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Defend your tower and take down your opponents in this fast-paced board game of strategic pattern laying and hand management for 2-4.
Defend your tower and take down your opponents in this fast-paced board game of strategic pattern laying and hand management for 2-4.
Defend your tower and take down your opponents in this fast-paced board game of strategic pattern laying and hand management for 2-4.
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    1. Runaway Parade Creator 1 day ago

      @Ary Zack - Our ETA for games is still January, 2019, but we will keep everyone posted with updates as we move forward with production.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ary Zack 2 days ago

      Just curious...Any ETA on when the games will be shipped out? No rush!

    3. Runaway Parade Creator on

      @pagoda79 - We are planning on sending out the surveys on Monday, July 30th 🔥

    4. pagoda79 on

      Any word on when the survey/pledge manager (?) is coming out?

    5. Runaway Parade Creator on

      @Wanghis Khan - Thanks so much!
      @RodeoRex - Our pleasure :)

    6. Wanghis Khan on

      @runaway parade - refreshing to hear you state this game is your priority. I'm fairly new to backing projects but the companies that have more or less heavily pushed their next game so quickly after the current campaign ends leave a pretty bad taste in the mouth.

    7. RodeoRex on

      Thanks for the answer, it's clearer now. Looking forward to play the game tho !

    8. Runaway Parade Creator on

      @RodeoRex - Thanks for reaching out! Our late pledge is selling at the full MSRP of $49 instead of $39, and since we will only be able to sell online outside the US for a very limited time, we are subsidizing the shipping by an additional $5. As a backer on KS, your total (game + shipping) is more discounted, however.

    9. RodeoRex on

      @Runaway Parade
      Hello, I'm actually wondering why the shipping cost is 10$ to Europe in your late pledge while I have paid 15$ for the same thing. Can you explain ?

    10. Runaway Parade Creator on

      Thanks @Dr. BCool! We've got a few prototypes in the works we are really excited about, although the priority right now is getting Fire Tower into your hands.

    11. Dr. BCool on

      I hope you guys are thinking about your next game, RP! This game has such a great look and feel to it! Can’t wait to get the game and see what your next game will be!

    12. Runaway Parade Creator on

      @Eric - It's so exciting when the game you've been waiting for finally arrives!

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric Mattar-Hurlbut on

      @Runaway Parade,

      I've done so many Kickstarters, waiting is a way of life.
      They're all coming in now, a wave of gaming. 😀

    14. Runaway Parade Creator on

      @Everyone - We are working away implementing the stretch goals and Kevin Ruelle has created some beautiful new artwork that we are excited to bring into the game. We will definitely send out an update when we have more finalized art.

      @Dr. BCool - Hi there. We miss your flame countdowns!

      @Eric @Mini Mee - Thanks for the well wishes. We promise to make the wait as short as we possibly we can. We want to get you those games!

      @Heather - Since it is printed in one color only, we have decided to print our Fire Tower logo on the bag. We will send pics once we have the prototype :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Eric Mattar-Hurlbut on

      @Mini Mee,

      Yeah, about that waiting thing.

    16. Heather Hostetler

      Did a final mockup of the bag get revealed? I know folks were tossing around various ideas like flame letters and whatnot. Was curious what the final design was. :)

    17. Mini Mee

      I still haven't received my game! It's been over a week!

      j/k Good luck with all the hard work coming forth on your end. Us backers have it easy although Tom Petty says otherwise, "The waiting is the hardest part..." ;p

    18. Dr. BCool on

      Just popping in to say hello to everyone!

    19. Runaway Parade Creator on

      @Timothy, don't sell yourself short! We loved your quote and it describes our game perfectly. Thank you so much for all the well wishes!

    20. Missing avatar

      Timothy McNeil on

      So here I am, late as always, but with nothing much to say. What can I say, especially given the MASSIVE success this has been so far? You guys are the best, wait until you see how far this thing goes, and I'm so happy you used my crappy comment in your quote list! 😊

    21. Missing avatar

      Satchel K on

      Does anyone have an 3D printing files so we could print our own towers?

    22. Runaway Parade Creator on

      @Scott - sooo many buckets to make! @Diana @Traxanth - we will definitely take pics and videos of the process!

      @Arthur @Test Monkey @Gregory - thank you all so much! Never could have done it without you!

      @Ben - Thank you! We will be at ConnectiCon in July demoing as part of the CT FIG, and we will announce more to come!

    23. Ben Stealer of Bagged Lunches

      WOOT WOOT, Congratulations @Runaway parade! Y'all definitely earn this. What a great campaign. Will you be making any con appearances for us to try this out?

    24. Gregory Smith on

      Congratulations. I can't wait to play the game.

    25. Test Monkey on

      Yay! Congratulations guys, can’t wait to play.

    26. Arthur Mezzo on

      Congrats you guys! So happy to see a healthy and incredible Kickstarter Campaign! Now its time for y'all to set the world on fire! Cannot wait for my copy of Fire Tower!

    27. Traxanth on

      Once again I'm agreeing with Diana...
      I love the behind-the-scenes part of the process. I especially hope we can see some video of you doing the woodcrafting (buckets and The Firestorm pledge board).

    28. Diana, Mother of Wolfies

      Take a lot of snapshots of anything and everything during the process, okies? :)

    29. Scott C

      Congrats!!! Now get started on those mini buckets cause you got a lot to make. :)

    30. Runaway Parade Creator on

      Thank you all so much for your kind words! Can't wait to start the manufacturing process so we can get these games to you as soon as possible!

    31. Andrew Toth

      Congratulations!!! What a great campaign. Can't wait to get my copy and my buckets. ;-)

    32. Missing avatar

      Andrew Gartman on


    33. Amber Holder on

      Woo hoo! 🎉 This has been an awesome ride so far. I look forward to seeing the project come to life. Keep us in the loop.

    34. Diana, Mother of Wolfies

      Yess, fixed! feeling much better now :)

    35. Traxanth on

      (That might be a bit obscure for an Americanism)

    36. Diana, Mother of Wolfies

      Gdammit, I just did some nasty taxes and now I'm short like 2 or 3 bucks, and I HATE that red slogan up there… Whaaa!

    37. François Barrette

      Bravo !

    38. Dr. BCool on

      Congrats RP! Such a beautiful campaign for a gorgeous game. 🔥

    39. Traxanth on

      Hey again! Broke the $75k mark, I knew this campaign could do it. Congrats all around! 🏆
      I hope you're enjoying that well earned pizza 🍕 party 🎉

    40. Runaway Parade Creator on

      @Miles nice!! Excited to get you your copy!

    41. Miles on

      I pledged the full amount! Cant wait for the game.

    42. Runaway Parade Creator on

      @Mini Mee I just got that pun. LOL :)

    43. Runaway Parade Creator on

      @Diana @Mini Mee Thanks you guys!

    44. Mini Mee

      Hats off to Runaway Parade, well in "well done"! LOL

    45. Runaway Parade Creator on

      @ Everyone-- Thanks for making this such a wonderful and positive experience and for helping us make Fire Tower a reality! You are all the best!

    46. Diana, Mother of Wolfies

      Oh hell yeah! It's been from warm and fuzzy to flaming fireworks! (and now this specimen is going to binge some series and wishing you all a well deserved rest on pizza and bed)

    47. Runaway Parade Creator on

      Thank you all so much!!! Wow, what a fun campaign!

    48. pagoda79 on

      Congrats guys!

    49. Diana, Mother of Wolfies

      And it. Is. Finished!!!!

    50. Diana, Mother of Wolfies

      get ur crackers ready!

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