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Awesome lady scientists + Amazing lady artists = Wearable art by Optimystical Studios
Awesome lady scientists + Amazing lady artists = Wearable art by Optimystical Studios
221 backers pledged $9,224 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Norwest on

      Just hoping for an update on shipping of pendents and earrings? (I had a set of Cu ones that were to be shipped to Canada).

    2. Leah Webber

      I'm assuming custom orders ship last (since they require more attention). When can we expect to start seeing those ship out?

    3. Optimystical Studios Creator on

      Our first batch will be hitting the mail today!

    4. cutebutpsycho on

      As today is the last of February I thought I'd check for a shipping update. How's it going?

    5. Optimystical Studios Creator on

      We are still on target for shipping in February. We're starting pendant production (the engraving starts first) tomorrow.

    6. Frank Kallal on

      Hey just checking in to see the status on these? I picked up for My Daughter's Birthday and I need to know if we are on target for a Feb delivery, or if it's pushed a bit.

      No worries either way, just trying to plan things out.

    7. Nathan Gillispie on

      Really neat idea! And you live in Missoula, where one of my former bosses lives, so an odd coinky-dink that.

    8. Cassandra Baker Lee on

      Thank you, Adrian, for patiently leading me through the "change your pledge/pick your premium" process. This is such a great project!!!

    9. Optimystical Studios Creator on

      Yes! I actually did computer mock-ups of the Silver & Copper last night. I'll be posting those as an update along with the Women in History themed Crystal earrings shortly.

    10. Missing avatar

      anna on

      Hi anyway to get a picture of the copper pendant up? Thanks

    11. Missing avatar

      Gigi Naglak on

      What an absolutely fantastic project! I work in a museum of the history of chemistry and look forward to at some point being able to purchase these as prizes for public events and education projects. Good luck!

    12. BatDace on

      Congrats on being funded.

    13. Optimystical Studios Creator on

      We just got confirmation that all 20 ladies of science will be available for postcard images (we were checking on a couple because of sizing). So you can pledge $10 for each postcard you want (if you don't want a full set you'll be able to choose your Lady Scientist after the project closes).
      The full set would be $200.
      If you are international, the $5 extra shipping for postcards will cover upto 5. So if you want all 20 the additional shipping will be $20 total. If you want 5 postcards it would still just be the $5.

      I hope that helps.

      Also anyone who pledges $25 or more will get the first Stretch Bonus earrings for free (Because it's a bonus) when we hit $4,500 in funding. So if you pledge for 3+ postcards you will totally qualify.

    14. Anika Dane on

      Hi, would a full set of postcards be 10 and therefore a pledge of $100?

    15. cutebutpsycho on

      I really hate autocorrect. IF they don't make it I'll get my sister in law a scientist.

    16. cutebutpsycho on

      I'm cheering on the ladies of literature, but I'd they don't make it ill get my sister in law an awesome scientist!

    17. Optimystical Studios Creator on

      Sending you a direct message.

    18. Missing avatar

      Susan Brewer on

      I put in a pledge that was routed through Amazon. I now realize that an outdated credit card was on file. How do I correct this? I couldn't find the charge on my Amazon history - I assume because the charge has not gone through. Any advice? I'm very excited by this project and want my pledge to count. Thanks...

    19. Optimystical Studios Creator on

      Right! Joan of Arc. I knew I was missing someone important.

    20. Katrina Lehto

      Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc. *ahem*

    21. Optimystical Studios Creator on

      We are liking Elizabeth's plan.
      Let's do that!

    22. Elizabeth Crystal Lloyd on

      So, let's get fully funded before the weekend and hit a stretch goal or two before next Monday. =)

    23. BatDace on

      I do some looking.

    24. Optimystical Studios Creator on

      Thank you!
      GeekGirlCon is our favorite convention of the year, and it was a perfect place to launch tis project.

    25. Optimystical Studios Creator on

      Absolutely you can increase your pledge at any time. And you can pledge for multiple items.
      If say you wanted 2 Ladies of Science pendants & a pair of Periodic Table earrings, you would pledge $80. When we send out the survey at the end you'll be able to "spend" your pledge on the items you want.
      If one of the goodies you want is a limited reward level item, be sure that's what you mark as what you are pledging for, so that we have you down for one of those slots. IF you want to pledge for multiple limited items, put your pledge in for the appropriate amount, pledge for one of the limited items, and then message us and we will take care of the logistics.

    26. Kate Arsenault on

      I saw you guys at GeekGirlCon. Awesome project!

    27. Elizabeth Crystal Lloyd on

      I found this via Namesake, and I hope to be able to increase my pledge near the end. The sample pics look fantastic, and I'm really excited about Ladies of Lit! Out of curiosity, would you be able to customize pledges to get, say, 2 ladies pendants and a set of earrings or something by adding the cost of the tiers associated with what you're looking at and messaging you? I would think so, but I just wanted to clarify. Also, many congrats on getting almost halfway there in the first 3 days! There will be many a stretch goal met I'm sure. =)

    28. Optimystical Studios Creator on

      We will be adding more women of color.
      Our introductory list of Ladies includes Hypatia (who is often depicted as white, but is Egyptian, and none of our research backs up the portrayals of her as white), Chien-Shiung Wu, & Myra Adele Logan.
      The History & Literature line both have a bunch of confirmed women of color already. And we do have plans for more Science ladies of color, they happen to still be living so we are currently working on securing their permission before we add them to the line.

      All of that said, part of the reason we are creating this line is because these women are not as well known as they should be. We found that the research to find new names could be difficult, especially for women of color. We are absolutely open to suggestions on how to make the line more inclusive. If you have suggestions of Women of Color / Ladies of Science you would like to see as part of this project, please email us (

      That goes for anyone reading this post. We want you to feel represented. If that means that we introduce a second batch of Ladies of Science to fill that niche, we will.

    29. BatDace on

      Kinda sorta. I was more curious if you would be doing people of color. I mean I've already invested (I'm getting me some uranium!) but it was something I was curious about.

    30. Optimystical Studios Creator on

      We do have some expansions planned as stretch goals after we reach our initial funding amount. We currently have mapped out Ladies of History (or as it's affectionately referred: Badass Women of History) and Ladies of Lit.
      We also have some plans to add to the element & formula offerings, as well as some fun pieces that tie into the History & Literature lines.
      If the project calls for it we will be taking suggestions for even more Ladies of Science as well (or it's pet name: Kickass Science Ladies).
      Hope that answers your question :)

    31. BatDace on

      Are there any plans to broaden the scope of people you look at for jewelry? Or a separate line when this succeeds?