, as shown below:
$5+: 1 vote
$10+: 2 votes
$15+: 3 votes
$30+: 4 votes
$50+: 5 votes
$70+: 6 votes

Voting will start once the funding period is over. I will send a survey through Kickstarter to everyone, asking what your votes are.

Each song added will not extend the release date of the digital album. I will release the digital album as 7 tracks on time and then add the stretch goal tracks later. The physical album, however, will be delayed 1.5 months for each stretch goal track that is added.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I've already taken into account things that would slow down this project and factored them into my deadline, so I think I've got that covered. But there is always the chance that things get really hectic and the album is delayed (not canceled though). There's nothing physically stopping me from finishing this.


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    MAKING-OF + EARLY DIGITAL: Digital album plus you'll get a downloadable making-of video! I'll send you preview clips as I make it, so you'll see in real-time the creative process of actually making the songs, you'll see my daughter doing her drawings for the CD album cover, and you'll see some of the tickles I give her. Cuteness will abound! This video and its in-progress clips will not be released publicly so only you and higher bidders will get it. You will also get a special "thank you" e-mail written to you by my daughter.

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    ADD TRACK AND CONTROL IT + CD + MAKING-OF + EARLY DIGITAL: I'll add a song to the album based on an SNES game you choose from the list I provide in the "Backers who can choose" section! It can even be a game I already did. You can give me direction on what kind of instruments or sound you would like it to have (as long as it matches the game's style) and what exact battle it's for. You're the boss on this one! This adds a song to the album so I will delay the physical album by 1.5 months for each song made for this reward.

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