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We love Arduino and we love space exploration. So we decided to combine them and let people run their own space experiments!
We love Arduino and we love space exploration. So we decided to combine them and let people run their own space experiments!
676 backers pledged $106,330 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. ppl4world Creator on

      To Bill et al, it seems we clearly have a communication issue and for that I thoroughly apologize. This project has been transferred into, an education company run by Sunny Washington, who has expanded on the mission of letting students run experiments in space. Today there are 1,000s of students using their (our) technology to run experiments in space as well as the class room.
      We've been trying repeatedly to communicate with our backers about preparing their experiments, yet obviously we failed to do this successfully. Shame on us. And sincere apologies.
      Please do reach out to them to coordinate your experiment design - you will find world-class tools available through them to do so that were not part of this campaign, but were made possible thanks to your support of the campaign as it got ArduSat launched.
      We did run into some technical as well as regulatory hurdles with regards to images, so while these are not available yet, they will be available.
      Space is hard - I am sure you all have seen the difficulties that happened across the world recently with launches. And the average launch is 19 month delayed and needs to be booked generally 12 month in advance.
      Every backer who wants to run her or his experiments in space, can do so via Ardusat. And we will also fulfill the image part as soon as possible.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bill Chappell on

      I'd like to say this was a total disappointment !
      775.00 for 0

    3. Frank Carey on

      Almost May 2016 and still no word. May I assume the chance of me receiving any photos is now officially nil? An update would be greatly appreciated.

    4. Missing avatar

      Annette Schloss on

      I never received my $150 picture either. Aren't we supposed to choose the shot we wanted? I didn't want a random picture, but for that $$ I don't want to receive nothing.

    5. Frank Carey on

      Any update on the photos a la the $150 pledge level? It's been over 7 months since I last inquired, so I thought I should drop you a line.

    6. Frank Carey on

      Any update on the photos a la the $150 pledge level?

    7. Brian Douglas Gass on

      Disappointed that I never received the photos that I was promised. So far this is the only Kickstarter project I've backed that has failed to deliver!

    8. ppl4world Creator on

      Hi Perry and Rick - Your tier ($150) is actually the most challenging of the bunch due to the bandwidth limitations. The photo mentioned was the single-customized photo of the lower tiers. We'll have more details within the next 12 months about the 15 photos tier.

    9. Perry Clarke on

      > you should have all received your picture by now

      I didn't receive my picture either. To where and from whom would they have been sent?

    10. Ricky Wright

      Ok guys what's up ?
      I'm a $150 Pledge .....


    11. Missing avatar

      John Jordan on

      11 months since the survey, what is the situation for backers that were supposed to be able to take photo's using the orbiting ardusat?

    12. ppl4world Creator on

      Hi Phil,
      Of course. We'll make sure one gets sent to your inbox.
      Nick & The Ardusat Team

    13. Missing avatar

      Phil Putman on

      The description of the rewards for $500 doesn't include a picture taken by ArdsuSat… Could I get a picture anyway while I wait for the uptime reward to be fulfilled?

    14. Frank Carey on

      Guy's, I'm at the $150 level. Where are we with that?

    15. ppl4world Creator on

      Charlie, Dan et al - you should have all received your picture by now. All Backers actually have received rewards by now, even though a few rewards are still outstanding and we are working on getting them fulfilled as soon as possible.

    16. Charlie

      Ditto to Dan Howard's comment?

    17. Missing avatar

      Dan Howard on

      Hi, I was wondering if there was an update on the backer reward of a picture taken by the satellite (25$ tier)?

    18. Missing avatar

      Phil Putman on

      Would it be possible to add something to that indicates the status of the different spacecraft? It could show, for example, that ArduSat-1 is running experiments, -X is in commissioning mode, and -2 is awaiting deployment. Some information about the experiments that are running would be nice, or, if in commissioning mode, which tasks have been completed (e.g. detumbling completed, commands successfully uploaded, etc.). Showing projected time until reentry would also be helpful.

    19. ppl4world Creator on

      Ardusat 1/X are being tracked as:
      ISS Object A
      ISS Object C

    20. L Christer Andersson on

      Hi guys,
      First of all, thanks for an excellent work and I hope we all will have a brilliant 2014 with Ardusat. =D
      Follow on to Brians question below, I am trying to calculate time (point) and pointing directions for my images. But I need the correct TLE! I have checked Space-Track regularly but not found Ardusat yet?
      Do you have a NORAD CAT ID for Ardusat-1 and -X?

    21. ppl4world Creator on

      Hi Brian and John -
      We just sent out a survey yesterday to help us make the picture process as easy and efficient as possible. We're constrained by orbits, bandwidth, and regulation so we're looking to understand how people plan to use their photos.

