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We love Arduino and we love space exploration. So we decided to combine them and let people run their own space experiments!
676 backers pledged $106,330 to help bring this project to life.

You are Amazing!

Posted by ppl4world (Creator)

Dear ArduSat Backers,

You are amazing!

You completely overwhelm us with your support! This past week, it has been an exhilarating experience to see and feel your enthusiasm for our project. Within just 6 days you pushed us over the finishing line, making ArduSat a certainty! Your ArduSat has been featured in over 90 media outlets across the world to such high-profile names as, DVICE, Engadget, MAKE Magazine Blog in the US, CNC in Canada, Index in Hungary, YouKu in China, HabraHabr in Russia, Belgium Space, etc. All of this attention has been possible because of you spreading the word and sharing the dream of ArduSat – affordable space access for everyone! We now have people from Australia to Finland to Dubai to Hungary, from literally all across the globe, reaching out to us and offering their help in making ArduSat a reality.

In just one week you have created a global community, the ArduSat community. You are expressing loud and clear that you want to participate in space exploration. And our goal here at Nanosatisfi is to make sure that you can.

And now you are inspiring us to dream just a little bigger.

We want to build you a double sized ArduSat, with more power (always good), a much better camera and pointing accuracy for better pictures, and more sensors (we’ve seen some amazing suggestions, keep them coming!) for even better experiments. Or, we could even look into giving you two single-sized ArduSats so you can build communication experiments or games between the two satellites.

But for that to happen, we have to reach at least $75,000. In just three more weeks! This is a very short time but we believe that with your help we can make this happen. If you want a larger, more capable ArduSat – and we seriously hope you do – reach out to your local schools, art centers, universities, Hacker-centers and DIY-stores. Share your ArduSat story. Pass on your inspiration. Bring them into the ArduSat community and together we can build the most amazing open source satellite ever.

Space is for everyone, so let’s make it happen!

Thank you for your inspiration and enthusiasm,

The Nanosatisfi Team – Affordable Space Exploration for Everyone!

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    1. Flinter Hex on

      you realize you'll break the 75k mark right? this is the era of privatized space exploration, if anything your looking at anywhere from 150k- 300k depending on how fast word spreads about this if it goes truly global you could be looking at upwards of 1million or more depending on other companies interests. With private companies looking to space for resource collection things like these are necessary to map and prep a station. depending on range and quality of the sensor packages you could make huge amounts of money selling to these companies.