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HK$ 229,817 pledged of HK$ 2,347,725 goal
By Nova Technology
HK$ 229,817 pledged of HK$ 2,347,725 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      King Heiple

      I agree. Nice product but not enough features and too ambitious.

    2. Brian Hahn on

      Pretty cool product. Bummer it didn't get the attention it deserved. Keep it up Eric! We are all big fans over here at Nomad :)

    3. Missing avatar

      David Swanson on

      I’m no stranger to both sides of a kickstarter project and it looks like there’s a lot of lessons to be learned here. I don’t think this project will fail all because of bad responses and comments. I think this project will fail simply because the goal is too high and the desire is too low. There isn’t anything remarkable about this product; average styling, minimal technical innovation, and debatable choice with the usb-c port. This project could have been achieved with a goal of $75,000, I just think that these guys wanted to fund the kind of tooling that would allow them to pump out tens of thousands of these cases (probably assuming that everyone post-Kickstarter will eventually want one) plus the ability to break into the larger case-making industry. Sounds greedy, and it seems too obvious to most would-be backers who likely scoff at the high goal and high cost of the product (even if both are honestly priced) because people only say “shut up and take my money” to ridiculously cool ideas (like the Pebble watch when it first came out). Speaking of Pebble, it sounds like you guys should distance yourself from it from now on.

    4. Missing avatar

      Antonio Russu on

      The big question now is, will this campaign reach the goal?...

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Rau on

      Will there be a PodCase version for the iPhone X?

    6. Allan Evans on

      A couple of quick thoughts: (A) The current case design will work for the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 (B) Unlike most crowdfunding campaigns, this one was fully costed before launch - that is why the "unusually" high minimum - it assures everyone that we can pay for everything necessary

    7. Cameron Robertson on

      @Jon so anyone who takes a risk in shipping something new to the market, ships multiple generations of product and then gracefully exits to refund their final crowdfunding campaign is "betraying" folks? I suppose one needs to use words like "betray" in order to justify being so mean spirited.

      I don't get it, Jon; it looks like you're and you've ordered some OSH Park PCBs and dabbled in hardware. Despite that I get the sense that you haven't put yourself out there by shipping thousands of something you created on your own (although maybe your paintball project has hit that milestone). I sure hope you don't have to endure the same kind of response if you do.

    8. Jon Raymond on

      @ Cameron

      Yes, betrayal. I own 3 Pebble watches and last December Pebble voided all warranties and discontinued all support for them. They betrayed all of the developers who put countless hours in to creating Pebble watch faces and apps. They betrayed all of the spin-off kickstarters who created products such as watch stands, covers and smart straps.

      I'm actually quite disappointed with the AirPods product as I expect much more from creators who you call the "most experienced people out there making consumer electronics". It's a iphone case..

      I get it, you're defensive because you're buddies with the Eric and Steve and you've had your own issues with bringing a hardware product to market via crowdfunding. It seems that I am not alone as others in this comment section are echoing what I have said.

    9. Andrew on

      Yeah I wouldn't back these guys.

      They took in nearly $13 million on the Pebble 2 campaign and sold the company. After a couple months of radio silence they promised refunds to all backers in one week. If you read the comments section over there, you'll see thousands of disgruntled backers who haven't seen a refund nearly a year later (myself included).

      No funny business here, no address change, no personal info change, I live in the US. Mid-level backer number. The refund simply has not been processed despite reaching out.

      A few days ago (interesting timing with this new campaign), the first update in 9 months drops with a heavily legalese claims process that apparently had a deadline of June 5th 2017. Awesome. I guess I'll just slap my social security number on that and send it of to some stranger behind the cutoff date and see what happens.

      Bottom line, I don't care if they're nice guys in real life. They did Kickstarters dirty. They still are doing us dirty. If they wanted to continue to use this avenue, they should have done everything in their power to make things right after their last debacle.

      A thought I just had: A lot of this legal claim process paperwork cites strict California law. Looks like the company is now based in Hong Kong. Interesting...

    10. Missing avatar

      Bander Abdullah Alsofayan on

      Hi ... i make order ... i need to know when u will cut the money??

    11. Linus on

      Will withdraw my pledge seeing Pebble founder's involvement. Who knows if I would lost product support the moment I got this.

    12. Cameron Robertson on

      @Jon betrayed? Really? A company that was fighting to ship yet another great product (I have my Pebble 2 and love it) and doesn't make yet refunds everyone hardly seems like betrayal.

      Yeah, it's your opinion. It's also just plain mean spirited of you to back and pull from creators who take risks and work super hard to bring something to life.

      Sometimes projects fail, but the folks here still have a track record of millions more devices than anyone commenting here. Excited to see something as elegant as PodCase solve an emergent problem given the removal of headphone jacks from flagship smartphones.

    13. Jon Raymond on

      @ Cameron

      Pebble Backers were automatically issued a refund if their watch hadn't shipped. They didn't have to request it. Yes I still have an axe to grind concerning the Pebble Time 2 Campaign as I felt betrayed. It has nothing to do with the refunds or lack there off. I have a right to voice my opinion and feel backers of this project should be forewarned of the history of these creators.

