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SlapDab Theatre Company is a group of artists whose core group met in college at Middle Tennessee State University and now reside in NY

 "Slap Dab" is a Southern expression that means "in the middle of something" and since the core of this group met in Middle Tennessee which is slap dab in the geographic center of the state, the name seemed the perfect choice.  SlapDab Theatre Company is a BRAND NEW theatre company, and it is made up of a band of artists who have joined forces to follow their dreams of being a part of good theatre.   They were inspired to create a company that celebrates the works of Southern playwrights.  The first production will feature plays written by Tennesseans and presents short plays from all over the the state.  The production will take place in March 2013.

  This being a new company, there is no bank roll set aside already.  So to mount such a production, money will have to be raised to cover the expenses of this ambitious venture.  Funds will be needed for  things like theatre rental, props, costumes, advertising, and printing.  That is where you come in--we cannot do this without your support.  Please consider partnering with us as we breathe life into these wonderfully written plays.  Any money that we raise over our goal amount will be poured into the production to make it bigger and better and also into future productions.  Thank you so much in advance for your support of this dream come true for a bunch of Southerners (and some "adopted"  non-Southerners) representing the South in the Big Apple.


Shannon Bain

Creative Director at SlapDab Theatre Company; NY, NY

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For our first production, we are going to operate on the lowest budget possible. We are doing a very minimalistic set and will be renting a space that fits into an affordable budget. We are depending on the kindness of friends of the theatre and of ourselves to raise the money to complete this task.


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