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We love Arduino and we love space exploration. So we decided to combine them and let people run their own space experiments!
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Balloon Launch Soon - Check out the new website and follow our progress live!

Posted by ppl4world (Creator)

On Saturday, September 22, at 10am CDT, we'll be launching the prototype ArduSat payload to 100,000 feet using a weather balloon built by our partner Team Prometheus. The launch is happening from Lampasas, Texas, the headquarters of Team Prometheus.

We'll be streaming the event live, with a live chat, streaming video from the balloon and of mission control, live data downloads from the payload, and commentary from mission control on how the mission is progressing. We've created a temporary website at, where we've started posting daily updates on our progress towards the launch.

Also on the website we've created a live stream and live chat of the workshop, so if you want to know more, go to the link and send us a message! We'll be keeping an eye on the live chat whenever we're in the workshop, so whenn we see your message we'll post a reply, and if you like, give you a closer look at what we're working on at the time.

Hope to see you there!


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    1. ppl4world Creator on

      @Helena and Michel : Thank you for the reminder, it is takes some getting used to to our large and extremely supportive backer base. In the future we will take into consideration all the time zones and will post accordingly.

      @Rick: We'll be giving some more information on that our next update!

      @Chester: The full list of sensors will also be included in the next updated. One sensor that has been added as a user suggestion is the MLX90614 IR temperature sensor.

    2. Rick Maschek on

      Any news on the launch?

    3. Missing avatar

      Chester Gillon on

      Is there an updated schematic, or list of sensors, available for the ArduSat payload prototype?

      Just curious about what sensors have been selected, based upon suggestions from backers.

    4. Michel on

      May you give time in GMT so that everyone on the world can be able to 'understand' it?
      Sorry but for me CDT is meaninless. Is it with/without DLST?
      Paris France (a GMT +1 +DLST time country)

    5. Helena on

      Note to Sydney, we are 15 hours AHEAD.