      John: The ArduSat cannot perform real time imaging due to technical limitations (bandwidth on the radio we are allowed to use for ArduSat is limited) and physics (you can only communicate with a satellite if the ground station has a direct, clear line of sight to the satellite) You'll have to tell us in advance at what point in the orbit you'd like the photo to be taken and where you'd like it to point so that we can execute your command (for regulatory reasons we have to be the one that executes the actual pointing maneuver on the satellite for you. And we thought that most users would not want to calculate quaternions and magnetic field forces crossed with velocity vectors to figure out the right commands…)

    22. Brian Douglas Gass on

      I'm in the same boat as John, I'm unsure as what I need to do since I'm not running an on orbit experiment (or at least that was my understanding at my reward level). A little guidance would help. By the way congrats on getting it to the ISS. Launch to orbit is a hazardous endeavor.

    23. Missing avatar

      John Jordan on

      This is getting more and more exciting. I logged into the control centre but this looks as though it is designed for those doing experiments.
      I was a backer that just gets to steer / take pictures for a little while. Is there any info on how this will work / how you book your slot etc - or am I a little to early / getting a little over excited before its time?
      Will the ArduSat provide "real time camera images" so you can frame your shot or is it just a matter of monitoring where on earth it is, giving it a heading to point towards and doing a remote shutter press?
      Can't wait and congrats on progress so far .....

    24. ppl4world Creator on

      @Doug - the best browser currently is Google Chrome, though we are working hard with our partner Codebender to make other browser configurations work as well. You should however have no problem with Chrome. If you do, please do let us know (best by submitting feedback in the ArduSat Control Center or via email to

    25. Doug Pearson on

      Does the ArduSat Control Center work in a specific browser or browser configuration?

    26. Rick Maschek on

      Congratulations on the launch into space today, hope the rest of the mission goes smoothly.

    27. Mikk Luige on

      Found it now and I am exploring all the sample code already. Thank you for the very quick and helpful reply, Peter!

    28. ppl4world Creator on

      Mikk, good to hear from you. You are correct, the ArduSat Control Center is only open to Kickstarter supporters and we have sent out invites to the email of each Kickstarter backer for the control center a few weeks ago. Please check your email, it should be there. If you can't find it, please send a request to to resend your invitation.


    29. Mikk Luige on

      Hi again,

      You posted an update that: "We've officially launched our ArduSat Control Center (in closed beta) for our Kickstarter Backers!". This makes it seem like the beta is otherwise closed, but open to kickstarter backers. Did I understand this correctly?

      And if I did understand correctly: I am an explorer level backer, how do I get access to this beta?

    30. ppl4world Creator on

      Jean-Francois, great to hear from you. We'll have an update video on how to send data down up very soon. In a nutshell - all you have to do is put the data in a buffer variable [char your_buffer(xxx);], invoke one of our functions [store.send(your_buffer);]and voila, the data will be send to the main onboard computer for download to earth from where it will be delivered to you.

      Also appreciate your request for an update with overarching architecture and Nick will work on that. In very simple terms - Your Arduino Node has access to your sensors and with the above mentioned command can store data to be sent to earth. Your code, once you are confident about it, will be sent to us where we test it before uploading it onto the satellite and running it during your time.

      With regards to deadlines - Launch is scheduled for August 4th but we are still waiting to hear from JAXA when they will actually launch the satellites from the ISS. Once that happens, we will stabilize the satellite and put it into operation (aprox 2 week) and then it will be available for you guys. Our current best guess is that you will have access from early September to November. So we'd love to have at least a first version of your experiment by mid/end of July. However, if for whatever reason you dont get ready with your experiment for ArduSat-1, we'll give you time on ArduSat-2 (to be launched end of November with time available early jannuary 2014). And if that still is too early for you, we'll give you time on ArduSat-3 sometime next year.

      I hope that this helps a lot and thank you for poking us, we'll try to get an update out as soon as possible and keep everyone in the loop!



    31. Jean-François Omhover on

      Do you have any update on the communication features ?
      The tutorials on sensors are fine, and we are starting to get ready for coding... but there is much yet to know, more specifically the data transfer. Could you please post an update synthetizing all the available data / videos / tutos on the project ?

      The control center which is great but still very limited. For me it seems the most complete info seems to be found among the files of the SDK, but some kind of general architecture would help.

      Also, a clear overview of the coming deadline would help ^^
      Thanks and good luck !

    32. ppl4world Creator on

      @Ben - we did indeed put the highest resolution camera feasible on the satellite. The camera selected during the KickStarter campaign had only 1/4th of the resolution. But as new technology became available in the last 2 months we decided to switch and give our backers a higher resolution camera. We will try to come up with sample resolution pictures and post them

      @Mikk - you are correct, our sincere apologies. We switched email provider and it has caused us some havoc, one of which is the and email address. They should be up by midday Monday (PST). With regards to the technical information, I hope that the data-sheet, videos and GitHub ready-made libraries will give you a starting point. As mentioned in the update, we will continue to post new content regulalry.

      @Ken - sorry if the link was not working, here it is again - . With regards to technical information, we hope that the last update gave you a good starting-point. We will continue to post more content and interfaces to help everyone develop their experiment. And there is no need to participate in the Academy, it is just an additional venue for every-day people and students to get involved in space as a full summer-program.

