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The Doors Project is a series of site-specific mini-performances in different doorways around the world. First stop: Madrid!
108 backers pledged $5,464 to help bring this project to life.

WE DID IT!!! Plus: What Moves Me Even More Than Our New Grey Banner

Posted by Eryn Rosenthal (Creator)

Dearest Backers, all 102 of you,

WE DID IT!!!! WE MADE OUR GOAL!!! Did you see that new grey banner?

I love the new grey banner.  

¡¡¡Olé, The Doors Project is really going to make it to Madrid before the elections!!!  

Thank you so much to each of you generous souls from all over the world, people I know and people I don’t.  I am so moved by your magnanimity and belief in this project.  And extra big thanks to you new powerhouses who’ve increased your pledge to rocket us through to our new FUNDED status: David Keany, Toni Dipple, Joann Marsh, Cathy, Alessia, Janet.  Please send me your doorway photos so I can include it in future materials for the project!

We’ve still got 20 more hours to go—please continue to share your excitement and bring more people, more ideas, and more $$ onboard.  —If each of you brought just one other friend, partner, or enthusiast to the project, we’d make it past 200 backers!  Which would be my dream--The Doors Project is about connecting people, and it’s about you.  It’s about connecting us through our many “doorway moments,” and through hearing about, watching, and creating the way we look at, think about, and interact with transition.

Toni in...guess where... (Photo: Tom Tirins)

This project will continue to grow bigger and better with your further support and creativity.  Every single dollar pledged helps us get to more cities, create more outreach materials, more videos, and more performances.  

Send me your ideas—  Example from Toni, below...

To review:

  • 1. Bring more backers onboard!
  • 2. More $ = More cities, more performances, more outreach
  • 3. Send me your doorway stories and doorway photos (it doesn’t have to be deep, but it can)
  • 4. Plus any fun, creative ideas this project sparks for you!  EXAMPLE: My friend Toni, she of the fabulous photo, above, wants to make DOORS PROJECT: THE BOARD GAME, a variation on Chutes and Ladders in which you raise points or dollars to get the little Eryn and crew game pieces to London, Berlin, Buenos Aires... :) Start sending me your fabulous ideas: great, silly, serious, epic, or otherwise, that will help this expansive project widen and inspire. I’ll include them on the blog and webpage we’re building.

I leave you with a few pictures and words from Helene Steen, an incredible theater director and singer from Oslo, Norway.  Helene was actually the backer who pushed us past our minimum $5,000 mark and got us that new grey banner emblazoned across the page! (She didn’t know that when she pledged.)  But what I want to share with you from Helene moved me even more than that...

Helene is quite pregnant, as you can see.  After watching the video, she wrote, “it made me pledge - on the spot - no questions asked!  Because, let's face it, even if we are slightly challenged financially these days, I want my child to come into a world where projects like this exist!”

Wow, thanks Helene.  Moved me to tears, actually...

To all of you--much love, deepest thanks, and movement for the future,



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