    14. Paul Gerhardt on

      Super excited about this!

    15. Cameron Robertson on

      @Jon looks to me like Kickstarter is the once processing refunds slowly or people asked for refunds after the claim deadline. I don't see ex-Pebble folks maliciously withholding money; indeed the whole point of the Fitbit acquisition was to make sure that folks would either get a watch or their money back.

      You might not say that but Pebble's delivery record across multiple versions speaks for itself; very few consumer electronics companies reach millions of units of volume for something as complex as Pebble. Going through a quiet period doesn't mean Pebble treated you like "dirt"; it meant they were soliciting bids to ensure they could recover as much money as possible to refund stakeholders in their company. Broadcasting the process wouldn't have done any good, nor does it detract from the ability of Pebble folks to consistently ship great products.

      Of course you don't need to back them again, but it still stands that it's really quite mean and spiteful to back a project merely to rant about a refund (still confused about that) and then note how you'll pull your funds.

    16. Jon Raymond on


      I was lucky to get a refund. Read the Pebble Time2 comments section and it's obvious that MANY people have not received one. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/getpebble/pebble-2-time-2-and-core-an-entirely-new-3g-ultra/comments. These are legitimate claims as once you receive a refund from kickstarter you are removed from that campaign and cannot post.

      I would not say that they are the "most experienced" but yes they built a decent watch. I would suggest avoiding backing this project due to the lack of communication and transparency in their last campaign. We went months without an update. They treated us like dirt and I wouldn't want anyone to experience that again. The Voder campaign by Next Thing Co. is a very similar situation. I would not ever recommend anything from them either.

    17. Cameron Robertson on

      Incredibly simple yet useful. Excited for when this lands.

      @Nathan you didn't receive anything and you didn't get a refund? I see Eric *still* helping folks on Twitter reach out for refunds; if you were left behind, maybe ping him?

      @Jon that's confusing. These guys are some of the most experienced people out there making consumer electronics and you received your refund. Seems pretty spiteful to back and then pull for folks who have proven they can ship millions of units of something.

    18. Jon Raymond on

      I was one of the lucky Pebble Time 2/Core backers that did in fact get a refund because my backer number was in the first few hundred backer numbers. I still have a Pebble Time on my wrist as I type this.

      That being said, I would not back or recommend anyone back a campaign from Pebble founders again. I will pull my HK$10 support before the campaign ends.

    19. Kenneth Lam on

      One more thing, the iphone 7 plus camera has OIS and was reported by media about malfunctioning upon attaching accessories that has magnet, the image gets blurry as the magnetic field affects the mechanical parts of the camera. Hope you can do trials on it throughoutly before official release

    20. Kenneth Lam on

      I dont own the airpods. Simply want to point out a few things

      In campaign details, there are no mfi application mentioned. According to apple policy, i believe if u release apple peripherals, u have to pass their testing criteria to get the mfi cert. from them and it may takes months incase the application is rejected or with failed test result.

      What material are you going to use for the case? The case look rubberized. If it is the coating that i came across in other products, it is very prone to scratching and likely to peel off during daily use.

      The idea to use usb c as charging port is briliant btw !

    21. JP on

      Make it charge wirelessly, like the mophie pack and I am in!

    22. Nathan Wyss

      @Benjamin totally agree that pebble was a brilliantly made product that didn't survive against titan competitor, I'm still using my time steel every day. However, many people, myself included, who backed various versions of the pebble 2 were promised refunds and then never heard anything again. Friends of mine who didn't back the campaign were under the impression that everyone had been refunded, which was frustrating to me as I'm a few hundred dollars out of pocket and there is a perception out there that the creators looked after everyone who backed.

      I'm not sure if you are counting kickstarter backers among "the people who help make it possible", but if you do I certainly don't feel cared for by the creators

    23. Jason Hilbourne on

      Go, PodCase, go! If you've ever seen or worn a Pebble, then you know that this team makes great hardware. I can't wait!

    24. Benjamin Bryant on

      I hear you @Stephen, but let's remember we're all a community of makers.

      Sometimes grand projects don't work out. When Apple came in they ate everyone's lunch.

      Pebble stood it's ground for a long time, and they built a great and lasting product. My Pebble OG still works to this day, as has every Pebble product I've bought since.

      Speaking as someone who's been there since the beginning and knows Eric and Steve personally, they have always cared immensely about the products they build and the people that help make it possible. I have only the deepest respect for the team. -- Reality may have hit Pebble hard, but they kept swinging till the bitter end.

      They have my full vote of confidence, and I, for one, want my PodCase!

    25. Stephen Prokopchuk on

      The Pebble Smart watch that these creators were involved in was sold off and left thousands of pebble owners in the lurch.

      So I'd strongly question the long-term viability of this product and support. Spending hard earned cash on a great idea is nice, but ultimately turned into a huge waste in the past.

      Maybe the use case is shorter term, and that's for others to decide, but personally, I'm giving a 5 year break from backing* anything the creators of pebble are involved in.

      [*except for the minimum required to post a comment]