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Broodjes & Bier's video poster

We're a Dutch-inspired sandwich start-up working hard to put our 'broodjes' on the shelves of Capitol Hill! Read more

Washington, DC Food
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This project was successfully funded on February 24, 2013.

We're a Dutch-inspired sandwich start-up working hard to put our 'broodjes' on the shelves of Capitol Hill!

Washington, DC Food
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    1. Creator Michael O on February 24, 2013

      Funded! Congratulations from snowy Holland, I hope to pass by one day.

    2. Creator Joe on February 5, 2013

      Another implement for slicing things, if you ever want to go the route of strawberry sandwiches is an egg slicer. It seems strange, but they work pretty well for strawberries once you've hulled them. Some work on button mushrooms, too, if the wires aren't too thick, or on really soft cheeses (such as small balls of mozzerella, although those aren't Dutch)

      Tot ziens. (Ik spreek een klein beetje Nederlands.)

    3. Creator Sarah Frimpong on February 4, 2013

      Hi Joe!

      Yes, we've definitely given thought to the sweeter sandwiches. With Broodje Co. the main consideration is creating something delicious that will serve well cold. Sweeter sandwiches absolutely fall into that category. We're starting with a smaller Broodje Co. menu but we'll expand that once we get our sea legs...My favorite sweeter sandwich is on the raisin rolls.

      Re mandolin slicer, great call. Will be picking up one of those in the very, very near future ie. tomorrow!! It'll create just right amount of thinness for the cucumbers (what you saw in vid).

      Thanks for the support! Looking forward to serving you soon :)

    4. Creator Joe on February 4, 2013

      You mention meat & cheeses, but do you have any plans for making the sweeter dutch sandwiches, such as butter & chocolate, peanut butter (natural, not the american commercial style) & chocolate, butter and candied anise seed, or (when in season) strawberries?

      Also, from watching your video, as you start getting into doing larger volume, you might want to consider getting a mandoline (and a cut-resistant glove) to slice the firmer produce (not sure if that was a cucumber or a pickle). I assume you're already getting a deli slider so that you can get the meats and cheeses at wholesale prices and slice yourself (or using a dutch 'cheese plane' for the medium-firm cheeses if you want to be more traditional; the slight bruising of the cheese can help open up the flavor). I've also seen slicers specifically for tomatoes ... some like deli slicers, and some are a handle w/ multiple serated blades on it to cut many slices quickly.