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We love Arduino and we love space exploration. So we decided to combine them and let people run their own space experiments!
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New "Coding For Space" Videos and a Camera Example

Posted by ppl4world (Creator)
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Hello everyone,

Ardusat is still on track for release from the ISS at the end of November. That means the first experiments will be uploaded by the end of December or early January. We recently sent a survey to Kickstarter backers with experiment time. If you have a moment, please make sure you take the survey. It helps us plan out scheduling of the experiment uploads.

We've added four new videos to the Learn area of The new videos are a part of our "Coding For Space" series designed to teach space concepts and some basic Arduino programming. The videos are Serial Communications, Satellite Basics, Temperature Concepts, and Luminosity Concepts. We've also added quizzes and notes for each video.

On top of all that, we've added a camera example to the SDK. The way the camera is connected on the ArduSat (shared amongst all the components), it has to be told to take a picture in a unique way that's much different from just hooking it up to an Arduino on your desk. You can view the example at:

Happy Experimenting!

The ArduSat Team

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    1. ppl4world Creator on

      Hey Jensa - we're not able to modify the updates after posting. Here's the updated link:

    2. jensa on

      Would be great if someone could update the link above to not point at a GitHub directory that is access restricted. Getting a 404 when trying to view it now...