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The Doors Project is a series of site-specific mini-performances in different doorways around the world. First stop: Madrid!
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Media love for The Doors Project!

Posted by Eryn Rosenthal (Creator)

LA GUIA DEL OCIO, roughly equivalent to Time Out in NYC, featured a picture of The Doors Project for their cover story, paying homage to "all things small." (Photo of Ashley Macqueen and me by Ned Myerberg)

Hola dearest backers,

Just back from Spain!  Where The Doors Project headlined Festival Lilliput and made it onto THE FIRST PAGE of La Guia del Ocio, in addition to 5 other publications and 4 TV shows.  !   :o

More important than any of that was the deep response and connection we met with from audience members and general public of all stripes and sizes.  I'm incredibly delighted, inspired, and in the middle of lots of plans and invitations to return: with some residencies and performances for The Doors Project, plus a Dance and Democracy workshop  I’ve been developing.  Lots and lots to share…

Thank you!!! Thank you so much for your deep belief and generous support of The Doors Project! YOU helped make this happen! :)

And very sorry to have been so silent, my one complaint would be the horrible wifi while in Spain. I had big plans to send you all some fabulous photo-filled updates, but alas foiled temporarily in that regard...

I’ll be sharing our adventures and plans in more detail (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Markina, El Escorial), and posting more images, translations, TV appearances, video, and updates in the coming weeks, but in the meantime here’s a sampling of some of the press from Portas/ The Doors Project in Barcelona, where we performed as part of Festival Lilliput. Humbly and gratefully yours,

xox Eryn

P.S. Many of you have been asking how you can continue to support The Doors Project now that our Kickstarter campaign is over.  Here is a link to the new Support page of my website, where you can make a tax-deductible donation that will directly fund the making of doorway history kits, community engagement, video, website, and the development of more doorway performances as the project continues to unfold.  Stay tuned...

I leave you with a photo from when we built our fabulous doorframe on wheels at La Tabacalera, a completely co-op run community center in Madrid. 


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