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We love Arduino and we love space exploration. So we decided to combine them and let people run their own space experiments!
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Taking the Wall Street Journal to Space, Saving Data, and Updated Timeline

Posted by ppl4world (Creator)

Hey Everybody!

We’ve been hard at work getting everything prepped for launch. We’ve also been working on a number of updates for you. One of our engineers (Joel) is off to Japan to help get the ArduSat ready for lift off! He had a couple minutes to grab some photos with the team at JAXA (the Japanese space agency) in the clean room.

Will you help us show Wall Street the power of small satellites?

We’ve been selected by the Wall Street Journal to take place in their Startup Of The Year web documentary / competition. In the voting section, we’re competing to take space travel to the mainstream!

You can vote for us every day. If you have friends and family that love space but didn’t get into our Kickstarter, be sure they know that they can still support us by voting!

Voting link:

Saving Data On The Satellite

Many of you have been wondering how to save data on the satellite. We’ve gone ahead and created a video tutorial on doing just that. You can also grab the sample code below the video.

Sample Code:

Timeline To Launch

Our launch is rapidly approaching. The current date is set for August 4th. The ArduSat will be aboard the H-II transfer vehicle (KOUNOTORI4) which launches from Japan via H-IIB Launch Vehicle No. 4. After reaching low earth orbit, the satellite has to be launched from the International Space Station. Once launched into its own orbit, it will take about 2 weeks to stabilize the ArduSat. Our best estimate is that the first experiments will begin in September / early October. Please try to get a first version of your ArduSat experiment in by the end of July to allow some time for scheduling.


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    1. ppl4world Creator on

      Thanks Rick.

      Hi Pasha,
      It is indeed taking off from Yoshinobu Launch Complex at the Tanegashima Space Center. Here's a link to the press release:

      It's probably difficult to get very close to the launch since JAXA won't permit it. However, I have read that there are places on Tanegashima that you can see launches from. Specifically, I came across this blog entry:

      If you do go, keep us posted on how it was! Be sure to snap a few pictures!

    2. Pasha on

      I live in Japan. Would it be possible to observe the launch in August?
      I'm guessing it's from Tanegashima island.

      And thanks for the frequent updates~

    3. Rick Maschek on

      Wow, you guys are close. Wish you well on your launch.