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Plated with solid laser-hardened 24-karat gold, these whiskey cubes combine elegance with functionality. Read more

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Plated with solid laser-hardened 24-karat gold, these whiskey cubes combine elegance with functionality.

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Ice Gold

A solid, laser-hardened 24-karat gold plating encases a hollow steel core that contains a PCM (phase change material) with an excellent thermal capacity to store the chill, and ensure that these cubes not only offer thermal efficiency for your drink, but that they look good doing it.

The interior of each 1" cube offers highly effective materials to quickly lower the temperature of your drink and to hold it there, but it is the golden exterior that transforms these from simple whiskey cubes into a work of art that deserves to reside in your most precious spirits.

Solutions to the age-old dilemma of chilling spirits without diluting them have been around for years. Whiskey stones, steel cubes, etc. you can't escape it. But soapstone and hunks of steel aren't good enough. Sure, each new technology was more thermally efficient than the last, but they all have one thing in common: they are impressively ugly. 

Chilling your spirit to the appropriate temperature is only the first step in achieving the perfect glass of scotch. The essence is comprised of the taste, the look, the feel, and most importantly the feeling in that glass of scotch. When it comes to scotch, we refuse to compromise. There is only one true way of enjoying a glass of scotch in its purest and most perfect form: Ice Gold.

Concept of custom wooden box that comes with a set of 4 (design subject to change, color black)
Concept of custom wooden box that comes with a set of 4 (design subject to change, color black)

These 1" cubes are individually plated by the same company that NASA uses for their gold plating needs. The laser-hardened 24-karat gold is resistant to scratches, is nontoxic, and will not diminish under normal wash cycles. 

Each set comes with a black velvet pouch that is accentuated by a purple satin lining. 

The Beginning

The concept of Ice Gold came about, as you may guess, over a glass of scotch. Todd and Taylor sat enjoying a glass neat, while a set of whiskey stones (standard soapstone cubes), and multiple sets of the typical over-sized ice cubes sat unused in the freezer. We began to discuss the reasons behind why we'd prefer to drink it neat rather than use any of these products and it came down to two things: elegance and efficiency. The over-sized ice cubes, no matter how big, will still melt in your glass. The whiskey stones just plain didn't work, not to mention the unpleasant chalky stone dust that polluted the whiskey. We discussed steel whiskey cubes, which do work well from a thermal standpoint, but they still don't bring elegance into the picture. We started tossing around the idea of gold plating.

After contacting gold-plating companies all over the country it became apparent that this was not done with steel, and according to the people we spoke with, it's actually impossible. We went after the big guns and contacted the company that NASA uses for their gold-plating needs. They offered to give it a shot, but warned that they could not make guarantees, and it was possible we were wasting our money. We went for it. We had already gotten in touch with a manufacturer for the steel whiskey cubes and acquired a few sets, so we shipped them off for gold plating. A few short weeks later we had in our hands a perfectly executed gold plating of our steel cubes. We established a partnership with our new gold plating friends and finalized terms for large-batch orders. 

The Future

We have established partnerships with manufacturers for the core whiskey cubes, for the velvet pouches, and with one of the most technologically advanced gold plating companies in the country. We are ready to proceed to large-scale production.

All that is left is to enjoy a glass of scotch with our newly acquired Ice Gold cubes and hope that Kickstarter can help us take this excellent product out of our glasses and into yours!

Risks and challenges

We've already overcome the greatest challenge: fabricating the golden cubes. We faced rejection from coast to coast, constantly being told that it couldn't be done, that it was impossible to bond real, high quality gold to steely. We considered other core materials, those that have a much better relationship to gold bonding, but none of these offered the unparalleled thermal properties that we insisted on. We considered other plating metals, those compatible with steel. But none of these could provide the beauty that we were after. And so we persisted. Finally, NASA's gold plating contractors offered to give it a shot. They could not make guarantees, and warned us that we were most likely wasting our money. But they knew it wasn't impossible, just incredibly difficult, and it required the right equipment. We pushed forward and the results speak for themselves.

Looking to the future, one hurdle that we face is that we are forced to work solely with large batches of cubes from a manufacturing standpoint, which will present an issue in other aspects of our product's future, but fortunately this is perfectly complimented by the nature of Kickstarter projects.

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  • While it is true that 24-karat gold is a very soft metal due to its purity, the gold is laser-hardened as part of the plating process, giving the exterior of the gold a much more resilient surface.

    We've tested the durability of the cubes the best way possible - by drinking scotch. After months of normal to heavy use no scratches or other surface defamation can be noticed on the cubes.

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  • Yes. The gold-plater assured that the gold is durable enough to be washed in a normal dishwasher cycle. That being said, it's 24-karat gold. Would you put your wedding ring in the dishwasher?

    We recommend hand washing the cubes with a mild soap.

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    You will receive a set of two 1" laser-hardened, 24-karat gold plated whiskey cubes as well as a black velvet pouch with purple satin lining.

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    You will receive a set of four 1" laser-hardened, 24-karat gold plated whiskey cubes as well as a black velvet pouch with purple satin lining, AND a black wooden box custom made to snugly hold four cubes.

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