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Commission and record a beautiful newly-composed set of musical meditations on twenty central events in the life of Christ. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 25, 2013.

Commission and record a beautiful newly-composed set of musical meditations on twenty central events in the life of Christ.

About this project

Welcome to the Mysteries of Light Kickstarter website. Thanks so much for coming to see what we're about!

I'm classical singer Imelda Franklin Bogue and am thrilled to be collaborating with composer Mark Nowakowski to create and record a new work of beautiful, uplifting and compelling musical meditations on twenty central events in the life of Christ.

I love great classical sacred music and singing the masterpieces of Bach, Handel and Mendelssohn gives me great joy. For quite some time, though, I have also felt called to be part of the creation of a completely new musical work that tells the story of the Incarnation in a fresh and contemporary musical language for modern audiences.

A few years ago while I was putting together a classical sacred music program called The Life of Christ in Song (inspired by fellow singer Valerie Nicolosi's The Rosary in Song, which you should check out!) I was approached by Mark, who who did me the honor of asking if he could write something for my voice (every singer's dream!) I jumped at the chance and asked him to write a setting of a beautiful poem about the birth of Jesus written by English poet G.K. Chesterton.Chesterton's Carol has been included in The Life of Christ in Song ever since, sandwiched between the classical pieces. Give it a listen and I'm sure you'll understand why I love singing it!

Can you imagine how great it would be to have an entire program of musical meditations like that? It would be a real thing of beauty.

I want to record a set of twenty songs that tells the story of twenty events in the life of Christ. For right now, we're fundraising for a short cd of the first five.

I'm excited to be working with both Mark and with another amazing composer and good friend, Kurt Poterack, Fine Arts Director of Christendom College, to bring this musical vision to fruition. Mark's work will begin with ten meditations on events in Jesus' very early life and public ministry, and then Kurt's compositional voice will take over with ten mediations on the events in Jesus' sacrificial death, resurrection from the dead, and new life through his church and disciples.

It's an amazing creative team, we have a fantastic recording studio lined up, a wonderful collaborative pianist, yours truly the singer,  and the one thing we need is money.

Now back in the day, about say four hundred years ago, when it was socially acceptable in the mainstream to write music about Jesus Christ and  the Church had the best music in town (ah, those were the days), there lived a rich family called the Medicis, a wealthy banking family who knew what to do with their money; they used it to fund the creation of new sacred art; like, for instance, the Sistine Chapel.

Now the Medicis died out some time ago.

But we're not worried about that; we have Kickstarter.

And we, dear friends, have you.

You, our beloved, wonderful, cultured and utterly of-the-moment Kickstarter Medici Posse -- should you choose to join us --  will be funding the first fourth of this project. (We hope that news of this project will spread to other beloved, wonderful, cultured and utterly of-the-moment people, who will fund the second three-fourths of the project, but let us not get ahead of ourselves.) Your money will defray composer, performer, engineering and recording fees for Mysteries of Light, Part One: Five for Joy. We want to send you a cd, we want to uplift and inspire you with these events in the life of Christ, we want to travel all over the world singing this music, we want to sing it in your parish!

Thank you so much for joining us -- let's make it happen!

Risks and challenges

We are confident that with the necessary funding this project will go very smoothly; the whole creative team has worked together before on other projects and is imbued with enthusiasm and mutual artistic respect!

The challenges we face in this project include trying economic times and there is always the possibility that we will not obtain funding to do the full, four-part project. But even if we only can fund the first fourth, it will be a thing of beauty and well worth making.

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    For tristate area patrons, one hour of high-class entertainment for your private party (Imelda will not accompany herself on the piano! Because you don't want to hear that! She will bring a pianist!) Sacred music? Opera? Cole Porter? Rodgers and Hammerstein? Andrew Lloyd Webber? Enya? Tom Lehrer? Just say the word.)

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