      @Neil - As mentioned in my last update, we will give our KickStarter backers every leeway possible with regards to developing the experiment., including time on a later satellite up to 1 year after ArduSat 1 this summer. That said, time on the satellite will have to be booked in advance and every experiment has to go through a rigorous testing-protocol by us on the ground before it can be safely uploaded to the satellite. This process can take up to 1 month so we encourage everyone to submit their ideas early so we can also work together in helping everyone make the most out of their time.

    33. Ben O'Brien on

      Is there anyway of modelling what the pictures taken from your 1.3 mp camera will look like? How good of a picture will we be expecting for your camera?

      If I were you I would have put the highest quality camera I could in there but on the other hand maybe you have and I'm just being biased based on mp which I shouldn't be. It's all about the sensor sensitivity or something like that.

      Also I look forwards to some day running a ground station for general usage among indie satellites like yours. I'm sure there will be a cheap way of making an aerial and little linux based system (probably on a raspberry pi) to run the software.

    34. Mikk Luige on

      The email also seems to not work. I have the same problem as the last commenter. I would like to get started programming, but I have no technical data at all. Is there a command library posted somewhere that we can use?

      Datasheets to the spesific final parts used in the design and so on?

    35. Missing avatar

      Ken Biba on

      I am a $800 backer and I have essentially NO information in how to build an experiment for this satellite and now I am told via inference I have to have an experiment written in the next two months!!!!?????

      Your link to tutorials does not work.

      You are asking another $2k for an Academy.

      Where are the tools and specs to build an experiment?

    36. Missing avatar

      Neil Coffey on

      Can you confirm the schedule of milestones for the project-- when will developers receive libraries/docmentation and when do you expect to receive completed projects?

    37. ppl4world Creator on

      pop us an email at for more info on the groundstations.

    38. Missing avatar

      redbaronMIT on

      Regarding Project Update #15, I am very interested in supporting/building/hosting a ground station where I live. Where can I learn more about how to get involved?

    39. Missing avatar

      Dave Pentecost on

      Now the hard part - deciding what to do with all that extra funding!

      The price of success! And we're all riding along with you. It'll be a great year.

    40. Steven Carrie on

      Another cool space related KickStarter project, sadly a long way from reaching funding.

    41. ppl4world Creator on

      @John J. Thanks! Now we get to build it!

      Thanks! We'll contact you when we're ready to start processing all of that data. The spec. sheet tells most of the story but we intend to release some test data of ourselves to give people some guidance, and make a how-to guideline.

      @John B.
      Yep, we know. They're doing some really cool social media stuff with their sat and we're also collaborating with them for an iPhone app!

      Thanks! Those stories are always awesome to hear for us!

    42. Rick Maschek on

      Congratulations, I told a group of students I'm mentoring on a rocket and near space project about ArduSat and they were really stoked about it. We started the build of two rockets last week and helped launch two balloons yesterday. Great to see people doing 'space' on limited funding. Wish you success when you get to orbit.

    43. Helena on

      Firstly, congratulations and thank YOU. I hope this is the start of many similar projects! (Space people listen up)
      Those of us that have asked for photos (we wish we could all be pioneers...) what kind of data do you want from us? I am thinking we will need to know flight paths, trajectories etc so that we know what our scope for taking images actually is. Also, I saw the spec sheet on the camera - I take it from this we are to determine what we can actually do with the camera - or do we go to the manufacturer for questions? Curious also about lens and filters and light and how the heck we take images from space... after all, may not get another chance!!
      cheers Helena

    44. John Johns on

      Congratulations! Now the real work begins. Best to you.

    45. ppl4world Creator on

      @Phillip Thanks, we will! Maybe also a congratulatory extra hour of sleep tomorrow!


    46. Phillip Keane on

      Thanks for the info on the magnetorquers. I've been reading up on it. very interesting. and beautifully simple too.

      congrats on passing 100k....(and still rising....I think the community are saying that you should all buy yourselves a congratulatory drink or two!)

    47. Missing avatar

      Muescha on

      @ppl4world: it would be nice if the website (where user can submit his program to ArduSat) can choose directly at the website to donate the results to public.

      and maybe every can create a mini-project description page, where he can explain the experiment and show also some accumulated results

      then everybody can discover directly on the ArduSat through the experiments, use the raw experiment data (if it is to much data i think a techology partner can give a CDN-resources for this)

    48. ppl4world Creator on

      Mikk, the status data will be available for the mini-explorer, explorer and pioneer packages. Hope that helps,
      Thank you again for your support!



    49. Mikk Luige on

      Thank you for your reply. I have just one more last minute question for you. I hope it gets answered in time.
      It says so in your description: "The Arduinos can also read status data from the satellite (like orbit position, per-system power usage, board temperature, etc.), " Does this also apply to the explorer and mini-explorer package? Or is this also somehow limited to the pioneer package?

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